Jasper (Formerly Jarvis & Conversion.ai) Affiliate Program

Looking to promote a tool that’s on the cutting-edge of internet marketing? Then meet the Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis.ia & Conversion.ai) affiliate program!

With the whole “AI thing” on the UP, there is no better time to jump on the bandwagon and earn a life-changing income recommending Jasper to your tribe.

So, with that said, let’s get the inside scoop on the bot-tastic money-making opportunity…

Jasper Affiliate Program Overview

  • Signup URL: Jasper.ai Affiliate Program
  • Commission rate: 30% recurring
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payout details: The first week of the month via PayPal (with a minimum $25 threshold).

Firstly, What The Heck is Jasper About?

Jasper.ai (formerly Jarvis.ai and Conversion.ai) is the hottest new SaaS tool (their words) for cleverly marketing businesses and brands online with ease, speed and efficiency.

How it works is simple.

Utilizing the power of GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence (AI), tried and true templates, copy, and tasty ‘Jasper Recipes’…

Folks can use the software to create content (10X faster) that converts like crazy without breaking a sweat.

Jasper can create marketing copy, sales emails, blog posts, SEO content, Facebook ads, captions, video scripts, images, love letters (wait, what!?), you name it.

How Does The Jasper Affiliate Program Work?

The great thing is that there’s two sides of the coin when it comes to the Jasper affiliate program.

On the tails side, become a Jasper customer and earn word credits for referring family and friends.

Which can further help to grow your Biz as an actual software user.

On the heads side, become a Partner and earn recurring lifetime commissions from clients in your niche.

Plus, as a BONUS, your referrals will receive 10,000 credits when signing up via your affiliate link.

So, it’s basically a WIN-WIN.

How To Join Jasper’s Affiliate Program

To be considered as an affiliate, simply head over to the partners page and hit the blue ‘Apply to be a Partner’ tab:

apply to be a partner tab

This will lead you to the affiliate application page, where you’ll hit the blue ‘Start’ tab:

jasper affiliate application page

And then it’s off to the races with the actual application process which can take a good 7 minutes or more to complete.

As with most affiliate programs, you’ll need to give as much info as possible to increase and speed up your approval chances.

This includes providing the Jasper affiliate team/manager with your social media profiles, YouTube channel and/or blog domain(s).

Because it tells the Jasper guys two things:

One, you mean real business with your own brand online from the get-go.

Two, whether your customers will be a good fit for the Jasper software.

How Much You’ll Earn In Commissions

What I LOVE about the affiliate program is that it pays out 30% recurring commissions for the lifetime of each paid referral.

Because you can scale your income to the moon quicker and easier compared to one-time commission lower ticket products.

Hence why I enjoy promoting subscription-based SaaS opportunities (i.e. ClickFunnels affiliate program) so much 😉

When it comes to Jasper’s affiliate opportunity, you’ll earn 30% recurring commissions on the following price plans:

  • Boss Mode – 5-day free trial, then $99/month or $82/month (billed annually)
  • Business – starting at $499/month!

Which gives you some indication of your passive income earning potential.

Especially if you refer at least 10 paid software users a month, which is totally doable when you work your socks off.


Affiliate Cookie & Payout Details

The other great aspect of being a Jasper affiliate is that there’s a 30-day cookie life tied to your affiliate link.

Although a lifetime one would be yummier, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles (sorry, couldn’t resist LOL).

Joking apart, a month still gives you plenty of time to earn extra bucks from the fish that almost got away.

When it comes to the actual payout, commissions are paid the first week of the month via PayPal.

But only for paid sign ups that happened 30 days prior and you meet a $25 minimum threshold.

How To Make Money Promoting Jasper As An Affiliate

The most amazing thing about the “web” is that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to making bank in the affiliate arena.

Because there are sooo many learnable and actionable internet marketing strategies.

For example; there’s blogging, vlogging, email marketing, funnels, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, podcasts, paid ads, you name it…

But the best advice I can offer (if you’re a newbie) is to first find a niche using THIS tool in order to target the right audience to promote to…

And then pick just ONE marketing strategy, learn it, and focus on mastering it to hit the ground running as a Jasper affiliate.

And then you can scale your results by mastering another method and so on.

The cheapest way to go about crushing it with affiliate marketing (in my experience) is to start a niche website.

Yes, there’s a learning curve.

And yes, it will take time to get momentum (as with all strategies)…

But if you commit fully to building a niche blog around promoting Jasper and other similar SaaS tools..

It’s possible to earn a life-changing passive income down the road.

Conclusion: Is The Jasper Affiliate Program Right For You?

The concept of AI is revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape (as we speak).

Because it’s creating so many angles for individual Biz owners and marketing teams to “level-up” their businesses with ease and at great speed.

So, if you’re passionate about helping those folks get their hands on the cutting-edge AI tools they require…

And if you wanna build a sustainable affiliate Biz yourself from doing so…

Then I think the Jasper affiliate program is right up your street.

But obviously, for those 30% recurring commissions to rack up (creating a BIG passive income), you’ll need to work your ass off.

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Your buddy, Neil.

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