Paul O’Mahony Affiliate Program (Earn w/ Rethink Academy)

Wondering if Paul O’Mahony has an affiliate program you can join?

And if so, are his ‘ReThink Academy’ products ACTUALLY worth promoting to pocket you fat stacks online?…

Or should you “rethink” the whole affiliate opportunity and promote an alternative instead?

Let’s not beat around the bush – Jump into THIS review to find the answers you seek…

Who Is Paul O’Mahony Anyways, You Ask?

If you’re unfamiliar with Paul O’Mahony – he’s a social media expert, author, sought after international speaker and entrepreneur, all rolled into one.

Could he be the Irish version of *GASP* Gary Vaynerchuk?!

Joking aside, on Paul’s YouTube channel (Rethink and Grow Rich), he dives into all sorts of topics related to digital marketing, mindset, and wealth building.

From starting a Biz with no money or experience, to affiliate marketing, to Twitter tips, to personal development, you name it – Paul really knows his stuff.

Add to that, he’s the author of the books ‘Rethink Social Media – Stop Wasting Time. Start Earning Money’ and ‘RETHiNK health: Live Younger Longer’.

Plus, Paul’s the guy behind the ‘Rethink Academy’.

Which is an online education portal (comprising step-by-step workshops and courses) that empowers folks to rethink and create extraordinary lives as webpreneurs.

Which begs the question…

“Does Paul O’Mahony actually have an affiliate program?”

The short answer is: YES.

How Does Paul O’Mahony’s Affiliate Program Work?

Since Paul O’Mahony has a wealth of online marketing experience under his belt, it’s not hard to understand why you want to partner up with him.

When you promote Paul’s invaluable products, you’ll earn a commission off of each sale generated.

To help you hit the ground running, you’ll also receive email swipes, banners, social media images, and even a dedicated affiliate manager.

So, with that said, let’s draw back the curtain of Paul’s RETHiNK Academy affiliate program to see how the whole thing works…

How to Join the RETHiNK Academy Affiliate Program

What I like best about Paul O’Mahony’s affiliate program is that you aren’t required to have a niche website, social media following, etc, before applying.

Add to that, the application process is child’s play and comes with automatic approval as well.

Now, that’s my kinda language 😉

To get started, simply visit the Rethink Academy affiliate overview page and hit the ‘Sign Up Now’ button.

Which leads you to the Rethink social media affiliate program page – where Paul greets you with a brief welcome video:

paul o'mahony affiliate welcome message

After the intro, submit your name and email address (underneath the video) to request program access.

Which takes you to the next (‘check your mailbox for our welcome email’) page with an 8-minute affiliate program walkthrough video to watch.

After that, open up Paul’s ‘Welcome’ email in your inbox and follow the instructions to register with the ThriveCart affiliate platform (if you don’t already have an account).

Which only takes a minute to do and, hey presto, you’re IN!

thrivecart affiliate dashboard

Under the ‘Products’ tab, you’re automatically approved to promote the ‘Rethink Social Media Package’ and ‘Rethink Online Income’ products (at the time of writing).

rethink academy affiliate products

But before it’s off to the races, click on either of the product ‘View’ tabs to connect your PayPal account to actually get paid.

Speaking of the juicy part…

Let’s Talk Commission Rates, Baby!

The fab news is that Paul pays you up to 50% on each sale of his products.

In my experience, you can’t beat promoting digital products in the ‘internet marketing’ space with decent commission rates.

Because you can earn epic money A LOT quicker (not that I hold anything against physical products LOL).

I digress.

When it comes to Paul O’Mahony’s affiliate program, you’ll earn 50% commissions on each of the two products:

  • RETHink Social Media (training & support) – cost $497 or 3x $197 payments
  • RETHink Online Income (training & support) – cost $997 or 3x $397 payments

Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate info on a cookie duration, minimum payment threshold or when you receive your earnings (unless I’ve missed a trick somewhere).

But on the flip side, you’ll earn some pretty tasty high ticket commissions, in my book.

How To Make Money Promoting RETHiNK Academy

One of the absolute best things about affiliate marketing is that there are SOOO many ways to promote products and totally crush it online.

So, when it comes to promoting RETHiNK Academy, whether you’re a newbie or a pro, I recommend starting a niche website (aka blog) from scratch.

Because once you have your own “asset”/piece of “digital estate”, you can drive traffic to it any way you see fit.

But if you build a blog the right way (as in SEO-optimized) and work hard to create content, you can rank it in Google and generate free organic traffic (the best kind!) to it.

Once you have traffic coming in, you can scale your blog traffic and results by leveraging the power of YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…

And then scale things even further by inserting an opt-in page into your blog to grow an email marketing list and even run paid ads…

The world really is your oyster when it comes to this internet and affiliate marketing “stuff”.

It’s all about starting small and taking baby steps – so your first port of call is to choose your niche (this micro niche finder will do the trick 😉 ).

And then learn to launch a thriving blog (step-by-step) around your chosen niche by taking action on the training, resources and community support included with the niche tool.

Is Paul O’Mahony’s Affiliate Program Worth it?

I think given the fact Paul O’Mahony is a reputable webpreneur offering 2 value-packed products with great income potential for both students and affiliates…

I genuinely do believe you’re making a great choice with Paul O’Mahony’s affiliate program.

ESPECIALLY during today’s tough times of COVID-19 and a recession looming…

People need that word called “HOPE” more than ever – as more turn to the digital business world as their saviour.

Which is where you (the affiliate) can step in to be their Superman (or woman) 😉

But enough of the superhero talk…

Just take the plunge with the RETHiNK Academy affiliate program.

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Your buddy, Neil.

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