DotCom Secrets Affiliate Program (Make $300+ Per Book!)

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Are you ready to join one of the HOTTEST affiliate programs and earn over $300 from every DotCom Secrets book sale?

Then you’re in the right place!

Because in this review, you’re not just getting the inside scoop on one of Russell Brunson’s best-selling books…

But I’m also revealing the best way on how you can promote it for mega commissions potentially rolling into your bank.

Sound great?

Good stuff, let’s gooo!…

What Is DotCom Secrets All About?

If you’re not already aquatinted with DotCom Secrets, it’s the very first book in a trilogy (Expert Secrets is the 2nd) written by Russell Brunson.

In Brunson’s words:

“DotCom Secrets is the underground playbook for growing your company online with sales funnels.”

The book targets just about any type of digital or offline business owner – helping them to really scale to the moon for maximum profits.

So whatever your industry, niche, business model, and internet marketing experience level…

Russell basically breaks down all the components into a blueprint to follow for building a successful funnel from scratch.

Here are some of the essential book sections to read and take action on:

  • Sales Funnel Secrets (Russell helps you lay the foundations by understanding your dream customers & introducing you to the “value ladder”).
  • Funnels in The Ladder (you’ll learn all about “the attractive character”, email lead qualification, & “the Seinfeld Method” – which are all tried & true strategies)
  • Funnel Scripts (things start getting heated because Russell dives into the 7 funnel phases & also others’ success formulas)
  • Building Your Funnel (the real meat & potatoes come into play here because Russell reveals all 23 of the successful sales funnel building blocks.

Plus, SOOO MUCH more juiciness to follow inside the FREE (YUP, $0 cost!) book….

👉 Grab DotCom Secrets!

How The DotCom Secrets Affiliate Program Works…

First of all, you must apply to become a ClickFunnels affiliate, which goes without saying LOL.

So just head over to the ClickFunnels homepage and scroll to the ‘Affiliates’ tab at the very bottom:

clickfunnels affiliates tab

And then you click on that tab, which takes you directly to the ClickFunnels affiliate signup page to submit your details:

clickfunnels affiliate program account creation page

Once Russell’s team has given you the go-ahead, you’ll be able to login to your new affiliate dashboard area.

There, you’ll first need to complete all the boring tax form stuff to actually qualify for commission payments from Tipalti.

But when that’s dealt with, I recommend getting familiar with the whole affiliate dashboard area.

Which really is a piece of lemon drizzle cake.

How To Find Your Affiliate Link

You just simply keep scrolling down the dashboard until you reach the ‘DotCom Secrets (2nd Edition’ tab.

And then hit the ‘Affiliate Tools – Get My Links’ tab:

dotcom secrets book affiliate tools tab

From there, you simply grab your affiliate link as it is or take advantage of the ‘Advanced Link Options’ for creating custom tracking links.

Which, in my experience, is the best way to promote DotCom Secrets.

Because you can fine-tune your campaigns to really hone in on the traffic generation strategies that work best for you.

It sure as hell beats randomly chucking darts at the bullseye blindfolded, I’m telling ya!

In addition, Russell gives you access to social, email, and video assets to help you promote the book with ease.

But with that said, it’s WAY better to tweak the emails and create your own media assets using a tool like Canva.

Because you’ll stand out from all the other ClickFunnels affiliates by doing so = potentially better results.

What You Can Earn In Commissions

I know it’s nothing to exactly shout home about, but you can earn $1 from each book sale.

Whoopty do.

But the real money’s to be made from the upsells I mentioned earlier.

Because you’ll earn a 40% commission off of every additional product sale in the funnel:

dotcom secrets affiliate commission breakdown

You can earn an extra:

  • $14.80 per Audio Book sale
  • $38.80 per 2 Day Event sale
  • Up to $58.80 per Funnel U sale
  • Up to $118.80 per Funnel Accelerator Action Pack (which comprises the One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate offer) sale
  • And up to $78.80 per Ultimate Marketing Video Toolkit sale

So, when you add up the products, you can potentially earn a WHOPPING $311 off of every book sold!

The same applies if you promote the Expert Secrets affiliate offer – you’ll earn some pretty tasty commissions.

But for the cake icing, if any customer also buys a ClickFunnels sales funnel builder subscription at the $97/month base level, for example…

That’s an extra $38.80 monthly recurring commission in ya pocket!

However, there are some terms to be met before your ClickFunnels commissions are bumped to 40%.

But can you imagine the income potential if you referred 10, 20 or even 50 software customers (+ book sales)!?

And to add a cherry on top, Russell also “lifetime cookies” you…

Meaning, if your customers purchase any more of his main products in future, you’ll earn even more buckaroonies.

How Should You Promote DotCom Secrets?

There are numerous ways you can promote the book – blogging, YouTube vlogs, TikTok videos, and Facebook organic, etc.

It all boils down to your own preferences, at the end of the day.

But since DotCom Secrets revolves around sales funnels, I recommend the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp – it’s free to join.

Which consists of 16 in-depth training videos on various marketing topics from some of Brunson’s top-dog affiliates.

You will gain access to 4 videos per day over 4 days that are full to the brim of golden nuggets to apply to your Biz.

The only downside to the Bootcamp is that it’s not exactly designed as a step-by-step blueprint.

So really, Bootcamp’s just used as a steppingstone…

Which is where the One Funnel Away Challenge steps in for a reasonable one-time $297 investment within the DotCom Secrets book funnel.

Because OFA is actually designed to help you build a successful funnel from scratch (step-by-step) in 30 days.

But obviously, you’ll also need a ClickFunnels subscription for $97/month for – which is the software for building out your funnel.

In fact, another fab way to promote DotCom Secrets is to build a niche blog.

Because blogging is how I earned $6,000+ in commissions, promoting Russell’s Perfect Webinar Script.

Which you can get the skinny on in my list of top webinar affiliate programs to promote.

Conclusion: Is The DotCom Secrets Affiliate Program Worth it?

After reading DotCom Secrets myself, I can honestly say it’s one of the BEST actionable Biz-building books I’ve read.

Kudos to Mr. Russell Brunson!

So, because this book packs a powerful punch for business owners – especially ones in need of the skills for building lucrative funnels…

It’s certainly worth its weight in gold for both customers and affiliates.

In fact, I think it’s an extremely sought-after book thanks to covid and the state of the economy right now.

Which means a BIG affiliate opportunity for you to generate a full-time income promoting the book to newbies and struggling Biz owners.

Furthermore, with 40% one-time/recurring commissions and lifetime cookies across Russell’s entire product range…

You’d be crazy not to partake in the ClickFunnels affiliate program and become another success story.

However, affiliate marketing does require blood, sweat, tears, and time – no matter what niche you build a Biz in.

So, hitting the big bucks will be easier said than done – but it’s totally doable.

Psst… to finish this review, I recommend you check out Russell Brunson’s latest affiliate program: Secrets Of Success – the product focuses on self-improvement/mindset, which makes a FAB DotCom Secrets addon opportunity.

Your buddy, Neil.

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