TEMU Affiliate Program (NOT The “Review” You Expect!)

With all the HYPE and BUZZ surrounding TEMU, it’s no wonder you’re here on my review, eager to learn more and dive into its affiliate program, right?

Fun fact: Did you know the Temu app was downloaded over 31 million times globally during January 2024?

So, Temu is still no doubt the HOTTEST topic in the online money-making world right now – creating both excitement and controversy.

That’s why I’ve put together this (completely unbiased) review just for you!

In case you’re wondering who I am – Hi, I’m Neil Richard πŸ‘‹ – the founder of this site ‘AffiliateIvy’ & I live on the scenic Devon coast.

neil affiliate ivy founder

I made my affiliate marketing debut in 1999 by successfully promoting Halloween & Christmas holiday stuff (namely costumes, artificial trees & decorations).

Needless to say, I still experienced my fair share of failures, scams, crappy courses/systems etc, on the journey 😭

Fast-forward to today, I help newbies & those struggling, to earn “FU Money” in ANY affiliate marketing niche they LOVE. πŸ’Έ

According to the Temu crew, you could be raking in an ASTONISHING Β£100K (if you’re British) or $100K (formerly $20,000) each month in commissions! 🀯

share affiliate program to earn 100K a month

But let’s be honest, that sounds pretty UNREALISTIC, especially for newcomers in my view.

πŸ€” Amidst all the hype and Temu complaints, we have to ask: Is the affiliate opportunity LEGIT, and are the products even worth promoting?

And if they are, can you ACTUALLY pocket six figures every month by bringing in new customers? πŸ’°

Now, here’s the kicker: I’ve got ZERO financial stake (from an affiliate angle) in this online megastore.

So, I’ll throw in my honest 2 cents worth at the end of this review.

So, hang tight, Tiger! 🐯

Temu Affiliate Program Overview

  • Signup URL: www.temu.com/affiliate_recruit.html?
  • Commission rate: 20% per new order
  • Reward: $5 (UK: Β£2) App download per new user
  • Cookie duration: Unknown
  • Payout details: $20 (UK: Β£20) minimum threshold via PayPal
  • How to Promote: Blogging, YouTube and/or social media.

Whether you wanna promote Temu for pocket money or learn the skills to turn it into a full-time income earner, there are numerous courses that can help.

For starters, Commission Academy is a free step-by-step crash course that shows you how to launch a THRIVING niche website from scratch.

Secondly, there’s Jet Video Academy that will show you how to build a YouTube channel that can potentially bank you $20K/month passively.

PROS βœ…

  • Signup is free, quick & easy
  • Affiliate dashboard comprising links/resources
  • Link generator for deep product linking
  • Up to 20% commissions
  • $5 referral rewards
  • Referral contests for extra $
  • Low $20 payout threshold
  • PayPal payout
  • Help & support


  • Exaggerated income potential for newbies
  • Earn ONLY on first purchases by referrals IN your region
  • Cheap products = low commissions = MORE consistent effort to generate BIG volumes of referrals & customers for decent $
  • Product quality is hit & miss (carefully select what you promote)
  • Controversy surrounding the store & affiliate program

What Is Temu All About?

If you’re well-acquainted with shopping platforms like Wish, Shein, and AliExpress, then Temu pretty much falls into the same category as these well-known brands.

Specifically, Temu (a sibling of Pinduoduo) is an eCommerce marketplace and app based in the US, freshly introduced in 2022.

It’s a haven for budget-conscious shoppers, where you can snag jaw-dropping discounts ranging from 50% to a WHOPPING 90% off on a plethora of items!

From fashion to gadgets, toys to home improvement goodies – you name it – it’s all there, mostly shipped from China.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Because numerous YouTube “haul” reviews have shown that the packaging of products can occasionally be a bit battered…

And the quality of items can be hit or miss, leaving some buyers feeling like they got a raw deal.

But of course, many TikTokkers and mom-type bloggers fail to reveal these truths, and we all know why…

I digress.

