Liquid I.V Affiliate Program (Mouth-Watering Commissions?)

If you’re searching for a mouth-watering commission multiplier, then the Liquid I.V affiliate program can possibly fuel your earnings online.

So, whether you want to help folks hydrate faster, level up their energy, ease into sleeping quicker or support their immune systems…

Liquid I.V is the perfect system for thirsty customers and potentially affiliates as well.

Liquid I.V Affiliate Program Overview

  • Signup URL: Apply via Impact
  • Commission rate: 2% per sale
  • Cookie duration: Unknown
  • Payout details: Flexible minimum threshold & monthly options via PayPal, direct transfer or BACS.

What Is Liquid I.V All About?

With people’s health, wellbeing and betterment of the planet at the very forefront of the Liquid I.V team’s mind…

It has set on a mission to assist folks with optimizing their bodies and also hydrate those who are most in need.

Its core values not only revolve around creating the BEST products (various flavoured drinking water sticks) for enhanced hydration, energy, immune support, sleep, and digestive support…

But also giving back to the world and promoting sustainability.

How The Liquid I.V Affiliate Program Works

The Liquid I.V affiliate program works in the exact same way as any other affiliate opportunity…

You’ll earn commissions by sending new customers their direction through your unique referral link.

The best part is that you can also promote deep links to specific products and pages on the Liquid I.V website.

Plus, you’ll receive unique promo codes to entice your audience to buy through you.

Which are both amazing opportunities (in my opinion) that are designed to boost your conversions and profits.

How To Join As An Affiliate

In order become a Liquid I.V affiliate, you’ll need to sign up through the Impact affiliate network.

If you don’t already have an Impact account, it doesn’t take that long to fill in and submit the application in all honesty.

But to stand a good chance of being accepted, I recommend that you at least start a niche website (aka blog) and add some quality content before you apply.

Even if you’re an influencer with an already-established social media following, you can still apply as an affiliate.

Because it displays that you’re a worthy partner and deadly serious about building an online empire from the get-go.

What Are The Commission Rates?

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to go on in terms of the commission side of things.

I searched for Liquid I.V inside my Impact dashboard and learned that the 30-day EPC (Earnings Per Click) is $0.45.

But you only receive $3 (2%) commissions per sale, which isn’t all that great the truth be told.

liquid iv affiliate commissions

With that said, you can still potentially earn full time with the program.

It just means having to invest a bigger amount of blood, sweat and tears into content creation/traffic generation for the opportunity to be worth your while.

Affiliate Payout Options

While I couldn’t find any info regarding a cookie life, I do know that Impact offers great flexible payout methods.

For example, you can establish your own payout threshold or even withdraw your Liquid I.V commissions on a set day every month.

And to actually receive your earnings, you can choose PayPal (my favourite option), direct transfer or BACS.

How To Make Money Promoting Liquid I.V

Liquid I.V accepts affiliates who are involved in the content/review, loyalty/rewards or deals/coupons business models.

Meaning, you can promote products through a blog or YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, you name it…

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to internet marketing strategies these days.

But if you’re a total newbie starting from scratch, then your first port of call is to establish your niche – a target audience to provide VALUE to.

For example (off the top of my head), you could target:

  • Men in need of an energy boost
  • Women who need help sleeping
  • Adults looking for immunity support solutions
  • Etc…

In fact, see my #1 niche finder that leverages the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to easily find you a micro niche in seconds.

And then launch a thriving blog around your chosen niche with the free step-by-step training, resources and affiliate community support included with the niche finder (above).

You’re welcome! 😉

Conclusion: Is The Liquid I.V Affiliate Program Worth It?

I think it’s a matter of perspective when it comes to the Liquid I.V affiliate program at the end of the day.

A pessimist would see that $3/2% commissions are piss (pardon my language LOL) poor and not worthy of their time and effort.

Where as an optimist would see it as an “opportunity” to REALLY work their socks off to transform those tiny commissions into a full-time passive income.

Furthermore, Liquid I.V products are of the highest quality, plus you’ll play your part in making the world a better place.

So, is the affiliate opportunity worth it? You tell me…

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Your buddy, Neil.

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