#1 ERC Affiliate Program For 2022 (Bottom Line Concepts!)

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Ever wanted astronomical commissions like Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ boss-babe-brokers, but WITHOUT selling a single thing?!

Then listen up…

The Botton Line Concepts Employee Retention Credit (ERC) affiliate program allows you to bank a 4 – 6-figure commission per referral!

In fact, armed with the right knowledge, support, resources and work ethic, you can POTENTIALLY hit 7 figures this time next year.


By basically playing your part in stabilising and growing the American economy…

HELPING numerous small business owners get their hands on COVID-19 relief grants to retain their employees.

And get this…

It won’t cost you a single penny to partake in the affiliate opportunity.

Neither will your Biz owner referrals be required to dip into their pockets.

Which is as rare as rocking horse sh*t in the affiliate marketing realm, right?

But before I spill the beans on this powerful once-in-a-lifetime ERC affiliate opportunity…

What IS Employee Retention Credit, And How Does It Work?

When the global pandemic struck, and USA-based companies came to a halt – the federal government released numerous programs to offer them financial aid.

Two of which, were called PPP and ERC.

PPP (which you’re likely familiar with) is the ‘Paycheck Protection Program‘ revolving around forgivable loans.

And ERC is ‘Employee Retention Credit‘ – a fully refundable payroll tax credit that some Biz owners can still apply for today.

Astonishingly, $400 billion *GASP* was set aside for the ERC pot!

And from that pot, Biz owners are entitled to (on average) $10,000 per employee.

I won’t dive into the ERC specifics and FAQs – that’s the job of the IRS…

But (in the name of simplicity) for qualifying businesses hit hard by the Coronavirus outbreak – they can claim credits between certain dates of 2020 – 2021.

Depending on size and other metrics – some businesses have already received $10,000s – $1,000,000s in Coronavirus relief from the IRS.

Watch video to learn more:

However, the plug will be pulled on the ERC program in August 2024 (others say in 2025)…

Either way, time is of the essence – Biz owners must file their claims for potential funds owed to them, pronto.

Who Qualifies For ERC?

There are numerous factors that come into play to determine who’s eligible for the payroll tax credits during Covid.

For example, organizations (and even non-profits) can file claims IF they meet the following criteria:

  • Have between 5 & 500 W-2 employees
  • A change in business hours
  • Partial or full suspension of operations
  • Shutdown of supply chains or vendors
  • Reductions in services offered
  • Reductions in employees’ workloads
  • Business disruptions (division or department closures)
  • Inability to visit client job sites
  • Suppliers were unable to make critical good/material deliveries
  • Additional spacing requirements due to social distancing
  • Job role/function changes
  • Tasks that couldn’t be done from home or while transitioning to remote working
  • Lack of travel
  • Lack of meetings

Even if businesses already claimed PPP (applicable to wages not used for PPP), didn’t suffer reduced revenue or were deemed essential during the pandemic…

They can STILL potentially qualify for ERC.

Reference: ERC Program Qualifications.

How To Claim ERC

For a potential candidate to grab their fair share of the pie, they must complete and file Form 941-X with their quarterly federal tax return.

Except, the paperwork-filling process is a complex bumpy road – making it a pain for the Biz owner to make an accurate claim.

The solution?

There’s a handful of third-party ERC professional services that will do ALL the work on their behalf.

But unfortunately, there are also dirty scammers lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on Biz owners.

Which is why it’s crucial to do their due diligence beforehand.

Any “LEGIT” third-party service comprising REAL tax experts will:

  • HAVE a professional-looking website (WITH a genuine address & contact info)
  • BE highly reputable (WITH actual happy clients)
  • NEVER ask for a flat fee upfront (their service is ‘No Win, No Fee’)
  • NEVER promise anyone self-employed with no employees can qualify
  • DO things by the book (NO unethical corner-cutting involved)

One such legitimate service that ticks all the right boxes is called…

YEP, you guessed it…

‘Bottom Line Concepts’ (ERC Specialists!)

bottom line concepts website

Established in 2009, Bottom Line Concepts (BLC – an Inc. 5000 company) is a US consulting firm that audits for refunds and negotiates for savings.

The firm makes a “zero risk, zero out of pocket cost, zero obligation” promise to small and big sized Biz owners for total piece of mind.

Here’s a bunch of BLC’s happy clients and some testimonials for good measure:

State Clients/Testimonials:

Industry Clients/Testimonials:

From an ERC angle, Bottom Line Concepts specializes in maximizing credits with a fast, simple and streamlined process of up to $26K per employee.

At the time of writing, it’s already helped over 5,000 businesses (comprising 140,000+ employees) recover almost $1.3 billion in credits!

Let’s hear from the Bottom Line Concepts CEO/Founder (Josh Fox) for a sec:

If what you’ve just read, seen and heard doesn’t speak volumes about BLC’s “credibility”, I don’t know what will.

How The Bottom Line Concepts ERC Affiliate Program Works

For every business you refer (via your unique partner link) to Bottom Line Concepts that qualifies for ERC – you’ll earn a commission.

But you’ll only be paid IF the business has received its grant check from the IRS and also paid BLC’s service fee.

And then BLC will pay you your cut from that fee.

