Home Depot Affiliate Program ($1K/Month From Home?..)

If you’re keen on promoting products in the home improvement niche, then the Home Depot affiliate program could be your cup of tea.

Because with it being the top dog home improvement retailer on the planet, why wouldn’t you wanna partner up?

But more importantly…

Can you actually bank at least $1,000 a month in commissions with the program for some financial stability?

And if so…

HOW, you ask?

Continue reading to discover the answers to those golden questions and also get the skinny on the affiliate opportunity itself…

Home Depot Affiliate Program Overview

  • Signup URL: Apply via Impact
  • Commission rate: 1 – 8%
  • Cookie duration: 1 day
  • Payout details: Monthly via PayPal, check or wire transfer (with a $50 – $100 minimum threshold, depending on chosen payment method).

Firstly, What Is Home Depot All About?

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of Home Depot’s affiliate program (which is pretty similar to the Lowe’s affiliate program, BTW)…

The retailer stocks literally THOUSANDS of products across 20 different categories on its website.

Where folks residing in the US, Canada and Mexico can purchase various home and garden improvement products across categories like:

  • Appliances
  • Electrical (+ electrical services)
  • Home Projects & Ideas
  • Outdoor Living & Patio
  • And Smart Home, to name a handful of sections.

In fact, if you scroll to the bottom of the Home Depot website, you’ll see exactly what’s on the menu:

home depot website product list

Plus, just like Amazon (for example), products can even be sorted by brand and popularity – making everyone’s life easier.

All in all, Home Depot web store browsers and customers are definitely spoilt for choice with the product selection available.

Which in turn, means you have a BIG opportunity to rake in the affiliate spondoolies.


How The Home Depot Affiliate Program Works

If you plan on partnering up with Home Depot, then you must apply via the Impact Radius network.

Because it’s the only way to join the program.

However, for a much stronger chance of your application being approved, you’ll first need a niche website, YouTube channel, podcast or email list, etc…

Because the ‘Media Properties’ application section requires you to submit a property type and name, URL, and description.

It’s so they can check you’re a serious candidate and not some tyre-kicking/spammy type of affiliate.

Because it’s Home Depot’s reputation that’s at stake at the end of the day – they want high quality affiliates.

But if you don’t already have an established niche website (YouTube channel or email list), then I have a real treat lined up for you shortly 😉

How Much Can You Earn in Commissions?

Your commission percentages will be in the region of 1% – 8% on selected home décor products.

home depot affiliate commission rates

The commission rates aren’t exactly worth shouting home about, I know.

And that’s because Home Depot sells mostly physical products – they have higher costs resulting in smaller profit margins.

This is one of the reasons I prefer to promote digital products instead (e.g. Freedom Accelerator affiliate and ClickFunnels affiliate programs) = much bigger commissions.

But each to their own, as the saying goes.

I digress.

The only Home Depot items you won’t earn commissions on are gift cards, installation services, custom created products and also in-store purchases.

How and When Do You Get Paid?

First of all, actions are locked 1 month and 15 days after the end of the month they’re tracked to you.

Which is to cover the returns policy.

When it comes to the actual payout, you’ll be paid 15 days after the end of the day your approved transactions are locked.

The great part is that you can choose payments via PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit or ACH transfer.

But you must meet a minimum threshold of $50 for direct deposit or $100 for the check option.

However, the biggest downside to the affiliate program (in my opinion) is that there’s just a 24-hour cookie life.

Which just puts you under pressure to make A LOT of quick sales via your affiliate link(s).

But on the other hand, the Home Depot online store is pretty good at converting your visitors into customers.

Which is definitely a bonus in my book.

Can You Make $1,000/Month With Home Depot?

As with any good affiliate program, it’s certainly doable.

To stand a strong chance of hitting 4 (even 5!) figure affiliate income months all boils down to your choices and work ethic.

The following factors that come into play:

Choose a Sub-Niche

First of all, it’s essential to really hone in on a specific home improvement sub-niche from the get-go.

Because you have a much better shot at success by narrowing things down to a topic like ‘kitchen ideas for small spaces’, for example.

Try sifting through the Home Depot store categories for niche ideas and plugging them into Google’s search bar to expand on those topics.

But for an easier and faster niche research solution, I highly recommend the nifty micro ‘Niche Finder’ tool:

niche finder

Simply type in your chosen subject (i.e. Survey Sites) and let the AI tool automatically find you 10 niche suggestions to pick from.

And then drill down (using the magnifying glass icon) for heaps of narrowed down niche ideas to work with.

Choose Products to Promote (Wisely)

Once your niche is nailed down, browse Home Depot for best-selling, popular, good rated, and also products you would buy yourself.

Because the chances are you’re likely to make some decent sales from quality products people need.

Furthermore, select products that are actually worth promoting from an economical standpoint.

For example; promote stuff with at least $50 – $100 price tags and pay at least 5% – 8% commissions.

That’s my approach, but sometimes you need to test the waters to see what works best for YOU.

Choose ONE Affiliate Training Platform

Laying your hands (as a newbie) on the affiliate opportunity is only part of the battle.

Because you also need the right guidance, vehicle and determination to actually “make money” with the program and scale your income to the stars.

Which is why I suggest you take advantage of the community that also comes with the niche finder tool (above)…

Because inside the community, you’ll be equipped you with the essential training, resources and support for not just starting a niche website (aka WordPress blog)…

… But also a YouTube channel and email list from scratch, among other awesome internet marketing topics when you upgrade your membership.

Conclusion: Is The Home Depot Affiliate Program Worth It?

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to the Home Depot affiliate program…

In terms of low commission rates, an extremely short cookie life, and some products occasionally going out of stock…

That can really add up to make the program seem like a tough cookie to make bank with.

But in a more positive light, Home Depot is a popular “go-to” choice for Americans in need of home improvement stuff.

Which offers affiliates like YOU some great money-making potential in the long run..

So, on that note, I do think it’s worth partnering up with the home improvement giant and working your socks off.

Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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