Affiliate Program (Make Purposeful Commissions)

In a world that’s gone totally bonkers for video creation, a window of opportunity has opened to “cash in” with the affiliate program.

So, without beating around the bush…

Get stuck into THIS review to learn the ins and outs of the Repurpose opportunity and HOW to go about earning a full-time passive income promoting the software…

What Is All About? is an automated video content repurposing tool that gives users an unfair advantage.

Because the simple-to-use time-saving software enables video creators from all walks of life to maximise their reach without manually uploading videos to various platforms.

As an example, a YouTuber can publish the same video on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok (you name it…) with just ONE post.

How The Affiliate Program Works

One of the best things about Repurpose is that you can promote the software from multiple angles.

In terms of various repurposing (home, TikTok, content guide, long-form YouTube video and audio podcasts) pages to promote with your ID attached inside the affiliate area.

repurpose io affiliate area

You’ll also receive other resources (i.e. mini video tutorials, email swipes, a media kit, and affiliate manager support from a guy named Logan) to scale your results.

How To Become An Affiliate

Joining the affiliate program is a quick and easy process in my experience.

Simply go to the affiliates page, hit ‘Grab Your Affiliate Link’ and enter your info.

Which will also create you a Repurpose account – allowing you to take the software itself for a 14-day free spin to make it easier to promote.

What Is The Commission Rate?

Another great aspect of is its awesome 25% recurring commission rate you’ll earn from the lifetime of each paid subscriber you refer.

So, for every subscriber on a Podcaster ($15/month or $149/yearly), Content Marketer ($25/month or $249/yearly) or Agency ($125/month or $1,249) plan…

You can imagine just how quickly the monthly/annual commissions can compound to earn you a sizeable passive income, right?

The Cookie Duration and Payout

When it comes to the affiliate cookie side of things, there’s a 30-day tracking cookie in place.

Which is fab because it means anyone who buys a subscription within a month of clicking your link, YOU GET PAID.

As for the payout deets, you’ll be paid via PayPal within 60 days of each sale.

How To Make Bank Promoting

Some affiliates will choose the prehistoric dinosaur way of just generating traffic directly to their affiliate links.

Which CAN produce SOME results, don’t get me wrong.

But to separate yourself from the stone agers and create a sustainable Biz with that word called “VALUE”, I recommend one (or both) of the following two options:

#1: Build An Affiliate Funnel

An affiliate funnel is basically an automated process that helps you to promote on the front end and build a lucrative email list on the back.

To set up a funnel, you’ll require a:

  • Domain name (+ private email address)
  • Lead magnet (free ebook or something to give away)
  • Squeeze page
  • Bridge page
  • Email autoresponder (i.e. Aweber or GetResponse)

But building a funnel is easier said than done, especially if you’re a novice.

The solution?

Get everything Done-For-You (even a free course lead magnet) inside THIS 72 Hr Challenge & affiliate program – Just follow some simple steps to set up your funnel.

Which allows you to easily promote and earn through the likes of:

To name a few other income streams built into ONE system. 😉

#2: Start a Niche Website

A niche website is a blog that you update with regular and quality written content that targets a specific niche.

But you first need to find a micro niche that relates to the topic of video creation, so that you’ll experience bigger blogging success promoting Repurpose.

And then to start a blog, you’ll need:

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting
  • To install WordPress (Content Management System)

There are many domain name registrars and web hosting services for setting up your own blog.

But for an easier newbie-friendly solution to launching a profitable blog (step-by-step), you’ll get training, tools and support included with the niche tool (above).

Conclusion: Is Being a Affiliate Worth It?

Absolutely, 100%.

With the number of long and short-form video creation platforms available, makes it virtually impossible for marketers/vloggers to be everywhere at once…

Unless they either spend countless hours as slaves to their computers/mobile devices or hire freelancers, which can be pricey.

OOOR the MUCH easier and smart solution is to use

Which is where you step in as the answer to their prayers (aka the affiliate) and bag yourself a tidy income at the same time.

Before you go, also check out the Jet Video Academy affiliate program, which can go well with the opportunity.

Your buddy, Neil 🙂

Any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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