Starbucks Affiliate Program (A Grande Opportunity?)

Sadly, the Starbucks affiliate program closed its doors as of 2017 – RIP.

“A major global coffee brand like that no longer runs an online money-making opportunity, you say!?”

YUP, it’s a sales-simplification move by the top-dogs to encourage more folks to slurp away in the franchise’s actual coffee houses.

“Holy coffee beans, Batman!”

But fear not – it’s simply one of those ‘cup half full’ moments…

Because there are still ways you can promote Starbucks stuff to coffee lovers and watch tasty affiliate commissions come pouring in…

They’re called the Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy affiliate programs – your knights in shining armour.

Plus, I’ll reveal an extra opportunity as the cream and sprinkles added to your Swagbucks affiliate earnings at the end of this review.

So, let’s dive into each of said programs for the bucks-tastic potential they offer…

Amazon Associates (#1 Way To Promote Starbucks)

With Amazon being the world’s “go-to” online marketplace for shopping – you can see why Starbucks wants a piece of that pie with its own Amazon store:

starbucks amazon store

What’s so epic about the franchise’s Amazon store is that it really is your one-stop-shop for everything that’s coffee.

You can buy your favourite premium instant, whole bean and flavoured ground coffee to K-Cup pods to Nespresso capsules to gift cards.

Furthermore, when searching for Starbucks on Amazon itself – the e-commerce platform sells a delicious range of other goodies.

There’s iced and doubleshot energy expressos to tumblers and water glasses to reusable cups, you name it.

When it comes to the affiliate program side of things…

Amazon Associates pays anywhere from 1% – 4.5% commissions (depending on the category) on any product sales you make.

In my Amazon experience many moons ago, some customers purchase multiple items that can really bump up your commissions with less work.

But before you apply to Amazon’s Associate program, it’s crucial to have a niche website (with at least 10 quality blog posts, in my opinion) built first.

Or your application will be declined.

Because a blog with at least SOME content on it, tells Amazon you’re deadly serious about earning via its program and not just some tyre kicker.

Promote Starbucks Via Walmart’s Affiliate Program

Since Walmart is the planet’s biggest food retailer – it makes sense to become an affiliate and promote Starbucks stuff, right?

But there is one slight problem though…

Walmart pays 0% commissions on food sales – you won’t make a single dime on coffee sales (oopsie, my bad).

But the good news is there’s 100s of Starbucks drinkware items that you should be able to earn from:

walmart starbucks drinkware category

Depending on the category, Walmart pays out 1% – 4% commissions on sales.

But for full clarity and to partner up with the retail giant, you can apply via

Also known as Impact Radius, it’s an affiliate network that houses the Walmart affiliate program.

And again, like the Amazon Associates process, I recommend you have a niche website up and running beforehand to avoid rejection.

You’ll thank me later on, my fellow coffee warrior!

Etsy Affiliate Program (Coffee Break?)

Whether you want a break from the coffee-promoting norm or would love to mix things up a little on your blog…

Then Etsy will definitely tickle your taste buds in that department.

Because Etsy offers an array of weird and wonderful Starbucks merchandise/gifts to suit all tastes:

etsy starbucks merchandise

Here’s an example of the stuff for sale that you can promote:

  • Candles
  • Car air vent fresheners
  • Visor caps
  • Keychains
  • Custom inspired logos
  • Stainless steel spoons
  • Bath bombs
  • Straw headbands
  • Ornaments
  • Earrings
  • You name it, they probably sell it!

In my opinion, these items would definitely be great “thinking outside the box” additions to diversify your income streams.

If this sounds like your cuppa, then Etsy’s affiliate program pays up to 4% commissions – you can apply via Awin.

Awin’s another fab affiliate network, and again, you know EXACTLY what I’m about to say next…

YUP, start a niche site before filling in the form to increase your approval chances.

OfferVault (Squirty Cream & Sprinkles?)

If you’re looking for a super cool way to top up your earnings with any said affiliate programs above…

Then let me introduce you to (drum roll please)…

OfferVault – Which is an awesome affiliate program search tool for finding reputable affiliate networks and comparable offers to promote.

