AI Micro Niche Finder Tools (Uncover Niches in SECONDS!)

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Welcome! In this article, I’m about to unveil, not one AI micro niche finder, but TWO amazing tools! And get this – both will cost you a WHOPPING $0!

So, stick around for the inside scoop on the tools…

With an overwhelming abundance of niche finding resources, it’s hardly surprising that numerous newbie affiliates and bloggers fall flat on their faces at the first hurdle.


If you’re in that camp, then today’s your lucky day, young grasshopper!

Because thanks to “Artificial Intelligence”, sees the birth of two uniquely special AI niche finders soon to be revealed in THIS review.

Which do all the heavy lifting at warp speed – saving you heaps of time, effort and ESPECIALLY headaches when it comes to unearthing that golden profit niche.

In fact, one of the finely-tuned tools comes with MUCH more efficiency in terms of in-built brand-finding and even affiliate niche website (aka blog) building capabilities too…

Without *GASP* complex geek-tech skills required, I must add! 😉

geek on a computer

With that said, let’s get your niche dug up (+ optional free website easily launched in two shakes of a lamb’s tail) using AI power…

Firstly, What IS a Micro Niche?

Put simply, a micro niche (aka sub niche or a niche inside a niche) is a much smaller segment of a bigger niche market or industry.

But just because you’ll cut yourself a sliver of cake doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll miss out on the tasty buckaroonies…

All it means is that it’s easier to build a successful affiliate business in a less-competitive environment.

Let’s say, for example, you want to solve people’s problems in the ‘RELATIONSHIP’ industry.

That’s too broad and competitive, chances of success are Slim Jim.

So, narrow down the industry to a specific category within like:

  • Advice
  • Breakups
  • Counselling
  • Dating
  • Etc…

Getting warmer, but still broad.

Let’s go again to determine “WHO” your target audience is:

  • Advice for couples
  • Breakup excuses females use
  • Counselling for singles
  • Dating tips for men

Bingooo! You’ve uncovered a niche.

But let’s dig even deeper to uncover a micro niche:

  • Advice for couples who argue
  • Breakup excuses females use on social media
  • Counselling for singles who want to get married
  • Dating tips for men who are shy

However, bear in mind that DATA also comes into the equation when it comes to picking the RIGHT niche (which I’ll cover in a jiffy).

Pinpointing a Micro Niche, The OLD Way(s)

The good (and bad) thing about the web is that there are SOOO many tools and methods for doing niche research.

For example, there’s your best buddy Google autocomplete (how do you think I brainstormed the ‘RELATIONSHIP’ examples! 😉 ).

You can literally work through the entire alphabet in Google’s search box, starting with ‘A’ at the end of ‘relationship’ like so:

google autocomplete search results

Plus, free resources like Answer The Public, Quora and Reddit are also fab options for discovering topics being discussed on the web.

Not to mention there are numerous paid keyword tools (i.e. Ahrefs) to get the job done a little more efficiently.

On top of that, there are the likes of Amazon and ClickBank marketplace – the product categories are a great source of inspiration.

BUT as handy as those manual options are, the niche selection process is still time-consuming and frustrating for noobs.

So, want a simple shortcut that AUTOMATICALLY does ALL the legwork and delivers RESULTS in a nanosecond?

Sure you do!

Here’s the first niche finder on my “HOT” list:

Tool #1: Wealthy Affiliate’s AI Micro Niche Finder

The best part about AI is that affiliate marketing just got a whole lot easier.

And that includes… YUP, you guessed it… niche research too.

So, this is where my first AI micro niche finder tool recommendation (below) comes into the picture.

Which you can access when you create a free Wealthy Affiliate Starter account and go through a few Quick Wizard Setup steps to start your first business ‘HUB’.

The great thing is that you’ll receive 100 free searches/matches to find your targeted niche to get rolling with online.

You can either enter your own niche idea into the search box or choose from the list of popular ideas to drill down deep into, using the magnifying glass icon next to ‘Choose this Niche’.

wealthy affiliate quick setup wizard

If however, you upgrade your Wealthy Affiliate membership to ‘Premium’ or Premium Plus+’ level, you’ll unlock even more niche searches and access the bigger tool version (not to mention other cool benefits 😉 ) in your dashboard:

wealthy affiliate niche finder access

Plus, if you type “niche finder” into Wealthy Affiliate’s main member search bar, you’ll find some golden nugget walk through videos from co-founder (Kyle) on making the most of the tool ($$!).

wealthy affiliate search bar

Let’s say you’ve just upgraded as a PREMIUM Wealthy Affiliate member and opened up the main AI niche finder interface in your dashboard to start your research…

FIRST, it’s crucial to KNOW your area of interest.

Because it will lay the foundations (and determine the direction) of your blog/online Biz from the offset.

Pick a topic that you’ll have FUN building a successful and long term Biz around.

As they say: “when you do something you love, you never have to work a day in your life”.

It could be a life passion, hobby, talent, skill, field of expertise, you name it…

For example, let’s type a broad term like ‘SPORTS‘ into the tool’s search box and hit enter:

wealthy affiliate niche finder tool

The tool then reveals a bunch of different sports to play with (below).

Let’s choose ‘BASKETBALL‘ and hit the magnifying glass icon for some suggestions:

sports niche suggestions

Below, are some great basketball niche ideas to bounce around (pun intended LOL).

However, the topics still seem broad.

So, we’ll choose ‘BASKETBALL SHOES AND APPAREL‘ to break down like so:

basketball niche suggestions

And hey presto, there’s a bunch of niche suggestions to pick from (below).

