Swagbucks Affiliate Program (How To Earn Benjis, Not Cents)

I appreciate you dropping in on my review of the Swagbucks affiliate program!

Boasting 10+ million members and pretty much being the HOTTEST “go-to” GPT (Get Paid To) opportunity on the web…

I can see why being a Swagbucks affiliate appeals to you like an ice cream on a sunny day.

So, instead of earning peanuts (like the majority of members) from the simple online task stuff like surveys, web searches, shopping, and video watching, etc…

I’m about to help you understand WHY it pays to stand on the other side of the fence as an affiliate instead.

Trust me, you’re gonna love it 😉

So, let’s jump right into things…

Swagbucks Affiliate VS. Referral Program

Before we start, I’d like to point out the difference between the Swagbucks affiliate and referral side of things to clear things up.

Technically, they are two peas in a pod – you refer new members and get paid for each referral.

But it’s the actual “money-making” structure that separates the two apart.

Let me explain…

The Invite/Referral Program

When you join Swagbucks as a free member, you have the option to invite family and friends to join as well.

Simply email or socially share your unique referral link to recruit others under you.

And you’ll earn 10% lifetime earnings, plus extra bonus SB if said referrals meet certain criteria.

This is pretty much similar to cashback opportunities (i.e. the GoCashBack referral program), where you earn a % of your referrals cashback amounts.

I digress.

But the downside is that most of your family and friends will take little to no action.

The same applies if you recruit strangers on the web – most are lazy bum asses.

Sorry for being so blunt, but the proof’s in the pudding (even if it is a handful of referrals LOL).

See the measly 22 SB I earned (over numerous months) from 15 total strangers I referred through one of my blogs:

swagbucks referral earnings
The names have been blurred to protect the innocent 😛

To put things into perspective, 100 SB = $1.

So, reaching your first $10, $50 or even $100 milestones won’t be a teddy bear’s picnic, I’m telling ya.

It also serves as a great indicator for ignoring all that “$100s daily hack” baloney from YouTubers.

Realistically speaking, you’d need 100s (if not 1,000s) of referrals under your belt to make Swagbucks worth your while.

So, unless you already have that many folks in your circle or poses the skills to continually recruit strangers into Swagbucks – then forget it.

Which leads me to discuss the real opportunity to make bank…

The Affiliate Program (KA-CHING!)

If you want to potentially rake in the Benjamins with Swagbucks, then become a free affiliate.

Because, my dear friend, you’ll be paid a flat fee for every registered member who joins via your link.

Meaning, you can build up a steady part or full-time income (with the right skillset) as a Swagbucks affiliate…

Instead of leaving your results to chance with mostly tyre kickers, like *GASP* Network Marketers do.

But with that said, don’t expect the affiliate program to be as easy as pie either.

Because it will cost you blood, sweat and tears every day for a decent outcome online down the road.

How The Swagbucks Affiliate Program Works

To become a Swagbucks affiliate, you must apply via the FlexOffers network.

But for good approval chances, it’s best you start a niche blog from scratch (don’t panic, it’s cinch – I’ll explain soon 😉 )…

And then publish at least 5 – 10 quality blog posts reflecting the ‘GPT/reward site/online task’ niche beforehand.

It’s to prove you’re a serious affiliate contender, and not just another “link spammer” out to wreck the company’s image.

But when your application is approved, you’ll gain access to a suite of tools for your promotions.

These include your actual affiliate link, banners, flash ads, emailers, and text links for your blog or site.

How Much You Get Paid In Commissions

The great thing is you’ll be paid a $2.20 flat fee for each email verification or user registration.

Also, there’s a 30-day cookie, which gives you enough time to still earn from any fence sitters.

Now, two dollars a pop isn’t exactly anything to shout home about, right?

BUT imagine if you refer 100, 300 or even 500 new Swagbucks members on a monthly basis…

That’s a cool $220 – $1,100 per month side-income online.

So, can you see the To-Infinity-And-Beyond money-making potential?

Sadly, there are no guarantees when it comes to this internet and affiliate marketing “stuff” though…

That’s why I said the word potential.

But just know with the right skills, relentless work ethic, time, and a boatload of targeted traffic flowing to your website on a daily basis…

Your chances of a earning a full-time income passively increase drastically.

Now, for the juiciest part of this review…

How To Make Money Promoting Swagbucks As An Affiliate

There are countless ways in which you can make bank as a Swagbucks affiliate.

For example, you could start a blog and/or YouTube channel, create short form videos for YouTube shorts, Instagram/Facebook reels, Pinterest idea pins, TikTok…

You can do email marketing, podcasts or social media in general, you name it.


First things first – before going full throttle promoting Swagbucks, it’s important to choose your niche.

In other words, find a small market segment of people to help and position yourself as an expert in that field.

Because “niching down” can allow you to build a successful business in a less competitive environment.

Otherwise, if you just target the highly competitive ‘wealth/make money online’ industry, your chances of success are pretty slim.

Finding Your Niche

There are numerous manual ways to go about finding a niche that revolves around Swagbucks.

For example, there’s Google for starters – which has an awesome autosuggest feature when searching for topics.

And then there are free tools like Google Trends as well as paid keyword tools on the market.

But the problem is that said methods can easily overwhelm you with the amount of info/data to sift through.

Which is why I highly recommend using an actual niche finder tool that’s powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) – it makes the process so much easier and quicker.

I typed the word ‘survey sites’ into the search bar, hit enter, and the tool gave me 10 suggestions right off the bat.

Here are 5 niche suggestions as an example:

niche finder

But the real beauty of THIS niche finder tool lies within its capabilities of taking a deeper dive into the topics to unveil micro niches in seconds.

You’re not just limited to helping folks looking to get paid to take surveys either…

Because you can target people who love making money to play games, go shopping for cashback or watch videos, etc.

Starting A Niche Website (aka Blog)

One of the BEST ways (in my experience) to earn an affiliate income is to start and grow a niche website from scratch.

Or in other words – a WordPress blog.

Because it’s an asset you’re in control of – you have the power to grow your own brand online.

Your goal as a blogger is to publish plenty of high-quality blog posts around certain niche specific keyword terms…

And let Google handle the rest in terms of ranking your articles and sending your site plenty of organic visitors for free.

It’s also referred to as content marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as some marketers would call it.

Either way, it sure as hell beats risking your own hard-earned spondoolies on generating traffic via paid ads from the offset, I tell ya.

So, the more blog posts you do, the more targeted traffic they’ll attract, and the more Swagbucks moolah you’ll potentially rake in.

Conclusion: Is The Swagbucks Affiliate Program Worth It?

What I like about the Swagbucks affiliate program is that conversions are good and you’ll make $2.20 per registered member.

But if you’re just gonna refer a handful of members, then it’s a waste of time, in my experience.

Because affiliate marketing’s supposed to be a life-changing business model when practiced the right way.

So, if you want Swagbucks to be a real game-changer…

Then build your own blog site and work your butt off at generating a sh*t ton of website traffic to refer 1,000s of members on a monthly basis.

However, with that said…

When it comes to the ‘make money online’ industry, I prefer to promote affiliate programs with MUCH bigger rewards to attain financial freedom quicker.

So, for example, here’s a bunch of affiliate opportunities I highly recommend you promote for potentially $100s – $1,000+ commissions per referral in some cases:

Also check out my BEST ERC affiliate program review – the BIGGEST opportunity I’ve ever come across in the affiliate world that’s set to expire in 2025!

So, just some food for thought before rolling with Swagbucks.

Your buddy, Neil.

Any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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