Priceline Affiliate Program (A Global Money-Maker…)

When it comes to the Priceline affiliate program, it’s one high-flying money-making opportunity not to bail out on.

Because Priceline’s one of the biggest US-based platforms for globe-trotters to book hotels, rental cars, flights, and other services at fab prices.

So, it’s certainly a one-stop discount shop that makes a big splash in the travel industry…

Allowing you to watch your commissions really take off and spread your wings as an affiliate.

OK, pun fun over (LOL), let’s dive into the juicy affiliate program details…

Priceline Affiliate Program Overview

How The Priceline Affiliate Program Works

The Priceline partnership program is a global network of hotel, car, flight, and trip protection services that you can promote to your tribe for commissions in your pocket.

An overview of the services to potentially earn from:

When it comes to hotels, your referrals have 1 million properties in 155,000 destinations in 200 countries and territories to choose from.

Also, there are flexible payment options offered, millions of hotel/room images and verified guest reviews to offer your potential customers peace of mind.

BTW, the Vrbo affiliate program would pair well with Priceline on your website/blog, as Vrbo hooks up your referrals with vacation rental owners = another commission-making angle. πŸ˜‰

I digress.

As for rental cars, folks can hire all shapes and sizes of vehicles from the top brands in over 21,000 locations.

As an affiliate, you can also offer your customers exclusive and flexible rates, and free cancellation options.

And with flights, people can connect to 300+ airlines and 2,000 airports across 200 countries worldwide.

From an affiliate angle, you can give your customers exclusive deals on hotels and car rentals, and flexible in-path options too.

In fact, Priceline covers a wide range of industries:

  • Airlines
  • Attractions / Ground / Cruise / Rail
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hotel / Hospitality / Resort / Rentals
  • Loyalty Groups / Membership Clubs / Rewards Programs
  • Technology Solution Providers
  • Travel Agencies / Tour Operators
  • Wholesalers / Aggregators
  • Credit Card Programs
  • Corporate Travel / TMCs
  • And more!

So, the more services your referrals purchase via your unique link(s), the more affiliate moola you’ll bank.

Which is the real beauty of this partner program, in my opinion.

How Much Are The Affiliate Commissions?

When it comes to the money-making side of things, the commission percentage varies between 3% and 5%.

Which depends on the services your referrals choose to buy for their holiday needs.

For example; flight bookings tend to be at the lower end of the % scale, where as hotel bookings are on the higher end.

Either way, there’s still good money to be made when you refer a boat load of customers to Priceline.

As for the affiliate cookie duration, it lasts for 30 days – which isn’t bad at all.

Because you have plenty of time to bump your commissions when some referrals decide to revisit Priceline to make bookings.

However, as for payout methods, thresholds and times, I’m completely clueless.

Because the affiliate application page fails to cover those important topics.

So, you’ll likely find out when you partner up with the platform.

Speaking of which…

How To Join The Partner Program

Simply apply to be a Priceline affiliate – where you’ll be required to enter some basic credentials.

However, they do also ask for any existing website and company, as well as marketing info.

So, to stand a strong chance of Priceline accepting you into its affiliate family with open arms…

I recommend you start a niche website (aka blog) and publish at least 5 travel industry-related articles before applying.

Because it demonstrates you’re a serious and passionate affiliate/internet marketer from the offset.

Plus, it’s to protect the brand’s reputation against the bad-apple affiliates who “SPAM” the web to death.

But once you’re in, you’ll be granted access to your unique affiliate link and hopefully some creatives to promote too.

In addition, Priceline offers you real-time reporting & customized reports, and a dedicated account manager…

priceline affiliate program tools and services

…Where he or she basically shares their technical, marketing and analytical expertise for that extra helping hand to boost your monetary results.

How To Choose a Travel Sub-Niche

Before you even consider starting a niche website, niching down is imperative.

Because if you build a site around travel (which is a whole industry in itself), then failure is the only thing on the cards for you…

The topic of travel is just too broad and highly competitive – Google won’t rank your content = no search engine traffic hitting your blog = $0 income.

So, to avoid being dumped by ‘Big G’, and build a successful long term blog, here are some sub-niche ideas to roll with (off the top of my head):

  • Reviews of hotels, airlines, car rental places or cruises, etc.
  • How to save money traveling the globe
  • Traveling to a certain country, territory or destination
  • Traveling with a baby, to name a few.

In fact, let’s go next level!…

Say “hello” to the newly-released ‘Niche Finder’ tool for 2023 and beyond:

niche finder

How the automated AI tool works is simple:

Type in your travel-related term of interest and let the tool quickly find you 10 suggestions.

As an an example, I typed in survey sites – you can just see how powerful the tool is, right?

Why not go one step further by hitting the magnifying glass icon next to your chosen travel niche suggestion and dig deeper to unearth your niche.

Powerful stuff, eh?

Get Your Niche Blog Set Up

A lot of affiliate marketing newcomers tend to struggle when it comes to starting a niche blog from scratch.

Because they get overwhelmed by the number of services and a wealth of information available on the web.

But with the right basic know-how, setting up a site’s as easy as 1,2,3 (literally):

  1. Buy & register a domain name with a registrar like NameCheap
  2. Buy & set up web hosting with SiteGround, for example
  3. Install WordPress via your web hosting provider

The good news is that these services will actually help you to set up your website.

And then from there, you’ll choose a light WordPress theme (hint: GeneratePress) for a smooth-running site (like MINE πŸ˜‰ ).

But if you’d prefer to roll with an “all-in-one” platform comprising affiliate training and resources for launching a blog easily and quickly, then you’ll LOVE what’s included with said niche tool (above). πŸ˜‰

Wrapping It Up On Priceline’s Partner Program

With the dreaded “you know what” virus still lurking, the travel industry is gradually getting back up on its feet.

Because people still NEED breaks away from the norm to recharge the batteries…

And despite everything else happening in the world right now, folks STILL have the money for jet-setting.


So, this is where the magic of the Priceline affiliate program comes into play.

Because with it being a well-established umbrella platform, you can connect those folks to hotels, airlines, car hire places, you name it.

Which gives you a HUGE opportunity to earn a full-time passive income online.

BUT only if you invest the time and effort into building out a niche website or any other internet marketing vehicle of your choosing.

Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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