Mary Morrissey Affiliate Program (Impact Live$ & Earn)

Want rewarding commissions in the personal development space by helping folks to “level up” their lives?

Then Mary Morrissey’s affiliate program is right up your street!

ESPECIALLY with the damage COVID-19 (ugh!) has caused from all angles and also as we step into 2023…

People will be setting all sorts of personal resolutions and goals to smash in the new year, right?

So, this is where Mary Morrissey’s life-changing products fit into the equation 😉

Jump into THIS review to get the skinny on her affiliate program and HOW you can crush it promoting her stuff…

What Is The Mary Morrissey Affiliate Program About?

Mary Morrissey (best-selling author, expert life coach, speaker & consultant for over four decades!) allows you to partner up with her to promote her products and services.

Where you’ll earn more-than-generous commissions (in my opinion) for customers you send her direction.

Be it through Mary’s transformational live events or evergreen programs – there are, in fact, 5 amazing products to choose from.

But here’s a quick overview of the 3 core products available to recommend to your tribe and make a buck on:

#1: DreamBuilder Program

Mary’s flagship product ‘DreamBuilder Program’ is all about how to create a life you absolutely LOVE living.

When folks enroll, they receive access to an online system comprising 12 weeks of training modules (one module per week).

Inside the modules, there are video teachings, audio lessons and downloadable guidebooks – the whole shebang.

The cost to buy DreamBuilder is $497, which also comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

#2: DreamBuilder LIVE Virtual!

The ‘DreamBuilder LIVE Virtual’ event fits hand-in-hand with the DreamBuilder Program itself perfectly.

Because it’s a 3-day online event, where Mary spills the beans on creating an abundant future in 2023.

Students will feel inspired, empowered, and ready to take on the world in the new year after a few short days.

A DreamBuilder LIVE ticket costs $297 to buy (but there’s a *GASP* $200 super early bird discount at the time of writing!)

#3: 8 Spiritual Secrets for Multiplying Your Money

As the name suggests, ‘8 Spiritual Secrets for Multiplying Your Money’ revolves around attracting wealth and abundance.

Working along the same lines of the Law Of Attraction (LOA)…

Mary reveals a proven step-by-step system that eliminates peoples blocks and reprograms their subconscious minds in just 8 weeks.

To enrol on this program costs $397 (or 3 payments of $157) – there’s also a 100% 1-year money-back guarantee offered.

Mary’s other programs include ‘Into Your Genius’ and ‘My Morning Mentor’.

But I’ll expand on those in this review another time though.

How The Mary Morrissey Affiliate Program Works

Like any decent affiliate program (and as expected), Mary’s referral partner program is free to join here.

And then it’s just a case of filling in the affiliate signup form – in the hope of being approved.

To stand a good chance of being approved, I suggest you already have an email list and/or a niche website built from the offset.

Because in my experience, most affiliate programs are “picky” these days – they won’t approve just any Tom, Dick and Harry.

Which I guess is also a good thing – it protects both the brand and already-established affiliates.

So, I’ll repeat myself…

It’s good practice to have at least 100 email subscribers and/or a WordPress blog comprising at least 5 articles (in my opinion) before you fill out Mary’s application.

I digress.

Upon approval, you’ll also receive banners and proven-to-convert email swipes inside your affiliate dashboard.

How Much Are the Commission Payouts?

The great news is that Mary pays up to a WHOPPING 50% commission on the sale of each product under her belt.

Which is one of the reasons I MUCH prefer to promote “digital” products – you can earn a full-time passive income faster.

Especially given the fact that Mary’s products can cost anywhere up to $500 (ish) a pop.

So, you won’t need to generate many weekly sales to make some good money as an affiliate.

Heck, scratch that – make a TON of sales!

Why not shoot for the moon and beyond to change your own life using Mary’s affiliate program 😉

As for the actual payouts, you can choose to receive your commissions by check or PayPal.

How To Make Money Promoting Mary’s Products

The truth be told, there are multiple ways to make bank promoting Mary’s products.

For example, you’ve got YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, blogging, and email marketing to name some methods.

Which are all proven-to-work “traffic generators” IF you’re prepared to truly work your socks off.

But where do you start from scratch as a complete affiliate marketing beginner?

It really depends on your preferences – there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to this stuff at the end of the day.

But I do highly recommend learning how to start and grow a lucrative niche website in the personal development niche.

Because a website is your own “asset/hub/brand” as opposed to just chucking traffic at raw affiliate links and hoping for the best.

Once your website starts generating at least 100 visitors daily from Google, you can look into building an email list and adding another traffic source to scale your results.

The Wrap up on Mary Morrissey’s Affiliate Program

In this day and age, I believe there has never been a better time to dive into the personal development niche.

Because with the after-effects of Covid, a war taking place, the cost-of-living crisis, you name it…

SOOO many people are in need of a helping hand to improve and manage various areas of their lives.

So, they are some VERY good reasons to jump on the Mary Morrissey affiliate program and reach out to struggling folks.

Furthermore, Mary’s a reputable expert in her field, not to mention she’s put together some fantastic reasonably priced problem-solving products.

With enough time and effort invested in building a Biz around promoting Mary’s stuff, you can change your own life in the process.

So, everyone’s a winner at the end of the day.

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Your buddy, Neil.

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