Life Exec Affiliate Program (Does it Still EXIST?)

Unfortunately, some companies shut down their programs for unexplained reasons.

And it seems to be the case with the Life Exec partnership program, since the URL shows up as ‘404 error’ page (above)


But whether or not the money-making opportunity will be revived, I haven’t the foggiest.

With that said, I’m still giving you the skinny on Life Exec and its affiliate program, just in case it resurfaces at some point in the future.

Plus, I’ll reveal one of the BEST strategies to make bank with the affiliate opportunity (or any other) that falls into your niche.

So, get stuck into THIS review…

What Is Life Exec About, You Ask?

Put simply, Life Exec is an all-in-one life management solution.

Which is something we all need when it comes to some of life’s biggest events, especially the ones beyond our control, right?

So, Life Exec is software that’s designed to make the process a quick and easy one with guides and gap analysis planning.

Not only can you organize and save your important documents, assets, cyber passwords and contacts…

But also access planning resources in terms of lifesaving guides, checklists, cost-saving health/wellness benefits, and legal documents.

To round things off, there’s even an app for sharing your credentials with key contacts, should the worst happen.

So, yeah, pretty much everything one would need for greater peace of mind located in ONE secure place.

How Does The Life Exec Affiliate Program Work?

Just like every other affiliate program out there, you’ll fill in application to partner up with Life Exec.

But to improve your approval chances, I highly recommend starting up a niche website and publishing some quality content first.

At least 10 valuable published blog posts will be a good starting point in my book.

Because it shows you mean REAL business, and not some amateur who will “SPAM” the web to death with links.

Upon acceptance into Life Exec’s partnership program, you’ll gain access to an affiliate dashboard.

Which comprises affiliate links unique to you, social media creatives, and marketing tools – all that good stuff for hitting the ground running.

Heck, there’s even affiliate support thrown in for good measure, if ever you’re stuck with anything.

What Are The Commission Rates?

The only info I’ve found on the commission side of things is through a 2020 post on Life Exec’s Facebook page:

Which states you’ll earn 25% commissions and a further 8% overrides for the lifetime of each customer.

However, given the fact that Life Exec costs only $9.95/month, you’ll need a decent volume of monthly referrals to make the opportunity worth your while.

But to potentially speed up your affiliate program earnings, Life Exec also caters for businesses – providing breakthrough benefits to boost retention and recruiting.

Which offers employee benefit bundles starting at $24.95.

So, I recommend combining the affiliate offers to accomplish a sizable full-time income down the road.

But as for cookie duration and payout threshold, frequency and method, I’m absolutely clueless LOL.

Best Way to Make REAL Money Promoting Life Exec

As a total novice, you’ve probably noticed like a gazillion and one head-spinning traffic methods to make bank via affiliate marketing.

But the good news is you don’t need to do them all – just pick ONE as your primary starting point.

So, to crush it as a Life Exec affiliate, I highly recommend starting a simple niche website (aka WordPress blog) for free.

Because it’s basically your own “asset” that you control – unlike other free platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Tik Tok, for example.

If those platforms ever kicked you off (after all your hard graft), you have to start all over again from scratch.

But when it comes to a blog on your own (.com) domain, you’re untouchable (to a certain degree lol).

In fact, why not build your own sales funnel/lead gen system as well…

And simply tie in the system to your blog to build a second “asset” (i.e., email list) to really double down on your efforts 😉

But before getting too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take it one step at a time….

How To Start a Niche Website

To get your new WordPress blog up and running, first find a niche using THIS AI niche finder.

Which also includes resources, step-by-step training and support to start and grow a lucrative niche website from scratch.

Where you’ll basically learn how to search for the right keywords and write quality content around said keywords.

Which in turn can lead to your blog articles ranking on Google and driving organic search engine traffic to your site that leads to affiliate link clicks, sales and commissions.

Stay consistent with your efforts and watch your traffic grow over the coming months.

Speaking of which, once your website starts to gain traction and Google sends it at least 100 visitors a day…

You should consider building a lead generation system and funnelling your blog traffic into it to really build a profit-boosting asset on steroids.

But it all boils down to your budget and preferences at the end of the day.

Conclusion: Is The Life Exec Affiliate Program Worth it?

I think given the fact Life Exec provides an invaluable service that the majority of the planet could benefit from, ESPECIALLY during these times of uncertainty…

Then Life Exec’s affiliate program is DEFINITELY worth a shot.

While it may not offer the biggest commissions I’ve seen, if you start a WordPress blog and really work your ass off…

There’s no reason why you can’t earn a full-time passive income with the opportunity…

Well, that’s if it actually existed (at the time of writing LOL).

Which is why I recommend you bookmark and regularly visit this review for any potential future updates on the program.

Before you go, also check out my LastPass affiliate program review if you’re looking for a great place-holding opportunity to earn from in the meantime.

Your buddy, Neil.

Got any thoughts or questions to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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