7 Pillow Affiliate Programs (Make Money In Your Sleep)

Want to earn a comfortable sleep-based income? Then your search ends here.

Because here’s a bunch of commission-worthy pillow affiliate programs not to pass up.

With a number of lifestyle factors (especially now after the “you know what” pandemic) at play…

The sleeping pillow market is on the up, as more restless folks are in need of a good night’s kip more than ever.

So there has never been a better time to hop into bed with the shut-eye industry and capitalise on it.

OK, enough pillow talk, let’s get in between the sheets with a number of affiliate programs 😉 …

7 Pillow Affiliate Programs

  1. Pacific Coast Feather Company
  2. Sleepy Kneez
  3. CBD Pillow
  4. Pillows.com
  5. Infinity Pillow
  6. I Love My Pillow
  7. MyPillow

#1: Pacific Coast Feather Company

pacific coast feather company affiliate program

The Pacific Coast Feather Company is a top US bedding brand that’s been manufacturing luxury items since 1884.

With a product range comprising pillows, comforters, linens, and feather beds…

They offer folks a great night’s sleep and can be found in numerous high-end retails and luxurious hotels.

Customers receive free ground shipping on $50+ orders, a 30-night comfort guarantee, and there’s also a product warranty program.

As an affiliate, you’ll benefit from excellent commission percentages, 3 – 5% conversion rates, and a $175+ average order size.

In addition, there’s a dedicated affiliate manager, fresh new offers, creatives, and also a VIP program with custom offers and landing pages.

#2: Sleepy Kneez

sleepy kneez affiliate program

Sleepy Kneez revolves around…

YEP, you guessed it…

The knees lol.

More specifically, the online store specialises in memory-foamed knee pillows, washable cases, and gel packs.

I’m no sleep doctor, but using a knee pillow basically supports your upper leg and lower spine when asleep on your side.

Currently, there’s a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) offer on and a 30-day refund policy if your sleeping problem isn’t resolved.

From an affiliate standpoint, the Refersion application form fails to specify any promo resources.

But you’ll be paid by check when you generate sales via your website or email marketing links.

  • Signup URL: Sleepy Kneez Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate network: Refersion
  • Commission rate: 12% or 15%? (the application form’s confusing)
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

#3: CBD Pillow

cbd pillow home page

Claiming to be “the world’s most relaxing pillow” – CBD Pillow is quite an extraordinary product I’ve come across in the sleep industry.

Because the online store sells a selection of gel memory foam pillows…

Ones, containing millions of microcapsules inside the pillowcases that burst – infusing CBD oil into the hair and skin for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Customers can enjoy free shipping and there’s also a 30-day returns window.

With the affiliate program, you’ll be paid once a month and receive high-converting materials and assets.

Furthermore, if you become a kick-ass affiliate, there’s a bonus program and custom content with your name on it.

#4: Pillows.com

pillows dot com home page

Pillows.com claims to be “the leading online retailer in the bedding space” that stocks 800 pillows from 50+ hotels.

But it does more than just pillows…

Because you can buy top-notch bedding items found in the popular hotel chains like Holiday Inn, Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott, to name a few.

So I love the fact this online store brings everyone’s favourite hotel-feel right into the comfort of their own bedrooms.

Customers can take advantage of free shipping on $99+ orders, free returns with a 30-day refund policy, and a 90-day exchange window too.

As an affiliate, you’ll get a selection of banners and product links to ramp up your sales.

The other awesome thing is that Pilliows.com allows you to pocket commissions when buying stuff via your own links.

Which makes a refreshing change, since it goes against most affiliate programs rules.

#5: Infinity Pillow

infinity pillow website

What I like about Infinity Pillow is they don’t just sell funky feel-good pillows in all shapes and colours for travel, leisure, and lounging around the home…

But also bamboo sleeping masks, face masks, and face mask filters for protection against the dreaded Covid virus (UGH!)

Customers get worldwide shipping, a 14-day returns policy, and a 5-day refund processing window once items are received.

However, there’s also a 15% restocking fee involved.

From an affiliate angle, the travel accessories have an average order value of $42, which isn’t too shabby.

As for creatives, etc, the ShareASale application page fails to specify the details.

#6: I Love My Pillow

i love my pillow logo

With glowing testimonials and winning awards for the best back pain pillows in 2020, best memory foam – contour pillow, and best temperature control…

The guys behind I Love My Pillow refer to themselves as “foam artists” who have perfected a secret formula to a super comfy pillow.

