9 Christmas Affiliate Programs (Hear Those Pocket$ Jingling)

With the most wonderful time of year fast-approaching like Santa’s magical flying sleigh, I’m gifting you 9 of the BEST Christmas affiliate programs to unwrap and make those pockets jingle.

So, NOW’s the time to partner up with brands and prepare your cheer-spreading affiliate offers for that festive shopping crowd – especially with Black Friday on the doorstep too!

Need an extra dusting of holiday inspiration?

It’s reported that Americans plan to spend $831 on average, or over $184 billion on gifts for family and friends this 2023 wintry season!

Which is where YOU (the affiliate) steps in to connect some of those shoppers with brands and gifts that their loved ones and friends will absolutely LOVE to receive on Xmas day!

With that said, let’s get these affiliate programs unwrapped and unboxed…

9 Best Christmas Affiliate Programs

  1. King Of Christmas
  2. UglyChristmasSweater.com
  3. OrnamentShop.com
  4. Handmade X-Mas
  5. Christmas Village Shop
  6. LightInTheBox
  7. Clickmas Trees
  8. Lego
  9. Thorntons

#1: King Of Christmas

king of christmas website

King Of Christmas is a reputable online shop specialising in premium, hand crafted artificial Xmas trees modelled around the most commonly used ones this time of year.

Alpine Fir, Cypress Spruce, King Flock, King Noble and Royal Fir are just some of the trees in the collection.

And with artificial trees in all shapes and sizes ranging from roughly $170 – $2,700 in price – you can make bank on promoting trees alone.

Especially if you do “reviews” or a “Best Of” post on your niche blog ūüėČ

For the finishing festive home decor touch, King Of Christmas stocks plenty of wreaths, garlands and accessories that you can also earn from.

As an affiliate, there’s no info on the cookie duration, sadly.

But on the bright side, you’ll receive numerous website banner ads and text links to really plump up those commissions.

#2: UglyChristmasSweater.com

ugly christmas sweater dot com website

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to UglyChristmasSweater.com, I can’t help but think of that awkward Bridget Jones scene *CRINGE* LOL.

Ugly Christmas Sweater is EXACTLY as it sounds on the tin – an online ugly Xmas jumper store.

As featured on USA Today, The New York Times and Fox News (to name a few) – Ugly Christmas Sweater stocks all sorts of themed jumpers for the whole family.

From naughty to interactive to 3D to custom sweaters – the shop caters for most people’s tastes.

Additionally, folks can buy custom jimjams and slippers – a perfect fit for ‘Christmas Eve boxes’, wouldn’t you say?

To join its affiliate and influencer program, you’ll first need a qualifying niche website or YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account.

Being an affiliate, there’s even the choice to cash out your commissions or use for free (although it’s not technically “$0”) merchandise.

Which is ideal if you plan on “uglifying” your friends and family over the jolly period.

#3: OrnamentShop.com

ornament shop dot com website

Boasting an excellent TrustPilot ratingOrnamentShop.com has a HUGE selection of tree ornaments for Christmas lovers.

But what makes it so special is the fact, folks can buy personalised ornaments and design their own to create long-lasting Christmas memories year-on-year (my own mom would LOVE It!).

Which you can’t put a price tag on, in my story book.

There are so many themed ornaments to pick from as well:

  • Family
  • Baby
  • Occasion
  • Pets
  • Sports
  • Hobby
  • Kids
  • Jobs
  • Travel
  • Characters
  • Food

Your audience can literally enjoy hours of fun choosing and personalising their own decorative ornaments.

Additionally, Ornament Shop offers custom Xmas stockings, doormats, picture frames, drinkware, gift wraps/tags and candy – allowing folks to put their own stamp on Chrimbo.

Upon acceptance into the affiliate program, you’ll receive banners and text links to snowball your earnings.

  • Signup URL:¬†Ornament Shop Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate network:¬†CJ (formerly Commission Junction)
  • Commission rate:¬†5%
  • Cookie duration:¬†Undisclosed

#4: Handmade X-Mas

handmade x mas website

Seeming like a weird chocolate box shop at first glance – Handmade X-Mas is actually an online Christmas ornament store.

Except, it’s one of Saint Nick’s very special European workshops’ comprising passionate little elves handcrafting the ornaments.

The Yuletide shop sells an assortment of (4 – 39-piece set) hanging tree ornaments (aka baubles) to brighten up people’s grottos.

From blue, white, gold, red, pink, black and champagne – to vintage style (my favourite) – to icycles, bells, pinecones and tree toppers…

Folks are spoilt for choice when it comes to tree decorating.

As for the Handmade X-Mas affiliate program, “Christmas just got better” (their words).

Because the application and approval processes are quick and easy (but you’ll need a website or social media presents – sorry, presence first).

Plus, there’s a generous cookie window, the last affiliate referrer is always credited, and you’ll get eye-catching creatives too.

  • Signup URL:¬†Handmade X-Mas Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate network:¬†Independent
  • Commission rate:¬†11% (4% for specials & incentives)
  • Cookie duration:¬†60 days

#5: Christmas Village Shop

christmas village shop website

What’s so ice-cool about the Christmas Village Shop is that it doesn’t just cater for miniature village hobbyists’…

It appeals to model railway enthusiasts (like my dad – oh, how he loves his locomotives!) as well.

