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I’m a ClickFunnels affiliate & will receive a commission on any purchase in this post (at no extra cost to you). See my disclaimer for more info.

Yup, you’re just ONE (final) review away from hopping onboard the ClickFunnels affiliate program – one of the HOTTEST money-makers on the planet!

Now, I’m not here to bore you to tears with the inner software workings.


Because it’s beyond the scope of this review.

All jokes aside, we’re about to explore (in-depth) the ClickFunnels affiliate opportunity side of things and HOW to potentially change your life.

So, without beating around the bush, let’s jump into the essential deets on this golden goose egg and get you partnered up…

How Does The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Work?

In a nutshell, whenever someone signs up for a 14-day free ClickFunnels trial (via your unique affiliate link) – they are tied to you.

But the magic truly happens when they choose to stay on as (monthly) paying customer after the trial.

Because ClickFunnels co-founder (Russell Brunson) rewards you with a monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of that customer.

The best part is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to your earning potential – you can refer as many paid users as humanly possible.

Is The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Free?

This seems to be a common question that pops up online, which I’ll answer…

YES, it’s totally free to become a ClickFunnels affiliate – there are no hidden fees or nasty surprises lurking in the shadows.

So, you aren’t required to be a ClickFunnels customer to start banking the affiliate buckaroonies.

Having said that, you’ll automatically be enrolled into the affiliate program from the get-go, if you buy a software monthly plan after taking a trial yourself.

But you’ll still need to set up your affiliate account and agree to the terms, etc (which is cinch), to get rolling.

How To Sign Up as a Free ClickFunnels Affiliate

In order to become an affiliate, you have one of two options:

First, grab a free ClickFunnels trial via the sales page and become an actual customer afterwards.

Because as the saying goes – you’ll kill two birds with one stone…

#1: You’ll get automatic affiliate approval (as already mentioned) – it saves you having to fill in the application and wait to be approved.

#2: Being a software user puts you in a winning “authoritative” position – making it easier and more fun to promote to your tribe down the road.

The second option is to scroll to the ‘Affiliates’ tab in the footer:

clickfunnels affiliates tab

On the other side of that tab, you’ll land on the affiliate signup page:

clickfunnels affiliate program account creation page

Where your info is required to create your affiliate account.

I’m not entirely sure how long it takes to be approved these days, as I joined a few moons ago (YEAH, I’m a dinosaur LOL).

But you’ll receive an email with your login info when/if you have the go-ahead as a new affiliate.

And then it’s a case of getting to grips with the easy-to-navigate dashboard comprising resources (i.e. links and banners) to start promoting ClickFunnels stuff.

The Commission Rates

Due to the bad apples (shameless affiliates) attempting to spoil things for US good eggs, Russell Brunson gave his affiliate program a makeover in 2019.

Which means new affiliates can no longer directly promote ClickFunnels software right off the bat.

You must prove yourself a worthy warrior before Passing GO and collecting the full 40% recurring commissions.

Let me explain…

As a new affiliate, you’re restricted to promoting Russell Brunson’s front-end products like:

Promoting these offers (with upsells included) will land you 40% commissions ($300+ potential earnings per customer!)

Additionally, you’ll bank $100 commissions per sale of the One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate and 30 Days affiliate products.

But here’s the juicy “monthly passive income” opportunity on the backend of said products…

You’ll earn up to 40% monthly recurring commissions per front end customer who ALSO purchases a ClickFunnels software subscription.

You’ll start off with 20% recurring commissions until you’ve banked at least $1,000 in a single month and also completed the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit.

Which unlocks the door for you to apply for ‘approved affiliate’ status for 30% recurring commissions.

Once you hit a threshold of 40 active customers (for a 30-day period), you’ll qualify for the full 40% recurring commissions.

So, based on the 40% rate (for example), you’ll earn a commission of:

  • $38.80/month per ClickFunnels Basic plan subscription ($97/month cost)
  • $118.80/month per Platinum plan subscription ($297/month cost)

Not too shabby, eh?

The Cookie Duration

What I love best about the ClickFunnels affiliate program is its “sticky” cookie that lasts forever and a day.

Meaning your customers are “stuck” to you for life.

So, if they choose to upgrade their software plans and/or buy more of Russell’s front end offers/upsells in the future – you can be quids in for a long time.

Payout Method & Criteria

What’s great about being paid is that there’s a PayPal payout option – dunno about you, but I just find it so much easier.

Also, you must meet a $100 minimum threshold before payout happens, which can be pretty easy to accumulate in my experience.

In fact, it incentivises you if anything.

However, the only downside is that there’s a 30 – 45-day “cooling off” period due to refunds, etc – before receiving your earnings.

So, be prepared to wait it out once you’ve made a bunch of sales.

Where To Find Your Affiliate Links

Before grabbing your links inside the affiliate dashboard, you must first set up a Tipalti account and complete the boring tax form stuff.

Tipalti is basically a third-party app used by Russell Brunson to manage and payout your commissions.

But once finalised, return to the dashboard and scroll down to find your DotCom, Expert and Traffic Secrets book affiliate links:

russell brunson secrets book affiliate links

Which is where you’ll also discover cool link tracking options, banners and email swipes to help with your conversions.

