Can You Have Multiple Affiliate Programs On ONE Blog? (YEP!)

Your question: Can you have multiple affiliate programs on one niche website?

My answer is: Hell, YES!

But just because you can cram a gazillion affiliate programs and products into your WordPress blog, doesn’t mean you should go all cat crazy.

Because in the eyes of your visitors and the “almighty G” (Google), you seem a desperate and sleezy sales guy or gal.

It won’t go down well for your street cred, not to mention search engine rankings, traffic, sales conversion and commission figures.

Your whole online business will resemble the Titanic.

So, I’m gonna shed some light on the subject – helping you stay in everyone’s good books, while building a sustainable Biz in the process…

How Many Affiliate Programs Should You Join?

Realistically speaking, you can join as many niche-specific affiliate programs as your heart desires.

In my experience, it’s good to have an assortment of programs in your arsenal for a number of good reasons.

For example, it puts you in a strong position to branch out with multiple income streams.

But more importantly, you should never put all your eggs in one basket anyway.

Because certain actions are beyond your control – negatively impacting your online Biz…

On rare occasions, companies can close their programs (the Starbucks affiliate program springs to mind), switch networks, slash commission rates (cough cough, Amazon), you name it..

So, don’t be a chancer – play the game safe with an open mind.

Ideally, you should partner up with no more than 3 affiliate programs for your site to avoid spreading yourself like butter on toast.

But also mix things up, which brings me to the next topic…

Criteria For Selecting The RIGHT Affiliate Programs

When it comes to partnering with ANY affiliate program revolving around your niche, there are certain key factors to bear in mind before applying.

That basically help to fulfil and safeguard the needs of you and your customers:

#1: Is It Reputable?

For the sake of both parties, it’s crucial that you really do your homework online when it comes affiliate programs and products.

Because take it from me, there’s some right old shady crap on the internet.

A rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t personally buy or sell the products/services to your own mom, then don’t promote them at all. Period.

Otherwise, it will only make your customers feel lousy and earn you a bad reputation in your niche.

So, the keyword is: VALUE.

#2: Nature Of Commissions

The best advice I can offer (affiliate to affiliate) is NEVER short sell yourself or allow some companies to exploit you.

Yeah sure, companies dictate the terms of their affiliate programs and agreements.

But whether you peddle their stuff is entirely your call, at the end of the day.

Affiliate programs offer you anywhere in the region of:

  • 1% (low-ticket) – 100%+ (high-ticket) commissions
  • Recurring (monthly/yearly) – one-time commissions
  • 24-hour – lifetime cookies (which are also of the utmost importance)

Based on your niche, product quality and prices, conversion rates, not to mention your time and effort – these factors should encourage you to make the smart affiliate choices.

#3 The Payout Nature

The epic thing about affiliate marketing is that you can pretty much work anywhere globally with a Wi Fi connection.

But the crucial thing is that you actually get paid your commissions to sustain your dream lifestyle.

Because that’s the end goal, right?

But that’s only possible when programs pay out:

  1. In a timely manner – some can pay daily, weekly or monthly
  2. Via PayPal, bank wire or other acceptable methods supported by your country

So, I suggest fine-combing through ALL affiliate agreement small print before taking the plunge.

Furthermore, take into account any “cooling off” periods and payment thresholds to meet, especially if you’re new to programs.

Otherwise, you could be in a bit of a pickle.

Learn from my frustrating mistake as a new ClickFunnels affiliate in 2017 – I waited absolutely ageees for my first PayPal commission.

Because I excitedly skipped the cooling off and $100 threshold info. Oops, my bad.

#4: Approachability & Support

Another thing I’d like mention is that it’s important to work with a program that actually has your back.

So, either make sure there will be an affiliate manager assigned to you or phone number/email support, at the very least.

Test the waters by contacting one or the other with a question and if they respond quickly in a friendly and supportive manner…

Then you’ve found the golden Willy Wonka ticket, so to speak.

But if they lack the decency to roll out the royal red carpet for you from the get-go, then dump them.

Trust me, there’s nothing worse than waiting on support for days on end when you’re stuck in a rut for whatever reason.

It also reflects badly on them as a company, at the end of the day.

#5: Check The Rules

You may have already noticed, but the majority of affiliate programs tend to have strict terms and conditions in place.

Which are fairly easy to follow when you already go about your internet and affiliate marketing strategies in an ethical way.

But the ONE rule I’m relating to here is the fact that some programs won’t allow you to join others with complimentary or similar products.

Which I guess is understandable when all businesses are competing in a dog-eat-dog world these days, right?

So, to avoid getting axed from one affiliate program (which may be your fave) because you put their nose out of joint…

It’s a case of doing your due diligence beforehand.

Finding Epic Affiliate Programs To Promote

magnifying glass

Locating affiliate programs to join forces within your niche is actually a simple process when you put your mind to it.

But I’ve already taken care of half the battle for you with these program-finding strategies to put to the test:

#1: The obvious method would be to conduct a Google search for “your niche” + “affiliate program”.

Because Google page 1 alone can unearth plenty of results, especially when it comes to ‘best of’ listicle type blog posts.

#2: Have a mooch around Quora and/or Reddit – you’ll discover heaps of inspiration from other affiliates.

#3: Again, use Google to find and browse affiliate directories.

Because they house literally thousands of programs – some of which, you may never have heard of.

#4: Pick 1 or 2 affiliate networks (i.e. ClickBank, CJ, ShareASale, FlexOffers, to name a handful) to join.

Because you’ll also find thousands of advertisers within each network.

#5: Take advantage of an affiliate program finder, which can certainly make life a heck of a lot easier when it comes to networks.

Depending on the tool, you can sort searches based on different preferences and metrics, and let the tool handle the rest.

Read my article on finding affiliate programs in your niche for a deeper dive into said strategies.

Wrapping It Up…

When it comes to joining affiliate marketing programs, never settle for just one and don’t get too greedy either.

Because on one side of the coin:

It’s a bad idea to rely on a singular program for 100% of your income, since things can potentially go pear-shaped.

And on the other side:

Not only will you spread yourself too thin if you decide to join more than 3 programs…

You’ll potentially wreck your entire online Biz promoting too many programs and products on your site at once.

But also, be smart about your actual choices because not all affiliate programs are born equal.

At the end of the day, it’s all about striking a balance for everybody’s sake.

Happy customers = successful business = happy you.

Your buddy, Neil 🙂

Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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