RevZilla Affiliate Program (Ride Into The $un$et!)

I think everyone dreams of riding off into the sunset on a steel horse to start afresh, metaphorically speaking.

Luckily for you, the RevZilla affiliate program is a very real opportunity to gear up your life using the web.

Because RevZilla’s product range resembles Route 66 – GIGANTIC.

There’s something you can promote to solve almost every motorbike enthusiast’s problem(s) and line your pockets with buckaroonies.

So, helmet on, let’s get this show on the road…

How The RevZilla Affiliate Program Works

Before we dive into the mechanical “money-making” side of things, let’s briefly discuss RevZilla itself.

Founded in 2007 by Nick Auger, Anthony Bucci and Matthew Kull, and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)… is an online store catering to the needs of motorcyclists seeking all sorts of stuff for the open road, circuit or dirt track.

As an affiliate, you can bank commissions on promoting products in the following categories:

  • Helmets
  • Riding gear
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Tires
  • Women
  • Riding style
  • Sales

There are literally THOUSANDS of products of all brands, styles, shapes and sizes in said categories.

For example, the helmets section alone is home to over 1,700 head safety items!

motorbike helmets category

Head gear ranges from as little as $9 or $10 to over $4,000 apiece!

“Holy Batcycle, Batman!”

So, just this singular category can be a full-time income machine fit for any king or queen of the road.

Speaking of which (no, not royalty 😛 )…

What’s The Commission Rate and Payout?

The good news is that RevZilla generously pays up to 7% commissions on the sales you generate.

Obviously, the commission percentage depends on the products/categories you choose to promote.

But that’s irrelevant (in my opinion), since some bikers are prepared to shell out a fortune on their pride and joys, right?

In addition, there’s a 14-day affiliate cookie duration – making the program even more appealing to roll with.

Because it’s that little bit extra time and flexibility to rev up your commissions from any returning fence sitter (or should I say backseat rider?) sales.

When it comes to receiving your cash, once you’ve met the action locking criteria…

You’ll get paid 5 days after the approved sales transactions are locked – that’s all I can tell you.

Joining The Affiliate Program

The RevZilla partnership program is actually housed by the (aka Impact Radius) affiliate network.

But in my experience with most affiliate networks, you’ll need to already have an established niche website/blog on your hands.

And at least one comprising 3 – 5 pieces of niche-relevant quality content published before you apply.

Because it can increase your approval chances, since it helps to authenticate the legitimacy of your blog.

But once you’re in, you’re IN.

And then it may (or may not) be a case of having to apply to the RevZilla advertiser inside too.

Which can be a simple process, BTW.

But when you’ve the green light to start promoting, RevZilla also provides a dedicated management team and some quality marketing materials to help boost your sales.

How To Best Make Money With RevZilla

One of the absolute best methods I recommend for starting a growing a lucrative affiliate Biz with RevZilla…


YEP, you guessed it – to build a niche website.

Which is essentially a WordPress blog that revolves around one specific area (aka sub-niche) of the motorcycle realm.

Because when you publish targeted blog posts within a narrowed down field, it makes you an expert in the eyes of Google and your tribe too.

Which in turn, can earn you page 1 search engine rankings and free organic traffic with a passive income to boot.

The more content you publish, rankings and traffic your site receives…

Means you’ll be able to really scale your income with affiliate links sending visitors to your recommended problem-solving products.

But before you go jumping into this blogging “stuff” like Evel Knievel…

Choose Your Motorcycle Niche Wisely

As I said, you must niche down to set yourself up for success from the starting line.

So, for example (off the top of my head), you could go with:

  • Motorcycle helmets for big heads
  • Ladies motorcycle clothing brands
  • 4K motorcycle dash cams
  • Motorcycle gps trackers

In fact, gather ideas from RevZilla’s product categories and manually plug them into Google’s search bar for further inspiration.

Heck, let’s switch up a gear to a more advanced method – a newly-released A.I ‘Niche Finder’ tool.

Simply type in your topic (e.g. I chose survey sites) and hey presto, here are 5 of the 10 ideas found in literally seconds!

niche finder

And then it’s a case of plugging your chosen niche suggestion into a free tool like Answer The Public for heaps of sub-niche ideas, generated automatically.

OR just use the magnifying glass icon next to any generated idea to drill down to uncover your golden niche.

Start Up Your Own Niche Website

The truth be told, launching a WordPress blog isn’t at all that daunting when you have the right tools, guidance and support.

But the BIGGEST issue in this day and age is that there’s WAAAY too much choice when it comes to starting a site.

Because with so many domain registrars, web hosting services and even training platforms…

The whole process makes your head spin, right?

But the good news is there’s ONE affiliate training platform that equips you with absolutely everything to start a blog from scratch…

In terms of video tutorials, resources and support (that are included with said Niche Finder tool 😉 ).

Not only does the platform save heaps of time and money to start the affiliate marketing ball rolling…

But it can transform you into a skilled and successful online Biz owner in the long run.

However, the hard work and commitment parts are entirely on you because a 5 – 6-figure income doesn’t roll in easy.

The Home Straight

The motorcycle niche is DEFINITELY worth perusing because there’s a boatload of money to be made.

Especially considering when hobbyists and sports professionals are willing to go all out on parts and accessories.

So, when it comes to RevZilla with thousands of products and reasonable commissions tied with a generous cookie life on offer…

You should certainly grab the affiliate program by the handlebars and hit the road in a speedily manner.

But if you’re new to the whole affiliate marketing circuit…

Then I suggest you launch a sub-niche blog and build it out with content to accelerate your Biz over time.

Because it will be your own two-wheeled vehicle for riding off into the sunset to start a new chapter.

Psst… Looking for more opportunities to make bank with products in the motorcycle space?

Then you might also like the Temu affiliate program and GoCashBack referral program to earn from various angles.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below..

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