GoCashBack Referral Program (Earnings To GO For…)

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In today’s online shopping world, consumers LOVE good money-saving buys – making the GoCashBack referral program worth GOing for.

So, whether you wanna pocket some cash recommending GoCashBack to friends, family and work colleagues in your spare time…

Or potentially earn a full-time income (the BEST option 😉 ) with the affiliate program…

Then GO read this review for the inside scoop on the opportunity and how to make it a real money-maker…

GoCashBack Partner Program Overview

  • Signup URL: Join HERE (use referral code: Neil & get an $8 bonus!)
  • Commission rate: $5 bonus for each new referral + 5% of their cashback for a FULL year!
  • Cookie duration: A referral must join within 7 days for the bonus to apply
  • Payout details: $10 threshold / check, PayPal or debit card.

What Is GoCashBack All About

As the name GoCashBack (GCB for short) suggests – customers can receive cash back on their goods purchased through its website.

Which (I’m sure you’ll agree) eases financial pressures, especially in a post-Covid world with a cost-of-living crisis currently on our hands.

The great thing is GCB members can claim up to a WHOPPING 31% cash back when they shop across numerous categories!

Not just at stores like Home Depot, Harrods (my fave!), Lowe’s GameStop, Saks Fifth Avenue, eBay, RevZilla, Vans, Walmart, Bloomingdales, to name a handful…

But when booking travel and vacations through the likes of Expedia, Priceline, CheapTickets, Hilton, Trip.com and then some.

Wait, I’m not done (LOL)…

Folks can even get coupons and some fab discounts ON TOP of their cash back.

For example, I’ll use a TEMU Mother’s Day deal (up to 90% off + 1.6% cash back) at the time of writing:

temu mothers day sale

(BTW, check out my TEMU affiliate program review for the inside scoop on the shopping platform and money-making opportunity).

Need I say more?

Become a GCB member via MEEE (referral code: Neil) below & receive an $8 sign up bonus! 😉

Join GoCashBack!

How The GoCashBack Referral Program Works

Once you’re behind the scenes of GoCashBack, there are a few options to refer new members under the ‘Earn’ tab.

(FYI: I’ve literally just joined myself, hence the $0 rewards LOL).

gocashback referral options

You can either request friends to check the “My Friend Referred Me” box and enter YOUR email when they join…

Share your unique referral link and code with others or personally invite your friends by email using GCB’s invite system.

I recommend trying a mix of all 3 methods to find what works best for you.

And then for every guy or gal that joins, you’ll earn a small bonus PLUS a commission % of their cash back each time they go on a spending spree.

How To Join The Referral Program

In order to jump onboard GoCashBack, JOIN HERE (you’ll receive an $8 bonus when you do).

The process really is a piece of sponge cake in my experience.

Because you simply enter your best email, create a password, enter a quick security code (or use your Facebook account), and you’re IN.

What Is The Commission Rate?

What I like best about GoCashBack’s affiliate program is that you receive a $5 bonus for every person you refer.

(However, they must join within 7 days of the invite to qualify for the bonus).

So, refer 10 – 20 friends, and that’s $50 – $100 in ya pocket right off the bat!

But what’s even cooler is you’ll also earn 5% of the cash back that each referral generates from purchases during their first 12 months.

What About The Payout?

Before you get the payout go ahead, you must set a payment password.

Which allows you to set up a payment method from a choice of check (US residents only), PayPal or debit card (limited to Chinese debit card though).

The best part is you only need to meet a $10 minimum threshold to request payment from GCB.

How To Make REAL Money Promoting GoCashBack

Don’t get me wrong, there’s certainly money to be made when it comes to inviting family and friends to shop via GoCashBack.

But for the EPIC money in terms of a potential full-time income, you’ll need to become a “skilled” marketer and work your socks off at referring the masses.

In other words – build a sustainable online business from scratch.

For example, you could start out on TikTok, which is the FASTEST organic way to generate plenty of referrals via your affiliate link.

The same goes for starting a YouTube channel, which will take you slightly longer to gain traction.

Or there’s my personal fave called blogging.

Growing a successful blog (aka niche website) will take time, but SOOO worth it in the long term.

I won’t fry your brain with the technicalities…

But to learn how to find a niche (around GCB) and launch a thriving blog as a total newbie – get access to THIS AI micro niche finder tool. 😉

Conclusion: Is GoCashBack’s Affiliate Program Worth it?

In my opinion, there’s some great potential with GoCashBack – primarily the referral program side of things.

Because who doesn’t love to spend, save and especially make money (via reward sites) in this day and age?

(Speaking of which, also check out the Swagbucks affiliate program if you’re into that kind of opportunity).

With that in mind, you should make a real GO of the GCB referral program – whether you choose to refer those closest or spread your wings to recruit an ARMY of happy shoppers.

Don’t forget your $8 bonus when you sign up through any link in THIS review!

Your buddy, Neil.

Any thoughts or questions to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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