On the bright side, Temu does offer free shipping on all orders, allows price adjustments within 30 days, and offers a hassle-free 90-day return policy.

So, there are definitely SOME silver linings in this shopping experience.

How Temu’s Affiliate Program Works

So, here’s the lowdown on Temu’s two intriguing programs:

  1. The “Influencer” (not a fan of that word either!) ‘Seeding Program‘ offers freebies (up to $300 worth of products to review). The catch? You need a solid social media following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok to qualify.
  2. Then there’s the real money-making dealβ€”the ‘Affiliate Program.’ No fancy requirements here!

What’s exciting? You’ll get a $5 cash bonus just for signing up as a new affiliate (that’s Β£3 if you’re in the UK, by the way.)

Once you’re in the dashboard, it’s as easy as pie – grab your unique link(s) or affiliate code and start referring new customers.

When they make their first purchases, you’ll be making those commissions.

Speaking of which…

What Are The Commission Rates?

temu affiliate commissions

When it comes to your affiliate earnings, here’s the scoop:

You’ll pocket a sweet $5 reward for every new App user who downloads the app through your referral link.

But the real gravy train rolls in with referral purchases! You can earn up to a 20% commission on each new customer’s order.

To sweeten the deal for your referrals, Temu throws in a generous 50% discount on their first purchases (previously 30%).

If you’re a UK affiliate, the only difference is that you’ll receive a Β£2 reward for every new App user download instead.

And here’s the fun part – introducing the ‘Referral Race’ (sorry, it’s in Β£’s, but I am a Brit LOL):

referral race bonuses

You can snag bonuses ranging from a few bucks to thousands of dollars.

Which depends on the number of new app downloads and first-time customers you refer as an affiliate within a specific timeframe.

How To Join The Affiliate Program

Here’s the quick and easy Temu affiliate signup process:

  1. Head over to www.temu.com/affiliate_recruit.html?
  2. Simply provide your email address & create a password – bam! Your account is ready in a matter of seconds.

This streamlined process pleasantly surprised me, as most affiliate programs these days demand more info and often require approval delays.

Initially, Temu’s affiliate program was exclusive to USA residents, but the good news is that now it’s open to folks worldwide.

By the way, the UK affiliate dashboard closely mirrors the US version, in case you were curious:

uk temu affiliate dashboard

Now, let’s dive into the “cashout” part of this review…

How & When Are Payouts Made?

When it’s time to get your hard-earned affiliate cash, it appears that PayPal is the sole payout option available.

The good news is that the cashout threshold is quite low.

You’ll need to accumulate a minimum of $20 (Β£20 for UK affiliates), which shouldn’t be too challenging, in my opinion.

Now, as for the cookie duration, it’s a bit of a mystery. Unfortunately, the specifics aren’t mentioned.

To get the scoop on this, you might want to reach out to the Temu support team at help@temu.com.

They should be able to provide you with the deets you need.

Who Is Temu’s Affiliate Program For?

The Temu affiliate program is open to a wide variety of affiliates who can effectively market their products to the right audience.

Potential candidates encompass a broad spectrum, including micro-influencers, niche website owners, and other content creators such as vloggers and podcasters, community leaders, product reviewers, and email and affiliate marketing experts, among others.

The possibilities are quite extensive.

So, pick your preferred avenue.

But make sure to review Temu’s terms and conditions to ensure that your promotional efforts align with ethical standards right from the start.

Is The Temu Affiliate Program Legit?

Based on evidence from various TikTok and YouTube videos (like this one), it’s clear that numerous affiliates have successfully earned and withdrawn commissions.

So, from this perspective, Temu’s affiliate program appears to be entirely legitimate.

However, what can be quite concerning (and infuriating – GRRR!) is the shifting of the goal posts.

For instance, when I joined the UK affiliate program in May 2023, Temu stated that I could potentially earn up to Β£100K a month.

But after a few days of promoting my affiliate link, the rules swiftly changed to: “Earn commission/reward only when your referral is in your region.”:

affiliate commission rules changed

This shift can be frustrating, especially if you miss out on potential commissions from new US-based customers.