I’m more of a Scalextric fan, personally.

But let’s not go off track

The Christmas Village Shop stocks display bases, ground decorations, village collection models, vehicles, figures (including Scrooge) and trains spanning different categories:

  • MyVillage
  • Christmas
  • Danson Snow & Villages
  • Lemax
  • LuVille
  • Jaegerndorfer Ski Lifts & Gondolas
  • CVS
  • Starter Sets
  • Adapters & Lights
  • Hallowe’en

When it comes to being an affiliate, the application page is pretty vague about the specifics, admittedly.

But you can be paid via cheque, PayPal or bank transfer, and I’m guessing you’ll need a website before applying too.

  • Signup URL:¬†Christmas Village Shop Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate network:¬†Independent
  • Commission rate:¬†5%
  • Cookie duration:¬†Undisclosed

#6: LightInTheBox

lightinthebox website

LightInTheBox is one of the leading one-stop-shops offering a HUGE product selection.

From men’s & women’s clothing – to home & garden – to beauty & hair – to hobbies electronics and toys, to name a handful of departments.

While LightInTheBox doesn’t specifically focus on Christmas (like other stores in this review)…

It still offers a giant Santa sack full of goodies in terms of Christmas party supplies (including cosplay and outdoor decorations), lights, textiles, and gifts.

Basically, anything and everything Christmassy that springs to mind.

Admittedly, I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of affiliate program credentials (i.e. commission rate and cookie life)…

But you will receive tools and content for tapping into the LightInTheBox Xmas product range to earn a pretty chocolate penny.

  • Signup URL:¬†LightInTheBox Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate network:¬†Hareer Deals?
  • Commission rate:¬†Undisclosed (just an “attractive rate” according to them?)
  • Cookie duration:¬†Undisclosed

#7: ClickMas Trees

clickmas trees

I really like the fun fresh vibe of the Clickmas Trees website, which is what instantly attracted me.

Plus, the fact, Clickmas Trees is a UK (my motherland) business revolving around selling and delivering (3ft – 10ft) fresh-cut premium Nordmann Firs.

What’s not to love? ūüėČ

While folks can only order one type of Xmas tree, Clickmas Trees also supplies tree stands, lights and decorations.

The whole shebang for sprucing up those Nordmanns’.

Don’t get me wrong, I hold nothing against fake Xmas trees – especially when there’s BIG affiliate bucks to be made…

But nothing beats the look, feel, and smell of a REAL Chrimbo tree in the lounge, right?

The only downside is those damn pine needles trailing throughout the home when the tree comes down.

Not to mention they’re sharp on the feet – even with socks (note to self: must wear slippers!)

But the tortuous ‘Home Alone’ experience is worth it.

With the Clickmas Trees partner program, you must be a content creator, influencer or website owner to be accepted.

Once approved, you’ll receive creative banners to grow your earnings and pay-outs occur weekly as well.

#8: Lego

lego christmas gift ideas

What kid (or even BIGGER kid) doesn’t love to unwrap and build Lego sets on Christmas day?

While it’s not a Christmas brand per se, Lego still offers some great seasonal deals, new sets, gift inspiration and even festive Lego builds for all fun Lego-loving enthusiasts around the world.

For example, there are Super Mario expansion set sales, special Black Friday sets, Xmassy builds like Kevin McCallister’s house, an Alpine Lodge, Gingerbread ornaments, a nutcracker, and gift cards for folks to purchase as well.

From a Lego affiliate standpoint, you will need an established website or blog that fits into the toy, collectible or gift idea niche for your application to be considered.

But once in, the Lego world’s your oyster!

  • Signup URL:¬†Lego Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate network: Rakuten Linkshare
  • Commission rate: 3% ‚Äď 5%
  • Cookie duration:¬†7 ‚Äď 30 days

#9 Thorntons

thorntons chocolate website

Meet Thorntons – a very high quality and tasty British chocolate brand that’s a great all-year-rounder for choccy lovers.

Thorntons not only sells the usual chocolate boxes, bags and blocks, but folks can purchase personalised advent calendars, chocolate hampers, reindeers, elves, oh, and not to mention personalised Santas too…

It takes me back to my twenties/thirties when my mom got me a Thorntons Santa or festive type of animal for Christmas (you’re never too old for a chocolate model ya know! LOL).

Trust me, Thornton’s DEFINITELY has the “YUM” factor – making the brand worthy of promoting to your sweet-toothed audience.

Wrapping It Up With a Shiny Bow…

And there you have it! – 9 of the best Christmas affiliate programs for sleigh riding your way to the bank over the festivities.

But don’t get too greedy with the number of affiliate opportunities under your belt, or you’ll find a lump of coal in your stocking.

So, pick one to three affiliate programs (max) that fit(s) the jolly needs of your audience, and watch your commissions snowball.

And in case you’re lost when it comes to building a niche website due to all the noise and Grinch-like peeps online…

Then let the North Star guide you to THIS AI niche finder tool, where you’ll find a micro niche and then start a successful affiliate blog from scratch with the training, resources and support that are also included.

Psst… Don’t also forget other top holiday affiliate opportunities to “cash in” on before the Xmas shopping rush ūüėČ :

Your merry buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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