Commission Academy Affiliate Program$ (My 2024 Review!)

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What Is Commission Academy All About?

commission academy website

More specifically, noobs are shown how to start a niche website (aka WordPress blog) and transform it into a job-replacing passive income down the road…

Without the need to be clued-up on all that tricky techie “stuff” (UGH!) from the get-go.

Commission Academy’s 3-Step Formula

When it comes to Commission Academy’s zero-cost 16-lesson course, it revolves around 3 key areas:

#1: Learn

Following Dale’s over-the-shoulder training, you’ll learn how to position yourself as a highly successful affiliate from the offset.

#2: Build

“Build It And They Will Come” (sorry, I couldn’t resist that ‘Field of Dreams’ movie quote!)

By leveraging Dale’s powerful tool, resource and support recommendations – you can easily create your own profit-ready niche site and webpages.

#3: Earn

“Show Me The Money!” (‘Jerry Maguire’ if you hadn’t have guessed LOL).

This is the last magical ingredient that can allow you to create an unlimited number of revenue streams…

By simply finding affiliate programs and products to promote that can bank you up to 75% commissions per sale!

Join Commission Academy

Once behind the scenes of Commission Academy, you’ll discover the following lessons under the ‘Fast-Start Training’ module…

Fast-Start Training (16 Videos)

Within the module, Dale covers all the bases of getting a niche website up and running one step at a time, and growing it into a lucrative online Biz.

fast start training
Fast-start training module example.

Plus, you’ll learn a little about affiliate marketing, email marketing, keyword research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) and YouTube.

Here’s the full list of newbie-friendly video lessons:

  1. Meet Your Instructor (1.49 minutes long)
  2. The Process Explained (5.43 mins)
  3. Choose a Niche (3.55 mins)
  4. Launch Your Website (text & screenshot walkthrough tutorial)
  5. Laying The Foundation For Success (7.14 mins)
  6. Creating Your Initial Content (7.30 mins)
  7. Leveraging an Email List (7.36 mins)
  8. Finding Profitable Keywords (8.12 mins)
  9. Creating Content That Ranks (13.04 mins)
  10. Tracking Your Progress (8.54 mins)
  11. Monetizing Your Traffic (9.35 mins)
  12. Customizing Your Website (13.47 mins)
  13. Scaling With Videos (5.41 mins)
  14. Mastering Email Marketing (13.06 mins)
  15. SEO Techniques To Rank Higher (6.20 mins)
  16. Your 90-Day Success Plan (3.55 mins)
commission academy niche finder tool
ai writing tools

How The Commission Academy Affiliate Program Works

Before you’re granted affiliate access, you must join Commission Academy and do the actual Fast-Start training.

It’s to familiarise yourself with the course to make recommending it to your target audience a piece of cake, not to mention A LOT more fun.

Plus, if you’re a total novice, then what better way to learn HOW to successfully promote Commission Academy as an affiliate.

Right? 😉

The free course is where the true Disney-like magic happens from an affiliate program standpoint.

Because as your referred members go through the videos, Dale recommends certain third-party tools and resources at different stages of the training.

training resource recommendations
For example; Wealthy Affiliate recommended under video lesson 5.

Which are all PAID resources your referrals require for implementing the training to start and scale their online businesses.

So, YEP, you’ve guessed it…

When your referrals BUY (via YOUR affiliate links – which you’ll learn about in a jiffy), the relevant affiliate programs pay you commissions.

How Much Can You Earn in Commissions?

The truth be told, Commission Academy isn’t an affiliate program per se.

It’s more of an umbrella platform that houses multiple third-party company affiliate programs.

So, you just promote the ONE link to earn multiple streams of income by promoting the following resources:

  • Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate marketing community) – earn $11.75 – $60/month or $117.50 – $720/year recurring commission per referral depending on your membership level
  • Bloggomatic – 20% recurring commissions per customer
  • Writesonic (Artificial Intelligence tool) – 30% monthly recurring commission per Premium referral)
  • AWeber (email autoresponder service) – up to 50% monthly recurring commission per sale)
  • Mangools (SEO software & keyword tool) – 30% monthly recurring commission per sale
  • Lasso – 20% commission per sale for first 12 months
  • Fiverr – earn commissions of 25% to 100%
  • GeneratePress – earn up to 30% on every new sale
  • Legendary Marketer (high-ticket internet & affiliate marketing coaching program) – 30 – 60% commissions on subscriptions, courses & events
Join Commission Academy

Setting Up Your Income Streams

Step #1 is to join the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program (your bread and butter revenue stream) and community for free via the Commission Academy training.

However, if you upgrade as a Premium Wealthy Affiliate member, your commissions are DOUBLED…

You can earn a combo of $23.50 – $60/monthly and $235 – $720/yearly commissions from your Premium referrals.

Let’s shed more light on WA’s affiliate commission structure to excite your bones:

wealthy affiliates affiliate program commissions

Once you’re a free (preferably paid) WA member, proceed to the next step…

Step #2 is to set up Wealthy Affiliate as your ‘Main Income Stream’ inside Commission Academy.

Simply click the ‘Earn’ tab and go to ‘My Income Streams’ at the top of the dashboard:

commission academy dashboard earning tab

Which brings you to this page, where you’ll hit the ‘Configure Now’ button:

commission academy affiliate program configuration

And then it’s a case of clicking the mini ‘How Do’ tutorials to add and save your WA affiliate referral link and username:

main income stream configuration

When you’re ready to rock n’ roll, hit the ‘Promote Now’ tab for your Commission Academy affiliate link to add to your niche website.

But whether you choose to see it as an upside or Debbie Downer…

You can’t configure your additional income streams until you’ve referred 10 new Commission Academy members (which I did in a short time).

In my opinion, it’s a good incentive to work your ass off.

And in all honesty, referring your first 10 free referrals is a piece of cake anyway – the platform converts pretty well on the front end.

Here’s even more cheery news to brighten up your day…

It’s Vegas Time, Baby! (Super Affiliate Conference)

Put those potentially life-changing buckaroonies to one side for a sec.

Because here’s the super sweet thick icing on the cake…

Each year, Wealthy Affiliate invites affiliates on a 4-day all-expenses-paid (flights, digs, grub, bevvies, spends + swag) trip to Vegas.

Which is better known as the Vegas ‘Super Affiliate Conference’.

wealthy affiliate super affiliate conference in las vegas

Where you don’t just rub shoulders with Dale, Simon, and other successful WA affiliates (including co-founders, Kyle and Carson)…

But you’ll have 4 super FUN-filled days hanging out with the entrepreneurial gang.

To qualify for this annual Vegas-tastic incentive, you need 300 new Premium referrals in a given year.

So, with the power of the Commission Academy affiliate program, training, and your efforts combined, the trip’s yours for the taking, baby!

Commission Academy Affiliate Program Wrapped Up

I’ve done this affiliate marketing stuff since the good old days of 1999 (YUP, I’m an old schooler lol).

And to tell the truth, I haven’t found many platforms that can match the Commission Academy affiliate program.

The multiple income stream programs I found or joined were either extortionate recruitment schemes…

Pay to play high-ticket coaching schemes…

Or Done-For-You system crap with ridiculous costs as well.

So, with Commission Academy not costing a single penny, makes the affiliate program a breath of fresh air.

So, it’s definitely worth promoting the heck out of to earn a passive from all angles.

And don’t take your eyes off the prize when it comes to WA’s fun-filled Vegas trip either.

Because it’s one heck of an annual Super Affiliate Conference not to be missed!

Join Commission Academy

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Your buddy, Neil.

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