Ulta Affiliate Program (Opportunity’s a Real Beauty!)

If you desire some beautiful earnings online, then the Ulta affiliate program is a real beaut I tell ya!

Because Ulta is a one-stop-shop for all things that revolve around…


“Beauty” (if you hadn’t have guessed).

Which means you’ll have a B-E-A-utiful money-making opportunity on your hands.

So, dig into this review for the skin-ny on the affiliate program and to also discover HOW to earn commissions worth shouting about…

Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program Overview

  • Signup URL: Apply via Impact
  • Commission rate: 2%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payout details: Every 30 days via BACS, direct transfer or PayPal.

What Is Ulta Beauty All About

Put simply, Ulta Beauty is an American retailer that houses all things beauty under one roof.

More specifically, situated in 1,200 locations across 50 states – Ulta is actually one of the BIGGEST US beauty retailers (coming 2nd to Sephora – Statista said so LOL).

You’ll discover that ulta.com boasts an array of products (500+ brands!) from makeup to fragrances to skin and hair care to salon, skin and brow services.

And since the online store caters for both women and men, makes the affiliate opportunity even more of a no-brainer, right?

How The Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program Works

Being affiliated with Ulta, you’ll receive everything for hitting it out the ball park – unique links, deep-linked products and banners to place on your niche website.

Where you’ll be paid commissions on any customer purchases generated through YOU.

What’s even cooler is that your referrals can get free shipping offers, freebies with certain purchases, BOGOF promos, online coupon codes…

All that good stuff to drastically increase your conversions for more $$ – making it a WIN-WIN.

How To Join The Affiliate Program

To become an Ulta affiliate, simply go through the main affiliate page for the inside scoop on the opportunity first.

Where you’ll be invited to complete the (Impact affiliate network) online application form to be considered as a partner.

But just note, you MUST provide your website’s URL (containing a good level of blog content) if Ulta is to take you seriously.

Because it’s their brand and reputation on the line at the end of the day – they want “quality” affiliates only.

What Is The Commission Rate?

Annoyingly, the commission rate’s unspecified.

But luckily for you, I found the info through my own Impact account.

Ulta pays a 2% commission on every sale, which is peanuts I know.

Unfortunately, that’s the thing with promoting “physical” products, the profit margins are never that great.

With said that, generate a decent volume of sales on a daily basis and you’ll be laughing your way to the bank.

What About The Payout?

When it comes to the payout, you’ll be paid every 30 days by Impact.

The best part about the Impact network is that it also offers flexible payment processing.

You can withdraw your commissions via direct transfer, BACS or PayPal in your chosen currency when earnings meet an established threshold.

How To Make Money Promoting Ulta Products

Unfortunately, the Ulta Beauty affiliate program doesn’t support influencers, so you can only apply IF you have a niche website.

Which is a good thing in my view because a niche website (aka blog) allows you to move mountains.

Having a website means your own branded “asset” – you can scale it as big as you want without fear of it snatched from under you (unlike social media platforms).

If you wanna build a website to promote Ulta (or in fact ANY beauty affiliate program) to earn a full-time income, then here’s HOW:

Find a Niche (Super Important!)

Your first step is to choose the right niche because it lays the foundations of your online Biz from the get-go.

For a shot at success with Ulta, you must narrow down a niche within the beauty realm, since ‘beauty’ on its own is too broad and competitive in Google:

  • Organic skincare
  • Eco-friendly beauty products
  • Fresh fragrances for women
  • Bath bombs and salts
  • Mineral makeup for sensitive skin, etc…

These are just some of the ideas I found using THIS micro niche finder tool 😉

Which BTW, is an EPIC time-saving AI tool that helps you find niches with total ease.

Start a Niche Website

When (and ONLY when) you’ve found a beauty related niche you’re passionate about helping folks in – should you start a blog.

The best part about blogging is that the more quality content you publish based on the right keywords, means more Google rankings and eyeballs on your website/ affiliate offers.

Furthermore, starting a blog is one of the CHEAPEST ways to start your own online Biz.

Because it just requires a small annual investment in a domain name and a small monthly/annual fee for web hosting to get up and running.

And then all it takes to bring your site to life is to install WordPress (which is freee!).

For step-by-step guidance on building a thriving blog from complete scratch, said niche finder tool also comes with training, tools and community support.

The Wrap Up

All in all, given the fact that Ulta Beauty offers something for everyone (even dudes!) under one umbrella and is one of the big players in the beauty space…

Definitely makes the products worth recommending to your tribe as an affiliate.

Granted, 2% commissions are nothing to write home about…

But if you poor plenty of blood, sweat and tears into referring enough customers -those commissions can gradually escalate into full-time earnings.

But before you dash off, you might also like these alternative affiliate opportunities to partner and make bank with:

Your buddy, Neil 🙂

Any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them below in the comments…

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