Hike Up Your Revenue With The REI Affiliate Program (Review)

If you’re an adventurer at heart, craving to elevate your earnings while scaling the heights of a distinctive recreational niche, the REI affiliate program is a summit you won’t want to miss.

Imagine this: REI, an illustrious name in the realm of recreational equipment, stands ready with an expansive treasure chest, brimming with outdoor gear, clothing, and accessories that beckon the intrepid souls.

By cementing your affiliation with this powerhouse of a brand, you’re set to unlock a world of commissions…

Rewards that flow effortlessly from addressing your audience’s unique challenges in the vibrant tapestry of outdoor pursuits.

Get ready to forge a trail of profits while empowering your fellow enthusiasts to conquer the great outdoors! 🏔️

In THIS review, we’ll explore the inner workings of REI’s affiliate opportunity and HOW you can earn top-dollar with it. 💰

So, come take a hike with me…

REI Affiliate Program Overview

  • Signup URL: Apply via AvantLink
  • Commission rate: Up to 5% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 15 days
  • Payout details: Monthly via PayPal or bank transfer.

What Is REI All About?

Enter the stage, REI – the acronym that translates to Recreational Equipment Inc. – a name etched in the annals of outdoor excellence since 1938.

Operating both in the realm of physical stores and a robust online domain, REI unfurls a panoramic vista of choice, spanning exquisite outdoor activity gear catering to adventurers young and old.

Cast your gaze across a diverse landscape: camping, hiking, climbing, running, fitness, water and snow sports, even traversing new horizons – REI curates them all.

But there’s more to the tale…

REI flaunts its badge of honour for delivering nothing short of top-tier customer service, woven seamlessly with expert counsel that empowers customers to extract maximum joy from their outdoor escapades.

The cherry on top?…

REI’s unswerving commitment to the planet, epitomized through active participation in sustainability and environmental stewardship initiatives.

It’s not just a retailer; it’s a steward of the great outdoors! 🌍🏞️

How The REI Affiliate Program Works

rei affiliate program

Prepare to step into the world of REI’s affiliate program, a gateway to raking in commissions by seamlessly steering customers to their digital haven (courtesy of your exclusive affiliate link).

It’s a simple equation: whenever your link serves as the guide to a purchase, you get a slice of the action – a delightful percentage of THAT very sale.

Powered by the dynamic AvantLink network…

REI’s affiliate opportunity boasts a full arsenal of tracking mechanisms, marketing wizardry, and unwavering affiliate support to propel you forward at lightning speed.

Hold onto your hat, because what’s on the table is a tempting platter: a generous commission rate accompanied by a substantial cookie lifespan.

The REI Affiliate Program unfurls a path that’s not just steady but potentially transformative when it comes to harvesting income through the enchanting realm of affiliate marketing.💸

How to Join The Affiliate Program

Becoming a REI affiliate is a pretty Simple Simon process.

To start, you need to apply via AvantLink (REI’s affiliate network partner) as a publisher.

And then it’s a case of filling in the application form and providing as much info about your website or promotional methods as possible.

Once you’re IN, you’ll receive your affiliate link and necessary resources to start promoting REI’s product range and collecting sales commissions.

HOWEVER, AvantLink will require you to have an established online presence (i.e. blog, social media or YouTube channel) before you apply.

Because it increases your approval chances, since it demonstrates you take this affiliate marketing stuff seriously and you’re not just some “tyre kicker”.

What is The Commission Rate?

At REI, the treasure chest of commissions awaits, offering up to a dazzling 5% rate on every sale that dances to the tune of your affiliate links.

Let’s break it down: when your magic link conjures a customer sale, a slice of the pie – up to a sparkling 5% of the grand total – finds its way into your pocket.

It’s a symphony of earnings that harmonizes with every successful transaction.

REI’s average order value is actually $120, which is pretty darn good in my book.

Can you say KA-CHIIING?

Is There An Affiliate Cookie?

YEP, REI’s affiliate program utilizes cookies to track visitor clicks and ensures you receive credit for sales made within a certain time frame.

The super good news is that REI has a *GASP* 15-day cookie life in place!

Meaning, if a referral clicks on your affiliate link and buys a product (or several) within 15 days, YOU still collect the buckaroonies.

How and When Affiliates Get Paid

Behold the pathway to your well-earned rewards: AvantLink, the maestro orchestrating REI’s affiliate program, is your gateway to commissions.

What’s the star of the show?


AvantLink presents a bouquet of payment methods – think PayPal and seamless bank transfers – ensuring convenience at every turn.

Mark your calendar, for the payment schedule could have its own unique rhythm, but a monthly cadence usually envelops the majority of affiliates in its embrace.

And the plot thickens: AvantLink’s user-friendly dashboard emerges as your trusty sidekick.

Picture a hub where you unravel the tapestry of your earnings, and even trace the journey of your payments.

It’s more than just a dashboard; it’s your vantage point into the world of earnings and their transformation into real, tangible rewards.

How to Promote REI Products and Make Money

Picture this: as you embark on your REI affiliate journey, the sky isn’t the limit – it’s just the beginning of your soaring potential.

But in this dynamic age, it’s imperative to unfurl proven marketing strategies to craft your path to success.

Gone are the days when tossing out “raw” affiliate links to anyone and everyone was enough to strike gold.

Times have evolved, demanding a strategic dance that transcends the ordinary.

The secret ingredient?…

“VALUE” – a word that resonates with your audience’s aspirations, nurturing trust and positioning you as the go-to authority.

Let’s explore the star-studded line-up of strategies that hold the key to unveiling your REI affiliate link(s) in a way that’s poised to make a splash and fill your coffers with those sought-after big bucks:

  1. Unleash The Power of Social Media: Commandeer platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest – any & every space where your audience congregates. Take them on a journey through the world of REI’s offerings, blending it with personal narratives & immersive storytelling that binds you with your tribe.
  2. Email Marketing: Forge a tribe of outdoor aficionados with an email list that’s brimming with potential. Send out regular dispatches laden with golden nuggets – practical tips, exclusive product recommendations straight from REI’s arsenal, & offers that simply can’t be ignored.
  3. YouTube – The Epic Saga of Reviews & Tutorials: Assume the mantle of a YouTube trailblazer, crafting content that delves deep into product reviews & riveting tutorials. Every frame is a canvas to share your authentic experiences & chronicle your outdoor escapades with REI’s treasures.
  4. Niche Website: Assemble your digital sanctuary – a simple niche website meticulously focused on a specific outdoor pursuit or gear category. Carve out a space for enlightening articles, comprehensive guides, insightful reviews & head-to-head product comparisons. It’s a reservoir of knowledge that speaks directly to your audience’s interests.

Conclusion: Is The Program REIally Worth it?

Do bears sh*t in the woods? LOL.

All bear jokes aside…

Let’s zoom out and take in the grand canvas: the sterling reputation that REI boasts, the sprawling product assortment that spans diverse categories, their standout customer service, and the glittering prospect of impressive earnings…

In this panoramic view, there’s no doubt – REI’s affiliate program is the golden ticket that deserves a firm grasp.

But here’s the secret sauce: it’s all about precision.

Your ticket to a steady income rests in carving out a micro niche within an outdoor activity domain that resonates with your passion.

And the key?…

Diving headfirst into delivering genuine VALUE to your audience via blogging, YouTube and/or social media.

So, as you embark on this journey of promotion, remember – the recipe for success lies in your hands.

Here’s to your triumphant affiliate journey!

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Your buddy, Neil 🙂

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