Lasso Affiliate Program (Earn LASting Commissions)

If you’re looking to make bank helping bloggers and affiliate marketers to increase their conversions, then meet the Lasso affiliate program!

As a content writer myself (in this day and age), it’s no longer enough to just link to affiliate offers in hope of turning blog traffic to gold.

Heck, even a light dusting of Call-To-Action buttons is still challenging in the land of conversions because readers are more “visual” these days.

So, this is where Lasso steps into the frame.

Dive into this review to learn more about Lasso, its affiliate program and HOW to make it a long-lasting earner…

Lasso Affiliate Program Overview

  • Signup URL: Lasso Affiliate Program
  • Commission rate: 20% monthly recurring for each customer’s first year only
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payout details: On the 7th of every month via PayPal.

What Is Lasso All About?

Lasso is basically a highly effective all-in-one WordPress plugin that’s designed to increase revenue for affiliates and bloggers.

More specifically, the plugin helps to boost results by offering users stunning product displays, link management and tracking services.

With product displays, bloggers can create eye-catching displays to promote Amazon (or any other affiliate program) products to entice more visitors to buy.

As for link management, Lasso offers a simplified and automated approach to grouping links in one place and ensuring they’re monetized across the whole site.

When it comes to tracking, bloggers can optimize their strategies by identifying the best-performing content and products in terms of clicks and conversions.

It’s fair to say Lasso is far from your “Average Joe” plugin.

How The Lasso Affiliate Program Works

Put simply, when you promote the premium plugin to WordPress bloggers, you’ll receive commissions on any sales via your unique referral link.

The best past is the commissions are mainly monthly recurring from every subscribed referral for the first 12 months!

But more money-making talk in a jiffy…

How To Join The Affiliate Program

Funnily enough, I actually came across Lasso through the Commission Academy affiliate program (Lasso is one of numerous built-in income streams 😉 )

I digress.

Simply apply for Lasso’s affiliate program through this page.

If approved with in a couple of days, you’ll gain access to the affiliate dashboard.

Where you won’t just find your affiliate link and reporting stats, but assets in terms of email swipes and a few banners to use:

lasso affiliate dashboard

Pretty much the basics for getting the ball rolling with promoting the plugin.

What Is The Commission Rate?

Every time you successfully refer a paid plugin subscriber, Lasso pays a 20% monthly commission for the first year of that customer.

So, taking the 3 Lasso pricing plans into consideration:

  • Essential ($39/month)
  • Advanced ($99/month)
  • Portfolio ($299/month)…

You’ll earn anywhere from $7.80 – $59.80/monthly (for 12 months) per referral.

That’s why I LOVE promoting software affiliate, online tool affiliate and training course affiliate programs – commissions are SOOO much higher 😉

What About Cookie & Payout?

Another great aspect of Lasso’s opportunity is the 30-day cookie window which is based on last touch clicks.

Meaning, as long as a referral hasn’t clicked on anybody else’s referral link, and become a customer within a 4-week period – YOU get the buckaroonies.

As for the actual payout, commissions are paid via PayPal on the 7th of every month.

But you’ll only qualify for payout as long as your referrals have passed the 30-day refund period by 3 days.

How To Earn BIG Promoting Lasso

The beauty of internet marketing is there are SOOO many ways to go about promoting affiliate products.

But just don’t go all in guns blazing – promoting Lasso to every man and his dog on social media, for example.

This is NOT Network Marketing (LOL).

Your audience MUST be “targeted” – you first need to do your homework by finding a micro niche of potential buyers.

Once you’ve niched down, you could start a TikTok or YouTube channel and create valuable videos (i.e. tutorials, reviews, comparisons) to help your audience.

But since Lasso is a plugin for affiliate marketers and bloggers to scale their results…

Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to start a WordPress blog of your own?

Where you’ll write quality relevant articles that address your audiences problems and offer Lasso as their solution.

The more SEO-optimized content you publish = more organic Google traffic to your website = potential sales.

The Wrap Up On Lasso

In my blogging and affiliate marketing experience, it’s a shame Lasso wasn’t born sooner.

Because it can be a real game-changer for written content creators and affiliates when it comes to commission boosting…

Not just with attention-grabbing displays, but with the tracking and optimization tools available as well.

With that said, Lasso’s affiliate program is certainly worth a shot, even more so with recurring 20% commissions up for grabs.

It’s just a shame the earnings from each customer are for just 12 months – meaning A LOT of potential income lost in the long term.

But hey-ho.

Your buddy, Neil.

Any thoughts or questions to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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