10 Best Thanksgiving Affiliate Programs (Gobblesome Money!)

YAY, it’s Autumn! So, now’s the time to tuck into some tasty Thanksgiving affiliate programs and be grateful for the opportunities they bring to the table.

With Thanksgiving being a hugely popular yearly holiday celebration for the Yanks, Canucks, and other nationalities…

Literally, millions of people give thanks by enjoying fit-for-a-king feasts with family and friends.

By helping them celebrate the special occasion in style, you, yourself can really “gobble up” some affiliate commissions in 2022!

Because in addition to food and drink consumption, folks splash out on party decor, games, fancy-dress and other stuff 😉

Also, bear in mind that some opportunities listed below can make great Black Friday programs to promote.

And don’t forget good ole’ Christmas on the horizon too! (speaking of which, check out my list of best Christmas affiliate programs to plump up your commissions).

So, with all that said, let’s dive into the money-making delights that await…

10 Thanksgiving Affiliate Programs

  1. Bread Beckers
  2. For Your Party
  3. Crowd Cow
  4. Party City
  5. Cheesecake.com
  6. HalloweenCostumes.com
  7. GourmetGiftBaskets.com
  8. The Lakeside Collection
  9. Harry & David
  10. Giving Thanks

#1: Bread Beckers

bread beckers website

The Bread Beckers real food company has been knocking around since 1992.

Not only is it a store that stocks healthy living foods from grains to beans to sweeteners to other natural ingredients…

But folks can shop for beverage, appliance, cook/bakeware, housekeeping, kitchen, health & beauty, outdoor, gift and even audio/video/book items.

Speaking of which, there’s a handful of ‘How To’ Thanksgiving video classes on preparing lip-smacking recipes for the whole family.

From an affiliate standpoint, you must have a blog/website set up first (their words) before they consider approving you.

Bread Beckers also states you can earn commissions on the first 3 transactions of your NEW customers within 30 days.

#2: For Your Party

for your party website

“Did someone say party?!?”

The For Your Party store was born in 2004 – offering a big selection of products for parties of every occasion, including Thanksgiving.

The online shop doesn’t just sell napkins, matches, cups/plates, bags/tags, barware, gifts/supplies, and invitations/stationary…

But it allows folks to even personalise their party accessory orders, which is totally a-maize-ing.

Furthermore, customers will receive a 10% discount on their first orders when subscribing to the newsletter.

As an affiliate, you’ll benefit from an average $150 order size, a dedicated management team and also frequently updated data feed.

However, you’ll need a niche website before applying to prove you’re a serious affiliate marketer and not some tire kicker.

#3: Crowd Cow

crowd cow website

Crowd Cow has partnered with ethical farms, fisheries and producers globally to deliver customers delicious, high-quality and sustainable food.

Through the Crowd Cow site, folks can order mouth-watering beef, Japanese and American Wagyu, seafood, chicken, bison, lamb, pork, sides, and desserts.

Not just that, but gift cards and actual cuts of meat can be gifted to family and friends.

But what really tickles my tastebuds is that Crowd Cow offers weekly deals, there’s even a Fall sale event, plus cooking resources and recipes to inspire peeps.

When it comes to the affiliate program, if you generate 5 sales in your first 30 days, you’ll receive a $50 bonus.

But to really season the deal, you’ll receive a free box to try Crowd Cow products…

AND they’ll even pay to promote your content to grow your tribe.

“Holy Cow, Batman!”

#4: Party City

party city website

Whatever occasion springs to mind, whether it’s the popular Fall and Winter holidays or the usual celebrations – Party City comes into the picture.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s a BIG selection (I’m talking literally 100s) of party supplies.

Folks can lay their hands on balloons, placemats, plates, cups, paper towels, cutlery, hats, head boppers, banners, costumes, you name it…

Basically, everything under the sun for celebrating the turkey-gobbling event with family and friends.

As an affiliate, it’s difficult to determine your earnings, since commissions are unspecified.

Nevertheless, it’s a fab store to fulfil the feastful needs of your audience – making you some profits to be grateful for.

#5: Cheesecake.com

cheesecake dot com website

As the name would suggest, cheesecake is the name of the game with Cheesecake.com (Duh!) LOL.

OK, all “cheesy” jokes aside, Cheesecake.com actually started out as a cheesecake delivery service in 2002.

Today, the online store not only serves up 6″ and 9″ mouth-drooling cheesecakes in a variety of feel-good flavours…

But folks can choose from a selection of baked goods gift baskets made up of brownies, chocolate cream/apple/pumpkin pies, and samplers.

For total piece of mind, Cheesecake.com has been featured on the Food Network, Gourmet, bon appétit and others.