For example; type Starbucks into the search bar and you’ll be presented with a bunch of offers to go for:

offervault starbucks affiliate offers

This is just a small handful of offers and networks to consider…

You can literally get paid just to refer email leads entering their info to win Starbucks sweepstakes and gift cards, etc, through your niche website/blog.

So, because your visitors aren’t required to part with a single penny, means easy-peasy money in your pocket (up to $3 per lead!)

But if you’d like to locate your own money-making opportunities to further whet your appetite, then feel free to do so…

Here are 5 ways to find affiliate programs revolving around Starbucks or the coffee niche, in general.

How To Make Money Promoting Starbucks Products

So, now you have plenty of creative opportunities to make money as a Starbucks affiliate – you must find your vehicle to succeed.

In other words, choose an internet marketing strategy (aka traffic source) to put your affiliate offers in front of boatloads of potential buyers.

You can do that through blogging (WordPress), vlogging (YouTube), Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, you name it…

But if you’re just starting out, then choose just ONE strategy.

Otherwise, you’ll spin too many plates at once, get overwhelmed, and throw in the towel.

In my experience, starting a niche website (aka blog) is the best way to go because it’s an “asset” that you can FULLY control and build as big as you want.

But before we dive into blogging, it’s imperative that you choose a niche to lay the foundation of your Biz.

Because you’ll have limited to no success if you don’t hone in on small market segment and become an expert in that particular field…

Choosing A Coffee Niche

There are many ways to go about choosing a niche within the coffee/Starbucks realm.

For example, you can conduct your research using Google, free tools like Answer The Public and Google Trends, online marketplaces, and even paid keyword tools.

But why spend hours overcomplicating the selection process, when there are A.I tools that can easily find you niche ideas at the speed of light?

Using one such AI niche tool, I was able to dig up a bunch of coffee niche examples to start the ball rolling for you:

  • Organic fair trade coffee
  • Cold brew coffee for beginners
  • Flavoured coffee subscriptions
  • Ethically sourced coffee
  • K-Cup coffee
  • Instant coffee for camping
  • Brazilian Santos coffee
  • Irish cream flavoured coffee
  • Coffee pods for offices
  • Iced latte coffee
  • And the list just goes on and on…

In fact, THIS powerful niche finder tool can dig even deeper into said ideas (and then some!) to unearth micro niches.

Pretty cool, eh?

Starting A Niche-Focused Website

Now that you have a niche figured out, and the idea of building a website has been drilled into your head, it’s only fair I help you start one.

First of all, it starts with buying a .com, .net or .org domain name that reflects your niche/brand.

Secondly, you’ll need to purchase webhosting and hook up your domain, so you have a presence on the web.

Thirdly, you’ll then install WordPress (via your webhost provider) on your website to make the whole thing accessible for your visitors.

And finally, it’s a case of building out your blog with content that targets niche specific (+ low-hanging) keywords and topics.

Which will get ranked in Google and generate organic search engine traffic to your site…

Targeted buyers who will read your content/reviews and make Starbucks product purchases via any affiliate links you place within your content.

You’ll get plenty of step-by-step training, resources and support for launching a lucrative blog included with the niche finder tool (above).

The Last Gulp…

In all honesty, I think Starbucks shutting down its official affiliate program was a blessing in disguise.

Because it opened up the flood gates for better money-making opportunities, in my eyes.

You certainly have your pick of great affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, Walmart, and Etsy to fall back on.

Also, don’t just limit yourself to serving up coffee products to drinkers either…

Because there’s so much more potential to scale your income with Starbucks gifts and merchandise too.

And don’t forget the extra income potential with generating email leads for freebies too.

Furthermore (try thinking outside the box), what about various coffee makers?…

Sprinkle some of those beasts throughout your blog and you’ll REALLY be like the cat that got the cream 😉

Before you dash off, if you’d like some alternative opportunities for coffee-related products to promote, then also check out:

Or even try the GoCashBack affiliate program, where you could earn a % of cashback earned by your online shopaholic referrals instead.

Your buddy, Neil.

Any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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