What’s also cool about this online store is they sell mattresses, mattress toppers, and sleep accessories as well.

Customers can have free delivery and save 25% on pillows/toppers and 35% on 2 packs too.

All pillows come with a 3-year warranty and a 100-night returns policy.

From an affiliate angle, you’ll benefit from regular promotions and coupons to assist with your sales.

But again, no mention of any banners, etc, at your disposal.

#7: MyPillow

mypillow home page

Despite the controversy surrounding the founder, Michael James Lindell (which I won’t get into)…

MyPillow isn’t just a pillow company, but it’s actually branched out into other areas of the sleep industry.

Because the website stocks an array of products across bedding, mattresses + toppers, slippers, clothing, bath, and even pet categories.

Customers can also enjoy savings via promo codes, a 60-day money back guarantee, and a 10-year warranty when it comes to pillow purchases.

I must admit, the commission % is on the low side, but the affiliate program offers a reasonable cookie period.

Plus, the average customer order is $110 – making MyPillow products worthy of promoting on your blog.

Here are a few more bonus affiliate programs that crossed my mind…

Although they’re not in the list, I think the Home Depot affiliate program and Lowe’s affiliate program would also be good fits for the pillow niche, in my opinion.

Because they’re both “go-to” stores for home décor needs, including bedding stuff that’s worth promoting.

Or try thinking outside the box with haircare affiliate programs – you could also promote pillows to those in need of good hair health and boost your commissions.

How To Make Money Promoting Pillows

However many pillow affiliate programs and products you choose to promote, there are countless ways to make bank on the internet.

For example, you could start a YouTube channel, create short form content for TikTok, Facebook and Instagram reels, Pinterest idea pins and/or do social media.

But if you’re a newbie, I recommend picking just ONE platform to focus all your attention on until you have plenty of sales pouring in, and then scale from there.

In my experience, starting a niche website (aka blog) is your absolute best starting point.

Because unlike said strategies just mentioned, having a blog is your own “asset”/piece of “digital real estate” that you’re in full control of.

There are numerous moving parts when it comes to blogging, but to simplify things…

The more valuable blog content you write that targets low-competition keywords/topics in a specific niche, means rankings in Google.

Which in turn, generates plenty of free targeted organic search traffic to your blog = sales and commissions flowing in.

Starting a Niche Website

Before getting a website up and running, your first port of call is to choose a niche that revolves around pillows.

Because narrowing things down will work wonders in Google – both Google and blog visitors will see you as an expert in a specific field.

Which can lead to better and faster search engine rankings, the more quality content you produce.

So, WHO is your target audience in the pillow niche?

For example, you could help a group of folks in search of help when it comes to:

  • Bamboo pillows
  • Cooling pillows
  • Memory foam pillows
  • Orthopaedic pillows
  • Hypoallergenic pillows
  • And the list goes on…

In fact, using an AI niche finder tool, you can quickly and easily drill down further into said ideas to find your perfect niche 😉

And then it’s off to races by starting your own niche website.

But instead of figuring out how to buy a domain name and web hosting, and hooking them up to build your site alone…

The niche finder (above) also includes step-by-step training, resources and support for launching a thriving blog from scratch.

How To Find Your Own Pillow Affiliate Programs

My list of pillow affiliate programs are just the tip of the iceberg.

So, if you’re looking for further opportunities and inspiration online, then here are some ways to find affiliate programs to scale your income:

  • Browse the first page of Google
  • Check out the Reddit & Quora forums
  • Sift through affiliate directories
  • Manually join affiliate networks (ClickBank, Awin etc)…

But for a MUCH faster solution to locate programs and products to promote, see these 2 affiliate program finders that make the process a piece of cake.

Putting Things To Bed…

Unfortunately, with some of these pillow affiliate programs available via the ShareASale network…

I just wished things were more transparent in terms of resource and cookie info.

So PLEASE get your act together, ShareASale/company owners! LOL.

But the big picture here is that you have 6 or 7 epic affiliate programs you can make bank with.

So whether your pillow niche is focused on the knee, travel, neck and back ache, gel, and/or memory foam (to name some) side of things…

You absolutely can build a successful bedtime story-worthy online business down the road.

Your buddy, Neil.

Any thoughts or questions to share? Please post them below in the comments…

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