But let’s drill down into ‘KIDS BASKETBALL SHOES‘ to unearth a micro niche:

basketball niche suggestions broken down

The final blower – You now have plenty of micro niche options to roll with:

kids basketball shoe micro niches

The research process took me literally less than a minute to choose a topic to start and build an online business around.

So, see how the micro niche tool (combined with AI) is such a powerful game-changer – saving you heaps of time and effort?…

Join Wealthy Affiliate Free

But why stop there? – let’s say HELLO to, drum roll please…

Niche Finder AI (2.0 Edition)

Take it from me, the epicness never ends with Wealthy Affiliate’s AI niche finder.

In addition to its already-awesome functionality, you can REALLY supercharge the process with some newly-added features.

For example, let’s type a totally different niche like ‘BEAUTY‘ into the niche finder search bar.

Not only can you now save your favourite idea(s) by tapping a simple star icon, but use the tool to find an actual niche specific brand:

beauty niche ideas

After hitting the brand-finding icon next to the ‘SKIN CARE‘ niche (above), see 5 of the 10 brands that popped up in seconds:

skin care brands

But here’s where things get SUPER pants-wettingly exciting *EEK*…

You can also easily build your own niche website (aka blog) in under 60 seconds around a brand (I selected ‘DermaDash‘) by hitting the ‘Build Website‘ button.

Side note: First check it’s OK with your chosen brand to avoid any legal issues down the road.

While it’s not quite as funky as Wealthy Affiliate’s tool – Commission Academy’s free niche finder still packs a powerful “AI” punch (KA-POW!)

As a Commission Academy member, not only does Dale (the founder) deliver some amazing value in terms of free affiliate marketing training to launch a THRIVING Biz from scratch…

But he’s built in a couple of epic AI tools – an article writer and niche finder.

When it comes to the niche tool, it’s accessible in one of two ways – there’s a link located inside ‘Lesson 3 – Choose a Niche’ or simply hit the ‘Niche Finder’ tab at the top of the dashboard:

commission academy niche finder tab

Once opened up, simply enter your passion or interest into the search bar like so. For example, I typed in a broad term like ‘FITNESS’ and and hit ‘Find My Niche’:

fitness niche search

And just like that, the tool returned a handful of fitness niche ideas, plus some product ideas to promote as an affiliate.

fitness niche search results

The great thing is that you get 10 free niches searches a day to use up inside Commission Academy – ensure to use them wisely.

It may not seem like a big number to some folks, but never look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say.

Finding a “Profitable” Niche

Being an affiliate myself, I’ve realised that not all niches are born equal.

With some niches, you’ll hit the ball right out the park.

And others are as dead as a dodo from the get-go.

Because there is such a thing as choosing a “BAD niche” unfortunately.

For example, drilling down too deep can result in a market that’s WAAAY too narrow – meaning fewer folks to help and a limited affiliate income.

The same can also be said for going too wide, trying to target every man and his dog within a certain industry, and getting nowhere…

Or worst case scenario, *GASP* there’s no market at all.

So, to avoid the heartache of building a Biz in vain – here are 4 simple ways to find an actual money-making niche…

Analyse The Competition on Google & YouTube

One of the best ways to quickly determine niche profitability is by weighing up your competitors on Google and YouTube.

For example, type ‘BEST BASKETBALL SHOES FOR KIDS’ into Google, and if niche websites (blogs) pop up in the search results…

Then you can bet your sweet bippy that affiliates are cashing in with kiddies basketball footwear.

Which ties in with the next step…

Search For Affiliate Programs to Promote

To find affiliate programs with top-notch problem-solving (+ good commission-based) products to promote…

Do a simple Google/YouTube search (i.e. ‘BEST BASKETBALL AFFILIATE PROGRAMS‘), and if there are niche sites/videos recommending fab opportunities…

Then you’re good to go.

Alternatively, use affiliate program finder tools to easily locate relevant offers inside affiliate networks like ClickBank, ShareASale, CJ and Awin, to name a few.

Because using such tools can also cut down on your research time – freeing up time for other important Biz tasks.

Use a Reliable SEO/Keyword Tool

Once you establish that your chosen niche comprises a “buyer” audience and affiliate marketing programs to join…

You must look at the actual DATA (in terms of competition and traffic metrics) to determine if the niche really is worth perusing.

In my experience, the HOTH free keyword planner is a great tool for gathering basic data.

And so is the Ahrefs free keyword generator, it’s just a case of using which tool you prefer for the job.

Also, I’ve tried KW Finder (a good premium option), but it comes with limitations.

But the absolute BEST premium tools are SEMrush and Ahrefs.

They’re a bit pricey, but definitely worth their weight in gold.

Because you can take a deep dive into your niche (as well as competitors websites) to uncover plenty of data.

But if there’s a lack of opportunity to make bank or the competition is too fierce, then analyse other niches to find your golden goose egg.

Explore Google Trends

In my opinion, Google Trends is a powerful asset for uncovering topics that have trended or nose dived over the years, or are trending at this moment in time.

Even better, you can narrow down topic searches by your country (among other metrics) and also dive into topic search volumes.

These insights can certainly help you to identify niches that are worth building a brand and content around.

Wrapping Things Up…

There are always factors involved when it comes to finding that almost-perfect niche to launch a thriving affiliate Biz around.

But the niche selection process shouldn’t have to be so complex (damn all those YouTubers LOL)…

Simply try Wealthy Affiliate for free to access its AI micro niche finder (you’ll get 100 searches $0!) and do your due diligence to locate that “sweet spot” that can bring a life-changing passive income your way.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them below in the comments…

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