If Temu had been transparent about this from the VERY start, I would have avoided all that wasted time promoting my link on coupon sites (as recommended), etc.

Another factor to mull over before diving into the affiliate program is the mixed bag of YouTube reviews and various opinions circulating online:

In the end, you’ll have to be the judge of whether Temu’s affiliate program aligns with your moral values, expectations and goals.

Temu Affiliate Discussions on Reddit

Whether you decide to run a Google search for ‘temu affiliate program reddit’ or explore Reddit itself, you’ll come across numerous discussions about Temu.

However, it’s worth noting that many of the conversations related to affiliates appear to be either clickbait or promotional posts from affiliates eager to share their “invitation codes.”

In my opinion, this abundance of promotional content somewhat diminishes the value of Reddit as a platform for obtaining genuine insights from an affiliate’s perspective.

That said, I did manage to find a few Reddit posts that MIGHT offer some meaningful information or address specific concerns and questions related to Temu and/or its affiliate program:

So, once more, it’s up to you to draw your own conclusions when it comes to considering a partnership with said Chinese e-commerce platform.

How To Make Money Promoting Temu Stuff

Many affiliates recommend starting a YouTube channel, diving into TikTok, and sharing your links and codes across social media – tried-and-true digital marketing strategies that can lead to big wins with Temu.

But here’s the snag: Getting started as a newbie can feel like navigating a labyrinth alone.

And, let’s not forget, these platforms hold the reins over your entire online venture.

If you inadvertently stray from their terms and conditions, your accounts can be swiftly shut down – I’ve witnessed it happen in the past.

That being said, affiliates are STILL thriving using these methods (as we speak). The key is to avoid being spammy and instead provide genuine value.

For a quick boost in the Temu affiliate program, there’s a treasure chest of YouTube tutorials on using TikTok, Instagram and Facebook reels, as well as YouTube shorts effectively.

Speaking of YouTube, Jet Video Academy will teach you how to create a YouTube channel that can generate you a $20-per-month affiliate income.

But if that’s not your cup of tea, I suggest exploring the path of creating a simple niche website instead. Commission Academy will help you there πŸ˜‰

It’s all about finding the approach that suits you best, right?

Choose A Niche

Diving headfirst into affiliate marketing with high hopes of striking it rich isn’t the best strategy in my experience.

In simpler terms, building a broad website that aims to cater to everyone and their pet goldfish is a recipe for failure.

To potentially set up a successful blog, your first step should be selecting a niche and then narrowing it down to a specific group of buyers.

Here’s a helpful tip: Choose a niche that aligns with your hobbies, interests, or passions – it’ll make the process a lot more enjoyable.

The fantastic thing about Temu is that it offers a plethora of product categories to draw inspiration from.

Once you’ve got your niche in mind, use my #1 niche finder tool to really pinpoint your target audience.

And then, you’re off to the races, armed with a focused and engaging approach.

Start A Niche Website

The absolute BEST thing about a niche website is that it’s your canvas to create a brand that’s uniquely yours.

This can pave the way for a potential full-time passive income down the road, but here’s the catch: it requires some serious hustle right from the start.

The mechanics of a niche site (also known as a blog) are pretty straightforward:

  1. Start by setting up a blog. That involves buying a domain name, linking it to a web hosting service, and installing WordPress.
  2. Next up, you’ll need an SEO keyword research tool to uncover those valuable niche-specific keywords that can attract organic traffic.
  3. Then, you craft content centred around these keywords. The goal is to get your content ranked on Google, bringing in targeted visitors who could potentially click on your Temu affiliate links and buy stuff.

Here’s the magic formula: More website traffic equals more potential Temu sales and earnings in your pocket.

Conclusion: Is Temu’s Affiliate Program Worth It?

In my personal view, I’ve never been too keen on purchasing and promoting low-quality Chinese products.

However, that doesn’t mean you should give the Temu affiliate program a wide birth because it might align perfectly with your interests and goals.

