My Online Startup Affiliate Program (Founding Member Review)

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With the exciting relaunch of My Online Startup (MOS) in 2024, Chuck Nguyen’s affiliate program (aka ‘Founding Member’ upgrade) is even potentially more lucrative than before!

Because during the 2023 MOS rebuild phase, you have a small (time-limited) window of opportunity to refer as many free course students as humanly possible…

And collect your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when the flood gates open.

In non-riddle speak (LOL), “cash in” as a TON of your referrals flock to Chuck’s freshly updated free affiliate training.

Not only that, but you’ll earn even BIGGER bucks from MULTIPLE angles as a Founding Member + plenty of other juicy perks to enjoy.

To learn HOW to make bank promoting some “FREE Course” + supercharge your earnings via the Founding Member program, dive into my review…

Affiliate Program Overview

  • Founding Member Price: $197 + (Chuck will soon increase it to $497 & later sunset this opportunity when MOS relaunches in 2024!)
  • Commission rate: 50% (+ 50/50 split + 20% tier 2 matching bonuses!)
  • Cookie duration: Uknown
  • Payout details: PayPal or bank wire / $50 minimum / Monthly
  • Signup URL: Join below…
Learn More Here!

🔥 How to Promote: First and foremost, get your Free Done-For-You System set up from within your Founding Membership affiliate dashboard:

free mos founding member affiliate system

Because this system will put your commissions on steroids, as Chuck’s team plugs 100 (YES, 100!) pre-done promo emails into your system…

Allowing you to earn multiple streams of passive income by building an email list and promoting numerous affiliate offers to your subscribers simultaneously.

BUT you first need to drive “targeted traffic” to your system in order to grow that profitable list – this is where my 2 traffic generation course picks come into play. 👇

💸 See Commission Academy, which is a 100% free course on launching a THRIVING niche website (aka blog) from scratch, step-by-step. 📝🚀


💸 See Jet Video Academy, which reveals the “evergreen views” formula to earn $20,000/month by growing your own YouTube channel from ground zero. 📹🚀

What Is My Online Startup All About?

Once My Online Startup (aka MOS) is ready to Rock N’ Roll in 2024, you’ll gain access to a FREE step-by-step ’30-Day Affiliate Bootcamp’.

Which will comprise plenty of powerful video lessons from Chuck Nguyen on the topics of mindset, affiliate marketing, brand-building and 10x’ing profits to name some.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the new members dashboard will look like:

my online startup training dashboard

Put simply, the freebie affiliate course will help newbies to launch a Biz, get results and scale them to the stars.

Chuck says “it’s going to be the best free course in the marketplace that will dominate all the paid products out there”.

That’s a pretty bold promise, but I have faith the guy will deliver the goods.

Additionally, there will be a ‘Training Vault’ comprising free weekly group coaching recordings (including expert golden-nuggets 🤫) on trending strategies.

For the icing on the cake, there are free Done-For-You services in terms of your very own blog and other cool stuff for starting your Biz with ease.

And for the cherry on top, you’ll have free access to a private community Facebook support group.

But wait, I’m still not done (LOL)…

Lastly, there’s a ‘Marketplace’ for buying Chuck’s premium courses – strategies that aren’t covered in the free Bootcamp and Vault trainings.

That’s all to come in 2024, so stay tuned!

Who Is Chuck Nguyen, You Ask?

Put simply, Chuck Nguyen is the founder of the soon-to-be-relaunched My Online Startup course and accompanying affiliate program.

Say hello to Chuck, btw. 👋

chuck nguyen my online startup founder

Born in Melbourne (Australia), Chuck is a 6-figure Super Affiliate and Webpreneur.

The great news is Chuck isn’t another “guru” peddling some costly course, he actually cares about his students and affiliate partners.

Because he teaches folks how to build successful online businesses from scratch, “ethically”.

So, you’re definitely in good hands with Chuck when it comes to MOS and becoming a Founding Member.

How The My Online Startup Affiliate Program Works

The MOS affiliate program is similar to the Commission Academy and 72 Hour Freedom Challenge affiliate programs/courses

In the way that as your referrals take action on Chuck’s free training and buy third-party product recommendations via the modules…

You get paid a commission on each sale.

In fact, the WHOLE of MOS is commissionable – you can make bank on Done-For-You service tools and premium coaching purchased too.

When MOS finally relaunches, you’ll have access to the affiliate/partner portal within the main dashboard.

