Udimi Affiliate Program (Earnings U’d Not Want To Miss)

If you’re looking to join and make bank with the Udimi affiliate program, then THIS review is for U!

Not only will we be diving into the nuts n’ bolts of the affiliate opportunity, but also one of the MOST effective ways you can earn passively promoting it.

So, let’s jump into things…

Udimi Affiliate program Overview

  • Signup URL: Udimi
  • Commission rate: 15% per sale & 50% monthly recurring
  • Cookie duration: customers are hardcoded to you for life
  • Payout details: after 35 days via bank transfer or PayPal.

What Is Udimi All About, You Say?

In short, Udimi is a solo ads marketplace that’s full to the rafters of pros selling traffic to buyers (namely affiliate marketers) in order to grow their email lists.

Call me a conspiracy theorist (LOL), but what I’ve found with solo ads is that they consist of “shiny object chasers” making quick purchases and then going AWOL.

But with that said, other marketers have experienced great success with solo ads.

Because other factors also play a part when it comes to turning that traffic into profit.

For example, it depends on seller quality, email list size, how often subscribers are emailed to build relationships, the type of content and offers being promoted, etc.

It’s basically swings and roundabouts with solo ads, so they can’t be totally written off.

How The Udimi Affiliate Program Works

One of the good things about being a Udimi affiliate is that there are a few options when promoting the service.

You can promote the main Udimi landing page (customisable with a message), your recommended sellers and/or prime upgrade pages with your affiliate ID hardcoded.

Additionally, you’ll receive banners, pre-done Tweets and other tools to help increase your sales.

On top of that, your referrals each get a $5 discount on their first traffic orders to start the ball rolling with your commissions.

How To Join The Affiliate Program

Pardon my French, but becoming a Udimi affiliate really is a piece of p*ss (lol).

Because you simply signup for an account, which is a quick and easy process.

Where you’ll automatically be approved as an affiliate – your unique links and resources are located under the ‘Affiliates’ tab inside the dashboard.

udimi affiliate area

What Are The Commission Rates?

When it comes to the actual money-making side of things, you can potentially bank a fortune.

Because you’ll earn a 15% commission each time a referral orders a solo ad traffic package from any seller.

Traffic orders can range anywhere from 100 to 1,000 clicks per sale, which can cost your referrals $100s, if not $1,000s over time.

In addition, you’ll make a 50% recurring commission from each referral that subscribes to the Prime premium plan for $30/month.

Which when combined, should give you an indication of your potential income.

Cookie Duration and Payout Options

The great thing is that Udimi has a unique function in place to “lock in” your profits, even if your referrals clear their cookies or change computers.

So, once a referral has ordered their first traffic package, they are hardcoded to you to earn you commissions from future orders.

When it comes to being paid, payments are instantly credited to you.

But you won’t be paid until after 35 days because of the customer refund period.

Once funds are ready though, you can either buy traffic with the funds or request payout into your bank (via Wise) or PayPal account.

How To Make Money promoting Udimi

I think considering the nature of Udimi (i.e. solo ads), building your own affiliate funnel would be very fitting.

If you’re unfamiliar with a funnel, it’s basically an automated process that turns your traffic into email subscribers and possible customers.

For a funnel, you’ll need:

  • Domain name (+ private email address)
  • Lead magnet (free ebook or something to give away)
  • Squeeze page
  • Bridge page
  • Email autoresponder (i.e. Aweber or GetResponse)

But if you’re a clueless newbie, then I suggest THIS 72 Hour Challenge (+ affiliate program) to quickly and easily set up a Done-For-You funnel.

Which btw, also gives you a FREE white label course to offer your subscribers as a lead magnet.

But the real beauty of the free course lies within the multiple affiliate programs on the inside you can earn from.

For example, you’ll earn through the Udimi affiliate program itself, as well as:

ALL built into ONE system to create you numerous passive income streams 😉

Conclusion: Is The Udimi Affiliate Program Worth It

Some customers swear blind by Udimi, where as others have had little to no success with solo ad purchases.

Like I said, factors all play a part when it comes to succeeding with the traffic generation platform.

But before determining whether it’s worth joining and promoting the Udimi affiliate program, I recommend purchasing traffic for your own online Biz first.

Because you can’t ethically promote a service that you haven’t tried yourself, right?

The ball’s in your court.

Your buddy, Neil.

Any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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