But, before you dive in headfirst, it’s advisable to buy and test a selection of Temu products yourself.

Because it seems their quality varies significantly across numerous categories.

Keep in mind that your reputation as an affiliate is at stake, so proceed with caution.

Now, about the possibility of banking $100K a month – it’s feasible in the long run, but it’s far from guaranteed.

You see, the world of internet and affiliate marketing is rife with variables.

Factors like the platforms you choose, the amount of time and effort you invest, and the quality of traffic you generate all play into the equation.

Achieving six-figure months might take YEARS (hey, ask the Super Affiliates out there!)…

So, my advice is not to jump into this program assuming that $100K a month will be a teddy bear’s picnic because you’ll end up disappointed.

Ultimately, the decision rests in your hands, and you should evaluate the opportunity based on your own expectations and circumstances.

Before you dash off, also check out Shein’s affiliate program to make bank with if Temu’s doesn’t float your boat.

Your buddy, Neil.

Have any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

8 thoughts on “TEMU Affiliate Program (NOT The “Review” You Expect!)”

  1. Neil, thank you for your interesting and informative post. I have one item I want to recommend to my readers. I have 10,000 time matured followers on LinkedIn, and they are all connected to one profession. But they are scattered in every country in the world. I am British; but I officially live in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and trade from Mexico world-wide, where I also have residency status.

    My clients can buy 20,000 or more of just one item, but they always buy one or two items as samples and then place big orders if they approve the product. Am I correct in believing I would only get a commission on their first order? Or do I get a commission on repeat future orders? I cannot select only certain areas from my readers list as what I write becomes public and appears prominently in every search engine.

    I also belong to 80 associated groups with a collective membership of about 10 million. About 3% of those read what I write and I have some degree of influence over. I see little point in promoting products that I do not get a revolving commission for what they buy in the future and not just today.

    Also if I am limited to only the UK, SVG, or Mexico that would also not work for me, I am an international writer and have an international following.

    • Any time, William!

      WOW, you’ve certainly been busy online!

      Yes, unfortunately, you’ll only be credited commissions on your FIRST customer orders, meaning a HUGE loss in opportunity on your end. Adding insult to injury, you’ll only earn from referrals in your located area as well.

      Personally, I would search for more rewarding affiliate programs to make your time and effort mean something. See my affiliate program finder post for inspiration πŸ˜‰


  2. Hi, thanks for the excellent unbiased review. Could you elaborate one thing – if I’m from a country in Europe, and people would buy through my links, from let’s say the US for example, would I not get any commission for those purchases? Would I only get commission if people from my country buy through my links? (Or did you mean something else?) Thank you so much.

    • You’re welcome Anna πŸ™‚

      Unfortunately, that is correct – Temu only pays commissions on referrals in your own country/region. I’m from the UK and dread to think how many potential US customers I referred with nothing to show for it. Which is I’m no longer affiliated. So something to consider before marketing your links to the masses.

  3. Hello, I’m from Mexico and was accepted to the program but I can’t see the dashboard. Do you have a link to it? If I log in on the regular shopping site I can’t see the dashboard with the seeding balance and links.

    • Hey Mexican Mari!

      If you type “affiliate program” into your shopping area’s search bar, you’ll be directed to the affiliate dashboard.

      Alternatively, sign in via the main Temu affiliate page here.

      But if you’re referring to the influencer program, try logging in here.


  4. Hi Neil
    I am a temu affiliate but have my reservations. It all sounds too good to be true.

    However I would love to speak to you further.

    Derek Berwald

    • Hey, Derek! πŸ™‚

      I totally understand why you feel that way with the amount of hype circulating online.

      From a product standpoint – after I read some Google reviews, it seems that purchases can be hit and miss. But on a whole, Temu is a legitimate marketplace.

      As an affiliate, your success level (part or full-time income) really boils down to HOW you promote your referral links (in terms of strategy), traffic quality (it must be a “buying” audience) and obviously work ethic.

      But if you still have concerns or unanswered questions regarding Temu, please feel free to reply and expand so I can further assist you.



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