The same applies to your ClickFunnels software affiliate link (which you can’t directly promote until you’re an ‘approved affiliate’ anyways):

affiliate center tab

When you hit the ‘Affiliate Tools’ tab, it leads to a page with 3 different landing page links to promote ClickFunnels:

clickfunnels affiliate landing pages

You have a choice of the 14-day free trial, Funnel Builder Secrets and Secret Funnel Strategy pages available to promote.

For your affiliate link, simply hit ‘Get Affiliate Tools’ under your chosen offer page, which takes you to your unique default link:

affiliate link generator

Again, you even have the option of creating custom affiliate links using the link generator.

Which is a totally awesome tool when it comes to tracking your campaigns for conversions.

Lastly, you also get a bunch of resources to aid in the promotion of your ClickFunnels landing pages.

ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest (Beep Beep!)

It’s no secret that the ‘Dream Car Contest’ is the driving force behind some of the top ClickFunnels Super Affiliates.

So, if you’d like to join the ranks of the “elite” affiliates on the podium and qualify for your own dream car…

Then refer 100 active paying customers, and Russell will cover the lease of your car for up to $500/month.

But if that’s not enough, then refer 200 active customers, and he’ll ramp up your car lease cover to $1,000/month!

And that’s ON TOP of your *GASP* monthly affiliate earnings.

However, there are certain contest rules to abide by to qualify for said extra perks, which is understandable.

But this contest is definitely not to be sniffed at, in my manual.

“The Your First Funnel Challenge” (+ ClickFunnels 2.0) Affiliate Program

To go hand-in-hand with the brand-new launch of ClickFunnels 2.0 on October 4TH 2022, Russell has introduced “The Your First Funnel Challenge”.

Which is a 5-day challenge for the more serious business owners, in my opinion.

Where he shows students how to “bootstrap” their business and have a funnel up and running quickly.

At the end of the challenge, your referrals will be able to sign up for Russell’s ‘Funnel Builder Training’ or ‘Funnel Builder Certification’…

And also grab 6-month access to ClickFunnels 2.0 included in each package.

This is EPIC news for you as an affiliate because you can earn $100s if not $1,000s in commissions:

the your first funnel challenge affiliate commissions

You’ll earn:

  • $89.10/month commissions with Your First Funnel Trial ($297/month cost)
  • $2,000 one-time commission with the Funnel Builder Certification ($9,997 cost)
  • $300 one-time commission with the Funnel Builder Training ($997 cost)

ClickFunnels 2.0 alone has three different pricing plans:

  • Basic – $147/month
  • Pro – $197/month
  • Funnel Hacker – $297/month (at the time of writing)

Which all also come with free 14-day trials.

So, can you imagine your recurring commissions in addition to the initial commissions when your customers reach the end of their 6-month access!

However, you won’t find ‘The Your First Funnel Challenge’ or ClickFunnels 2.0 in your main affiliate area.

Whether this will change, I’m unsure.

So, you’ll need to apply separately via the tab at the very top of the affiliate signup page.

How To Make Money With The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

There are many ways to go about promoting Russell Brunson’s front end products and ClickFunnels for the buckaroonies.

One such obvious method is by taking part in Russell’s free Affiliate Bootcamp Summit training.

But the real meat and potatoes of Affiliate Bootcamp lies with the One Funnel Away Challenge to join on the back end.

Because you’ll be shown (step-by-step) how to build a successful sales funnel promoting any of Russell’s front end affiliate offers.

Alternatively, see the 72 Hr Freedom Challenge, which is an introduction to Jonathan Montoya’s flagship course (Freedom Accelerator).

Especially if you’re new to the concepts of funnel building, affiliate and email marketing, and traffic generation.

Because Freedom Accelerator offers the done-for-you resources, over-the-shoulder training and proven traffic strategies to build a 6-figure “affiliate stacking ecosystem”…

Which incorporates ClickFunnels as not only one of the tools for building out the actual system, but one of your numerous affiliate income streams.

Oh, and did I mention that the DotCom, Expert and Traffic Secrets books are other income streams built into your system too. 😉

Conclusion: Is It Worth Being A ClickFunnels Affiliate?

In my own experience, promoting the software has been one of the BEST and easiest affiliate programs to make bank with.

Don’t forget the dream car contest too (which I’m personally working towards) – it certainly sweetens the deal.

So, a big fat YES, the ClickFunnels affiliate program is totally worth a shot.

But obviously, easy results and incentives never come without the blood, sweat and tears.

So, be prepared to work your socks off, whether it be blogging or the sales funnel route to generating a life-changing income.

Psst… before you go, also check out Russell Brunson’s newest life-changing Secrets Of Success affiliate program in the personal development/mindset space 😉

Peace out.


Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please drop them below in the comments…

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  1. I’ve been using ClickFunnels for years now and I am really happy with its performance so far. I highly recommend this for everyone who wants to up their game in sales whether they’re experienced or beginners in the online marketing world.

    Great article, by the way, I’ll definitely check out your other blogs.

    clickfunnels certified

    • That’s awesome, Kennie!

      Although it’s a bit pricey compared to some funnel builders, ClickFunnels is certainly one piece of amazing software that gets the job done.

      Thanks, I look forward to more of your visits 🙂


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