As an affiliate, you’ll receive marketing creatives, links, data feed and support staff to help you earn a slice of the pie.

And as soon as you generate a sale, you’ll make a commission within 30 days.

#6: HalloweenCostumes.com

halloween costumes dot com website

Before you judge a book by its cover…

Thankfully, they’ll be no horror stories with THIS Halloween affiliate program *GASP*

Because HalloweenCostumes.com isn’t just about creeping the hell out of folks on October 31st…

But from a Thanksgiving angle, there’s actually a nice cosplay variety to suite men, women and children.

Not only can folks play dress up as Pilgrims and funny turkeys, but can also accessorize their costumes with glasses, shoes, boots, buckles, tights and hats.

Lastly, there are even inflatable 6FT ‘turkey on pumpkin’ and ‘let’s eat turkey’ home decorations for that real fun-factor!

As a HalloweenCostumes.com affiliate, you’ll receive frequently updated, as well as custom creatives for your promotional efforts.

You’ll also be happy to know that 20% of the company’s inventory is exclusive to them and the average order is $70.

#7: GourmetGiftBaskets.com

gourmet gift baskets website

Founded in 2002 and with a mission to “WOW” customers, GourmetGiftBaskets.com has a great selection of luxury food hampers to mark all occasions.

Whether it’s sweet Halloween treats, birthday party celebrations, ‘Get Well Soon’ prezzies or Thanksgiving gifts of gratitude…

GourmetGiftBaskets.com allows folks to send gift baskets comprising all sorts of finger-lickin’ good foods and also alcoholic beverages.

From an affiliate perspective, you’ll receive banners, text/product links and access to a catalogue that’s updated daily.

And for the icing on the cake, bloggers and affiliate partners can even request product samples.


#8: The Lakeside Collection

the lakeside collection website

The Lakeside Collection is basically an online department store that stocks everything for in and outside the home.

Whether it’s home decor, bedding, bath, kitchen & dining, garden or even toy and clothing items folks seek – it’s a great one-stop-shop.

But that’s not all…

Because the store actually offers amazing deals at the lowest prices ever (their words) and free shipping on all orders.

Best of all, there’s a ‘Holiday Shop’ with tons of unique products in the Halloween, Harvest and Christmas sections.

Where folks can get up to 60% off all Halloween and Fall Harvest stuff!

Which is definitely something to be thankful for, right?

As an affiliate, there are monthly newsletters to keep you informed on the latest and greatest products/deals.

Plus, opportunities for exclusive offers to really help bump your conversions and commissions.

#9: Harry & David

harry and david website

Established in 1934 – Harry & David states it’s the online leader in gourmet fruit and food gifts.

Harry & David pretty much caters for all holidays, occasions, and also budgets of all sizes.

Where folks can purchase gift baskets and boxes, pears & fruit, choccies & sweets, bakery, gourmet food & wine, and pantry items.

Plus, there are even kitchen & home and flowers & plants sections filled with many more products to gift loved ones and friends.

To really sweeten the pot, Harry & David offers up to a 40% discount on selected products to celebrate Fall without breaking the bank.

Being an affiliate, unfortunately, there are no commissions paid out on wine items, cookie cards, alcohol-themed and popcorn cards.

But still, there’s plenty more stuff you can promote to turn a buck.

#10: GivingThanks

giving thanks website
  • Affiliate URL: GivingThanks.co Affiliate Program
  • Network: Independent
  • Commission: Undisclosed
  • Cookie: Undisclosed

GivingThanks sells items like The Gratitude Diary, moon calendar, ‘the big intentions’ card boxset, ‘the little book of big intentions’, greeting cards, and ‘Melanie’s music’.

Plus, folks can book workshops, online events, personal sessions, and also a masterclass with the Gratitude Diary’s author – Melanie Spears.

Which is a perfect site for those looking to develop an “attitude of gratitude”, especially on Thanksgiving.

But as an affiliate, you’ll mainly promote the 440-page Gratitude Diary itself to help enrich your customers’ souls and spirits daily in 2023.

(In fact, tie in the diary with Mary Morrissey’s affiliate program for some really rewarding commissions in the personal development niche during Thanksgiving).

The diary cost is just shy of $40, but the commission, cookie and payout deets are unveiled when you join the affiliate program.

The Last Gobble!…

With millions of people having family and friend get-togethers on Thanksgiving – many will be forking out on the holiday.

Which means YOU can earn BIG on food, beverage, party, decor, toy, game, cosplay (and anything else) purchases.

But here’s some food for thought…

Just don’t pile up your plate in terms of joining too many affiliate programs for Thanksgiving.

Because you’ll just spread yourself too thin – promote 3 affiliate programs (max) on your site if you want some meaty commissions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your appreciative buddy, Neil 🙂

Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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