As I said, the affiliate program doesn’t cost you a cent to join, and Biz owners only pay BLC a fee if they win a claim for them.

So, the whole thing’s risk-free – it’s winner winner, chicken dinner for all parties, right?

Let’s dive into the deets…

How Much Can You Make In Commissions?

Bottom Line Concepts pays you a 10% commission on every successful claim.

For example, let’s say a referred Biz owner receives a HUGE payout of $1 million (which does happen, BTW) from the IRS…

The Biz owner then pays anywhere from a 10% – 30% fee to BLC.

So, let’s say he or she pays BLC a 20% fee out of the $1,000,000, which is $200,000.

Congrats, BLC is sending you a juicy $20,000 commission!

Imagine if you referred 25, 50, 100+ qualifying various-sized businesses to BLC over a 12-month period!

Ready for the icing on the cake?…

BLC also pays out 5% override commissions on your referral partner introductions.

YES, you can build yourself an affiliate army and earn even MORE dollars on tier 2!

But first you’re required to refer at least 3 qualifying businesses yourself, before bringing other affiliates on board.

However, it’s important to note you won’t receive commissions right off the bat.

Because it can take the IRS roughly 3 – 6 months to pay Biz owners their well-deserved credits.

But it’ll be so worth the wait, right? 😉

Also, bear in mind that not all businesses are equal – you won’t reel in Jaws every time.

But even one small Nemo catch can trump a whole month of sucky day job pay.

How Do You Become An Affiliate?

First of all, the Bottom Line Concepts affiliate program is open to anyone in or outside the USA.

The bad news is the affiliate program is INVITE ONLY (as far as I’m aware).

But the good news is I have an invitation waiting with your name on it…

Simply email neil@affiliateivy.com with “BLC Rocks, I Want In!” in the subject and I’ll hook you up.

The referral form’s a piece of cake – there’s only a handful of fields to fill for automatic approval.

BLC will then email you your login info, an affiliate agreement to sign, and tax form to complete.

Additionally, you’ll receive an affiliate resources page comprising:

  • Client & partner referral forms + marketing materials
  • ERC deal & collection stages
  • Referral Partner zoom calls (essential weekly recordings & onboarding calls with experts – Jason & Michael)
  • Email templates
  • Related links & IRS guidelines
  • US & industry one-pagers
  • FAQ section…

The whole shebang for hitting the ground running as a BLC affiliate/partner/broker (whatever it’s called lol).

What’s The Best Way To Earn With BLC?

As a US citizen, the absolute best approach is to list and visit all the local businesses in your area (even better if you know them personally)…

Build rapport face-to-face and connect them to Bottom Line Concepts – where specialists are happy to help.

Alternatively, there’s the option to call and/or email Biz owners, which is the best way for non-US affiliates.

And if Biz owners have ERC queries – don’t forget the BLC affiliate resources page at your disposal.

However, if you’d like to extend your reach and potentially refer Biz owners actively researching ERC on the web…

Then I highly recommend you start a micro niche website and/or YouTube channel revolving around ERC.

Because the more topic-focused blog/video content you put on Google/YouTube…

The more authority, credibility, targeted traffic, potential referrals and commissions you’ll gain.

Start your WordPress blog/YT channel (+ get affiliate training and support) via Commission Academy – it’s free.

Conclusion On Bottom Line Concept’s ERC Affiliate Program

As much pain, grief and suffering the dreaded pandemic has caused the world…

There never has been (and more likely never will be) such an incredible opportunity to earn BIG online by helping struggling Biz owners in the USA.

And there was me thinking affiliate programs like Freedom Breakthrough are the big boy earners…

ERC affiliate programs just gave the “high-ticket” world a whole new shot in the arm!

So, being an ERC affiliate can really be a life-changer IF you act on it.

But there’s only a short shelf life on the whole ERC thing.

Which is why you must get your skates on, or you’ll miss the boat.

As for Bottom Line Concepts, it’s one of the MOST reputable and trustworthy consulting firms to partner up with as an ERC affiliate.

So, you and your referrals are definitely in good hands with BLC.

Plus, with $0 to spend out of anyone’s pockets – there’s NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Your buddy, Neil 🙂

Got any thoughts or questions to get off your chest on ERC/BLC? Let’s hear your comments below…

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  1. Dear Sir,

    It is a good program, yes excellent.

    As an affiliate or agent, (Not registered yet) I live in the UK and I wonder if it is possible to have agents who live in the USA but be connected to me as intro agents on the ground. In other words, he or she could share the commission?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    • I guess it’s possible to build a team of agents “unoficially”. But you’d need to double check the agreement terms of your chosen ERC affiliate program first.

      But then there’s the whole trust issue. You’ll need to find trustworthy agents to represent you and who will also trust you in return when it comes to splitting your commissions.

      The safest, logical and best way is to build a team of affiliates under you on tier 2. That way they’re hard-coded to you – when they refer qualifying businesses and earn 10%, you’ll also automatically receive 5% commissions per referral from Bottom Line Concepts.

      Shoot me an email to neil@affiliateivy.com if BLC sounds like your cuppa, and I’ll help you become a partner, as well as support you along the way. Neil 😀


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