NEW! Secrets Of Success Affiliate Program (2-Tier Earnings)

Whether you’re a newb or pro, Russell Brunson has just released an EXCITING opportunity to make bank with his Secrets Of Success affiliate program in the personal development/mindset space.

To shed more light on the personal development market (specifically in the USA), did you know it has a revenue forecast of USD $67.02 billion in 2030?

So, you’re definitely onto a real WINNER with Russell’s new affiliate opportunity…

Not only can you earn some meaty LIFETIME recurring commissions on promoting the Secrets Of Success product, but you’ll earn on the efforts of your 2nd tier affiliate army as well!

However, there’s only a small window of opportunity (up until the October 19th 2023 launch date) to build a team of sub-affiliates as fast as possible!

And then during launch week (19th to 26th of October), that’s the time you and your referrals work your butts off to promote Russell’s product like crazy for HUUUGE momentum from the offset ($!).

Up for the challenge, my apprentice?

Great stuff! Jump into THIS review to put the wheels in motion…

Affiliate Program Overview

What Is Secrets Of Success All About?

Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels co-founder and DotCom Secrets book author) is just about to launch a brand new company called Secrets Of Success (SOS) *EEEK!*

Put simply, SOS is a subscription-based membership site in the personal development space like no other…

As it’s more of a “New Movement”, inspired by the timeless principles in Napoleon Hill’s legendary book ‘Think and Grow Rich‘.

More specifically, Russell Brunson spent a fortune on getting his hands on unpublished and unseen first-edition manuscripts by Napoleon Hill.

Russell’s goal? To offer you an M.I.F.G.E. (Most Incredible Free Gift Ever!) called the ‘Secrets Of Success Kit’.

secrets of success free kit

Which comprises Russell’s newest version of the Think and Grow Rich book, and copies of Napoleon’s unpublished (“It Will Place You Wherever You Wish To Be Among Men” and “Secrets Of Master Salesmanship”) manuscripts.

Folks will receive Russell’s insane bundle for free when they subscribe to the SOS membership site that’s jam-packed with more success principles and life-changing value.

Which is where YOU come in as an affiliate…

How The Secrets Of Success Affiliate Program Works

Russell’s Secrets Of Success affiliate program currently consists of three phases for you to make bank as a partner.

Phase #1: Recruit as many 2nd tier affiliate partners (via your unique referral link) as possible between now and October 19th to potentially reap plenty of recurring commissions on THEIR referral sales during the launches.

Phase #2: Upon the launch of Secrets Of Success, you’ll give out the M.I.F.G.E. (which also comprises a 30-day free SOS membership trial) to as many people in your audience as possible (via your unique sales link).

After the 30 day trial, you’ll start earning a monthly commission from each SOS subscriber.

Phase #3: Once the M.I.F.G.E. launch is finished, Russell will then roll out a new “Think and Grow Rich” challenge every month…

The goal isn’t just to help your existing SOS members to remain subscribed, but also give your new members fun ways to enrol each month = long term compounding commissions for YOU. 😉

How To Join as an Affiliate

In order to promote Secrets Of Success as an affiliate for free, simply Join HERE.

The best part is becoming an SOS affiliate is a cakewalk because the application form only requires your first and last name, email address, PayPal email (oh, and setting a password afterwards):

secrets of success affiliate application form

And you’ll be automatically approved instantly, ready to hit the ground running.

As soon as you login to your SOS “Round Peg Ambassador” (LOL) dashboard, your unique referral link is ready waiting for you to copy, paste and share with your tribe:

round peg ambassador dashboard

So, YEAH, the whole affiliate signup process and getting to grips with the dashboard are as simple as Simon.

What’s The Commission Rate?

One of the things I truly LOVE about Russell’s affiliate program is that he rewards you with a generous 40% recurring monthly commission on the lifetime of each Secrets Of Success subscriber.

Plus, you’ll earn an extra 10% lifetime recurring commission on each SOS subscriber referred by your 2nd tier affiliates.

And as for payments, you’ll be paid your commissions on a monthly basis through PayPal.

How To Earn BIG Promoting Secrets Of Success

When it comes to internet and affiliate marketing, there’s “no one size fits all” strategy because everyone has different preferences…

Not to mention the fact that some are total beginners and others are pros with already-established brands and audiences.

But assuming you’re a newbie (or just want to broaden your horizons) in the personal development niche, here are some proven strategies for promoting SOS.

My #1 recommendation is to do THIS FREE course, where you’ll also receive blueprints, funnels, lead magnets and resources that can help you create a successful Biz.

My 2nd recommendation would be to find a sub-niche within the personal development/self-improvement space using THIS micro niche finder and then starting a niche website (aka blog).

To launch a THRIVING blog from scratch, see Commission Academy – it’s not just an affiliate program, but also a great step-by-step crash course that’s FREE.

Or if you’re more into the video-creation scene, then Jet Video Academy is also worth a shot.

Again, it doesn’t just offer an affiliate program, but is a YouTube course that teaches you how to earn a passive income using the “evergreen views formula”.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what strategy you leverage, it’s all about that word “CONSISTENCY” to crush it promoting SOS.

Conclusion: Is The Secrets Of Success Affiliate Program Worth it?

Before I give you a straight up answer, let’s take a few factors into consideration.

First of all, Russell Brunson is a highly reputable entrepreneur who ALWAYS overdelivers for his customers AND affiliates.

For some proof, I’ve earned $1,000s in commissions promoting Russell’s ‘Perfect Webinar Script’ (it takes the top spot on my best webinar affiliate programs list).

Secondly, the launch of SOS will undoubtedly create a heck of A LOT of buzz because A: it’s a refreshingly new product to hit the personal development market.

And B: Russell’s behind it – he’s a sales master, so you’re bound to make a killing online.

Thirdly, not only will you earn generous 40% (+10% tier 2) commissions, they are RECURRING too, making it easier to create an income that compounds every month.

So, on those notes, I’d say that the Secrets Of Success affiliate program is DEFINITELY worth taking advantage of.

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Your buddy, Neil.

Any questions or thoughts, please drop them in the comments below…

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