Fenty Beauty Affiliate Program (A PRETTY Good Earner)

From stardom to fashion and skincare entrepreneur, Rihanna’s a total hit sensation with her fan base.

Which is why her Fenty Beauty affiliate program is a pretty good opportunity to sing your way to the bank.

So, for the inside scoop on Rihanna’s B-E-A-utiful affiliate program and HOW to go about earning some FEN-tastic buckaroonies, take the plunge into my review…

Fenty Beauty Affiliate Program Overview

  • Signup URLS: Apply via Sovrn Commerce or Affjumbo
  • Commission rate: 7%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payout details: $100 threshold / monthly / wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer or other alternatives.

What Is Fenty Beauty All About?

From Disturbia singer and Savage X Fenty store & affiliate program founder, comes Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

After years of skincare experimentation, Rihanna noticed there was still a void in the industry.

So, Fenty Beauty was born to bridge that gap – offering skincare and makeup solutions for ALL skin types an tones.

Rihanna says:

“Makeup is there for you to play with. It’s there for you to have fun with. It should never feel like pressure, and it should never feel like a uniform“.

In addition to a nice selection of (face, lip, eye and body) products, Fenty Beauty has branched out into the fragrance realm.

Which, as an affiliate, means a sweeter opportunity to put more money in ya purse (or wallet)!

How The Fenty Beauty Affiliate Program Works

Once you’re affiliated with Fenty Beauty, you’ll receive affiliate dashboard access.

Which is where you’ll locate your unique referral link, ready to copy and share with your beauty-targeted audience.

Any time someone buys a product (via your affiliate link) on the Fenty Beauty website, you’ll earn a commission.

Obviously, the more quality traffic you consistently generate to your link, the bigger your earnings over time.

How To Join As An Affiliate

Fenty Beauty’s affiliate opportunity is accessible via Sovrn Commerce, which is a network that also offers tools and insights to scale your revenue.

Signing up to Sovrn Commerce itself is a piece of cake, but you’ll be required to submit your social media or niche website URL to be considered as an affiliate.

social media or website url affiliate submission

So, before submission, it’s important to ensure your site contains plenty of quality content or you have a sizable social following in the beauty niche.

Once approved (which takes roughly 3 – 5 days), you’ll be free to apply to Fenty Beauty as an affiliate.

Or you can apply via Affjumbo (another premium affiliate network) instead.

IF, however, you’re rejected by both networks, but your heart is set on promoting Rihanna’s beauty range, there are alternatives…

For example, try your luck with the Ulta affiliate program, which stocks a fab selection of Fenty stuff.

Or think outside the box and help folks get up to 4% cash back on their Fenty purchases…

fenty beauty cash back

And EARN a % of your referrals *GASP* cash back instead! See my cash back affiliate pick to learn HOW. 😉

What Is The Commission Rate?

Since I’m actually unaffiliated with Sovrn Commerce (LOL), I couldn’t dig up the commission details.

But the good news is that Affjumbo provides all the necessary info before joining, which is a bonus.

So, we’ll roll with that network…

As a Fenty Beauty affiliate, you’ll earn a flat 7% commission on your referral sales.

Which isn’t bad at all (in my opinion).

But there’s a 30-day ‘hold period’, which basically covers any customer refunds triggered in that window.

Cookie & Payout Methods

The great thing is that Fenty Beauty offers a 30-day cookie window.

Meaning, if someone clicks your affiliate link and decides to make a purchase within 30 days, YOU still get a commission.

Once you hit a $100 minimum threshold, you can request payout via wire transfer, PayPal (my fave!), Payoneer or other alternatives.

How To Make Bank Promoting Fenty Beauty Products

The best part about affiliate marketing is that there are SOOO many traffic generating avenues to explore.

For example, there are paid strategies like Google and Bing PPC ads, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram ads.

But said methods come with a heck of a lot of risk, especially if you’re a newbie on a shoestring budget.

And then come organic methods (the best kind!) like social media platforms, short to long-form video content channels and blogging.

Speaking of which, I recommend you start a simple niche website to have big success as a Fenty Beauty affiliate.

Because not only is it the MOST cost-effective option, but a niche site is your own brandable “asset” that can be scaled to infinity and beyooond!

(Sorry for stealing your thunder, Buzz Lightyear).

Starting a niche site only requires a few easy steps:

Firstly, find a micro niche within the ‘beauty’ industry because narrowing things will mean the difference between success and failure in Google.

Secondly, purchase a (.com or .net) domain name and webhosting, and connect the two for your own presence online.

Thirdly, install WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to actually build your site for visitors to land on.

Final Thoughts On Rihanna’s Money-Maker

There are numerous reasons why you should take advantage of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty affiliate program.

For starters, you get to partner up with a superstar! Nothing screams “REPUTABLE” louder, right?

And then there’s the fact you’ll be solving the problems of your audience with some sought after top-notch products in the beauty space.

Oh, and did I mention the generous 7% commissions?!

I could ramble on about this bright shiny diamond of an opportunity, but it’s your call at the end of the day.

Your buddy, Neil.

Any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them below in the comments…

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    • Hey Gillian, the United States only seems to be the only country accepted into Fenty Beauty via Sovrn Commerce, as far as I’m aware.

      Alternatively, try promoting FB’s products from a different angle (i.e. cashback reward sites).


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