Prezentar Affiliate Program (Make Bank On 2 Tiers!)

If you’re thinking about jumping into the Prezentar affiliate program to promote another amazing piece of software from Adeel Chowdhry…

Then DO IT!

Because not only is the online presentation creation software still fresh on ClickBank’s digital shelves…

But the number of business owners and affiliate marketers doing online presentations and webinars has EXPLODED, especially during the dreaded pandemic.

So, there are many Biz owners of all levels wanting to jump on the bandwagon to increase their profits.

Which “presents” you with a HUGE affiliate opportunity to make bank with a high-in-demand and invaluable product like Prezentar.

Not to mention the fact that Adeel pays you commissions on not 1, but 2 (YES, TWO!) tiers.

Holy Batman!

So, dig into THIS review for the ins and outs of the software affiliate program and learn how to make top dollar…

How Much The Prezentar Affiliate Program Pays Out…

On tier 1, you’ll make a WHOPPING 50% commissions off of each front end sale of Prezentar.

Not only that, but you’ll earn a further 50% commission on all 5 upsell products in the entire funnel.

Here are the full costs and commission payments broken down for a better understanding:

  1. Prezentar Main Software – cost: $47 – (commission: $23.50)
  2. Professional upsell – cost: $97 – (commission: $48.50)
  3. XFactor upsell – cost: $47 – (commission: $23.50)
  4. Halo 3D upsell – cost: $77 – (commission: $38.50)
  5. Auto Job Finder upsell – cost: $97 – (commission: $48.50)
  6. Agency Edition upsell – cost: $97 – (commission: $48.50)

So, if a customer purchases every single product in the funnel via your link, that’s $231 in ya pockets!

But what if 10, 25 or even 100 customers bought all the funnel products too…

Can you imagine your income potential?

Also, there’s a 180-day cookie life, which can boost your earnings when those “fence-sitters” return to buy.

But here’s where things really get cranked up a few notches…

Tier 2 Commissions, Baby!

It’s not that often you come across 2 tier opportunities in the affiliate marketing space.

So, it’s refreshing to see that Adeel pays you a further 10% commissions on the Prezentar funnel sales that your referrals also generate.

Now imagine making $100s – $1,000s in additional commissions without even breaking into a sweat!

Just put the leg work into recruiting as many affiliates as possible (via your referral link), and let them do the selling for you.

I’ll share more on the level 2 side of things in a jiffy 😉

How And When You Get Paid

With Prezentar being sold on ClickBank, your commissions will show up in your ClickBank affiliate dashboard when sales are approved.

But also note that Adeel offers customers a 30-day guarantee, so expect the odd clawback here n’ there.

Because product creators can’t please everyone, right?

When it comes to actually getting paid, you’ll receive a bank account deposit or cheque (excuse my English spelling lol) every 2 weeks.

Sadly, PayPal isn’t an option.

But I’m hoping ClickBank will change this someday to cater for the affiliates who prefer PayPal payments.

How The Prezentar Affiliate Program Works…

Before you can even think about promoting Prezentar for the spondoolies, you first need to get a ClickBank account.

The fab news is that when you apply to ClickBank’s affiliate network, you’ll be automatically approved.

Plus, it won’t cost you a penny to join, which is always a bonus.

Once you have an account with your unique affiliate ID, you can proceed with the next steps:

Step #1: Register As a Prezentar Affiliate

Simply go here to join the Prezentar affiliate program for free.

Where you’ll only need to enter your name, email, ClickBank ID, and Facebook profile URL to join.

Again, your application comes with automatic approval, so there’s no need to jump through any annoying hoops.

Once inside the affiliate area, you’ll have tons of email swipes in the following categories at your disposal:

  • General
  • Presell
  • Biz Opportunity
  • High CTR
  • Scarcity
  • Traffic
  • Subject Lines
  • Emojis
  • Facebook Posts
  • FB Ads
  • Twitter Posts
  • 2nd Tier

Additionally, there are numerous banners, images, creatives, superhero mascots, you name it, to download and use for your promotions.

Which leads me to the next step…

Step #2 Grab Your Affiliate Link

To get your affiliate link, you simply enter your ClickBank ID into the affiliate page generator, which takes seconds.

This is why you must join ClickBank prior to becoming a Prezentar affiliate.

The good thing is that Adeel has recorded a ‘Getting Started’ tutorial and also offers email support in case you’re stuck.

Step #3: Promote Prezentar

It’s important to note that Adeel has strict rules in place when it comes to promoting Prezentar as an affiliate.

Which is good for you because it weeds out all the amateurs, cheaters, and schemers, etc…

Making it a level playing field for all.

So, when you get your affiliate link, ensure to use “tried and true” strategies that bring in nothing but top-notch traffic.

For example, you can do blogging, vlogging, email marketing, paid ads, and social media.

But if you’re a beginner in the affiliate marketing sphere…

Then in my opinion, the BEST ways to promote Prezentar is to start a niche website or YouTube channel.

Because for starters, you can brand yourself as an authority figure – folks will get to know, like, and trust you.

And secondly, not only are they cost-effective options for starting an online Biz…

But you can drive tons of targeted search engine organic traffic to scale your Biz to the stars for free.

Step #4: Refer Affiliates For 10% 2nd Tier Commissions

One of the greatest aspects of Prezentar from an affiliate standpoint is that Adeel has made it so you can earn on 2 levels.

Pretty sweet, right?

So, to potentially build an army of referrals and earn 10% commissions off of their sales – join to promote Prezentar here.

And then on the JV invitation page, scroll to down to the ‘Request 2nd Tier Referral Link’ tab…

And fill in some basic info on the next page:

2 tier referral link registration page

Adeel will then email you with the login details to enter the tier 2 recruitment system back office.

Where you’ll find a 10-minute training video, quick start guide, and also your recruitment link to start promoting.

Closing Thoughts: Is The Prezentar Affiliate Program Worth It?

The short answer is: YES, absolutely.

For a longer answer, I think joining the Prezentar affiliate program has its many benefits for both newbies and pro marketers.

For starters, the product’s still brand new in 2022 (at the time of writing) – so there’s no worry about it becoming “saturated”.

Secondly, it’s an epic piece of software that makes it a total breeze for users to create super quick online presentations without skills.

Thirdly, business owners of all types and levels seem to be going nuts for online presentations/webinars – they’re effective profit-generating strategies.

And finally, not only does the product come with a deep sales funnel…

But there’s also the 2nd tier commissions to take into account – making it a killer product to promote for big cash.

Need I say more?

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Your buddy, Neil.

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