Expert Secrets Affiliate Program (How To Earn $300/Sale!)

I don’t know about you, but I’m super pumped for this review of the Expert Secrets affiliate program!

WHY, you ask?

Because for starters, I got this book – so I know for a fact it’s jam-packed with VALUE for you and your audience.

Secondly, it costs nothing to get your hands on a copy…

You just pay for shipping – making it an affordable investment for every budding entrepreneur.

And thirdly, you can potentially bank $100s in commissions from each customer sale you generate.

Need I say more?

For the ins and outs of the affiliate program and to discover HOW to earn a potentially life-changing income, continue reading…

What Is Expert Secrets All About?

If you’re unfamiliar with the 352-page Expert Secrets book – it’s the second in a trilogy (DotCom Secrets is the 1st) written by Russell Brunson.

In the author’s words:

“Expert Secrets is the underground playbook for creating mass movement of people who will pay for your advice”.

And in mine:

The book is basically geared towards helping business owners (like you) of all levels to become experts in their chosen niches.

The contents focuses on pointing you in the right direction of sharing your invaluable message to build a big tribe of loyal followers.

Folks, who, will gradually get to knowlike, and trust you as an authority figure in your field.

And as a result, they’ll become lifetime customers of yours, which is the end goal, right?

When it comes to the book’s primary 4 sections, they are as follows:

  1. Creating Your Mass Movement (this section reveals 6 secrets: finding your voice, teaching your frameworks, the 3 core markets or desires, the new opportunity, more money for the same framework & the future-based cause)
  2. Creating Belief (the secrets exposed are: the epiphany bridge & script, the hero’s 2 journeys & the 4 core stories)
  3. “10X Secrets”: One-to-Many Selling (secrets exposed: the perfect webinar framework, big domino, 3 secrets, stack and closes & trial closes)
  4. Becoming Your Dream Customer’s Guide (secrets exposed: testing your presentation live, the perfect webinar shortcut, 5-minute perfect webinar, & plugging “Expert Secrets” into your value ladder.

How Does The Expert Secrets Affiliate Program Work?

In order to promote Expert Secrets as an affiliate, you’ll need to join the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

Simply go to the ClickFunnels sales page, and scroll to the bottom where it says ‘Affiliates’:

clickfunnels affiliates tab

When you click on the tab, you’ll land on the account-creation page to fill in and submit your details:

clickfunnels affiliate program account creation page

Once your application is approved, you can log in to your new ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard area.

Once inside, your first task will be to fill in and submit a tax form to Tipalti to actually be paid any future commissions.

When all that boring stuff’s out the way, I suggest familiarising yourself with the dashboard.

Which, is easy-peasy to get to grips with.

Where To Find Your Affiliate Link

Simply scroll down the affiliate dashboard page and hit the ‘Expert Secrets Book (2nd Edition)’ tab.

And then click the ‘Affiliate Tools – Get My Links’ tab:

expert secrets book affiliate tools tab

Your option is to just copy the link as is or use the ‘Advanced Link Options’ to create custom tracking links.

In my experience, using tracking links is by far the best way to go about promoting the book.

Because it allows you to fine-tune your campaigns rather than wasting time, effort (and sometimes cash) playing the guessing game.

Additionally, you’ll get a handful of social post and video assets to download, and also email swipes for your promotion efforts.

But in my opinion, it’s best to use Canva to create your own assets and also tweak the emails to stand out from other affiliates.

Because you can set yourself up for MUCH bigger success via social media and email marketing (if they’re your paths).

Ready for the juicy part? 😉 …

How Much Can You Earn in Commissions?

Even though the book’s totally free, you can earn $1 per main offer sale.

Yeah, nothing to rave about, I know LOL.

But this is where things start to get exciting.


Because when your customers also buy any one-time-offers inside the sales funnel, you’ll make 40% commissions off of each product sale:

expert secrets affiliate commission breakdown

Where, you can potentially bank up to $311 per book sale.

The same applies to promoting the DotCom Secrets affiliate offer – you’ll bank some tasty commissions in the funnel.

Add to that, if anyone buys a ClickFunnels sales funnel builder subscription (let’s say the basic $97/month plan) on the backend…

That’s an extra $38.80 monthly recurring commission per customer in your pockets.

But that’s not all…

Because this is where the ‘lifetime cookies’ step into the picture.

Which means you can potentially bank a heck of a lot more in commissions down the road.

For example, should your customers also buy any of Russell’s other main products like the:

You’ll get paid off of those sales too.

Can you imagine the income potential?!

How to Best Promote Expert Secrets

Having the green light and resources to promote a great offer is one thing.

But if you lack the “know-how” when it comes to building a successful affiliate Biz, then the whole thing’s pointless.

I’ll say it again: You need a system in place to earn a sustainable web-based income.

Speaking of which, the one I recommend is the free-to-join ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp – so what’s to lose?

This is probably the most obvious choice, since Expert Secrets is a part of the ClickFunnels kingdom after all.

Inside the Bootcamp, there are 16 lengthy training videos (divided into 4 days) from some of Russell Brunson’s top affiliates.

Where, each day, you can learn from 4 marketers on various effective internet marketing topics.

I’ve done the training myself, so trust me when I say that it’s one heck of a value-packed coaching course.

However, the Bootcamp is designed as more of a steppingstone for the ‘One Funnel Away Challenge’.

Where, for $100 one-time, you’ll learn how to build a highly lucrative sales funnel from scratch (step-by-step) in 30 days.

Which also means you’ll need to buy a ClickFunnels subscription (among other tools) to actually build the funnel and scale your results.

Or you could just learn how to start and grow a successful niche blog if you prefer.

Blogging’s how I started out with affiliate marketing and what I still do to this day.

Because it’s a cheap and highly effective strategy when done right.

Wrapping it up…

In my opinion, the Expert Secrets contents offers both you and your audience tremendous amounts of value for real business growth.

So, I don’t see the demand for this book “fizzling out” any time soon.

Which, from an affiliate standpoint, presents a huge opportunity to promote the book as THE solution to your audience’s problems.

Furthermore, with lifetime cookies and 40% one-time/recurring commissions up for grabs on numerous products in a singular sales funnel…

You can potentially earn a full-time living by promoting the book alone.

But just bear in mind (especially as a noob) that affiliate marketing takes consistent effort and time before the commissions start stacking up.


Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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