Inside it, you’ll find all sorts of cool resources to harness in terms of a link tracking generator, reports, and marketing materials to hit the ground running.

But for now, the ONLY focus is on a more EXCLUSIVE and MEATIER (but time-limited) extension of the affiliate program…

Called the “Founding Member” opportunity.

Why & How To Become a Founding Member

During the MOS transition phase, Chuck Nguyen invites YOU to hop onboard as a Founding Member (before he ups the price and closes the opportunity!)

Why, you ask?

Because there are WAAAY more (LIFE-CHANGING) benefits up for grabs than his Partner Program.

Here are 7+ VERY GOOD reasons to upgrade to Founding Member status ASAP:

founding member opportunity benefits

In a nutshell, not only will you receive LIFETIME access to Chuck’s premium courses and proven Biz-building templates + special discounts on other cool stuff…

But the BIGGEST and BEST benefit (in my opinion) is the actual “MONEY-MAKING” aspect.

More on that in a jiffy.

To become a Founding Member (ONLY way to promote My Online Startup as an affiliate right now and get ahead of the game), join MOS free here.

And then watch ALL videos (steps 1 – 5) inside the dashboard to get up to speed with the the rebuild process and affiliate program deets.

If you LOVE what you’ve heard by the end of step 5, then hit the ‘Become a Founding Member Today’ tab under the video:

my online startup founding member video

Welcome to the team, young grasshopper!

You’ll then have access to the ‘Founding Membership’ dashboard.

Which comprises affiliate training, a Done-For-You lead gen system (100 pre-done emails + multiple income streams built in), and a bunch of marketing creatives.

What Is The Commission Rate?

I’m glad you asked!

What I didn’t tell you is that for EVERY Founding Member you also refer, you’ll earn a 50% ($100 commission!)

So, for example, let’s say you only refer 1 Founding Member a week for the next 6 months…

That’s $2,400 in one-time commissions before MOS has even relaunched!

Next up, you’ll earn a 50/50 split commission on EVERY tool and product purchased by your free student referrals inside the MOS ecosystem when it’s live.

Products, tools, and premium courses can vary in prices ($100s even $1,000s in some cases).

Heck, some will even generate you monthly recurring commissions (the EPIC kind!)

The best part is your referrals are also hardcoded to YOU for LIFE.

So, if they continue to buy stuff down the road, you’ll always collect commissions.

Also, don’t forget the DFY lead gen system you’ll get, which can bank you MANY MORE spondoolies via the extra affiliate offers built in.

Can you say Multiple Streams of Passive Income?

But wait, it’s commission overload time LOL…

Founding Member 20% Matching Bonuses

Another fab aspect of Chuck’s EXCLUSIVE opportunity is that you won’t just earn 50% commissions all Founding Members recruited via your link…

But you’ll earn 20% matching bonuses on tier 2 too!

Meaning, you can earn a pretty penny from purchases made by the free MOS referrals that your team of Founding Members bring in as well.

Just one more reason to climb aboard the MOS opportunity train ASAP and charge full steam ahead.

Payout Threshold, Frequency & Methods

When it comes to pay day, you can request a manual payout once you hit a $50 minimum threshold.

But the payout form’s only available between the 7th and 13th of every month – a link will appear under ‘Account –> My Earnings’ between those dates.

As for payment methods, I do believe you can choose PayPal or direct bank wire.

However, all this could possibly change with the new MOS rollout very soon.


Conclusion on Chuck Nguyen’s Affiliate Program

Personally, I think where My Online Startup is now to where Chuck Nguyen wants to take it in 2024, he’ll certainly have his work cut out.

But kudos to Chuck for having such a big vision, the enthusiasm and work ethic to go with it.

On a whole, I actually have faith in Chuck, MOS and his affiliate program this time around…

There’s definitely HUGE potential to earn a FULL-TIME passive income as a Founding Member.

Especially considering the fact that there are multiple income streams built into the system = BIG opportunity.

So, become an affiliate, work your socks off between now and 2024 to refer as many folks as possible, and see your earnings potentially skyrocket next year.

But before you go, also check out the ClickFunnels affiliate, Jonathan Montoya’s affiliate and Rethink Academy affiliate program, which can be good additions to MOS and increase earnings.

Psst… Russell Brunson has just released a new life-changing opportunity called the Secrets Of Success affiliate program which revolves around personal development/mindset – it can also be an awesome add-on.

Your buddy, Neil.

Any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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