Beep Together Affiliate Program (Commissions To Honk About!)

If you wanna potentially honk your way to the bank, then the Beep Together affiliate program is right up your road.

Because Beep Together is an invaluable engagement tool that LinkedIn professionals need in order to grow their audience networks with ease.

Which can definitely put some meep meep-worthy commissions in ya pocket!

With that said, let’s pop the affiliate program’s hood and also discover how YOU can rev up your earnings as a partner…

Firstly, What Is Beep Together About?

Beep Together is a tool that LinkedIn professionals can leverage to consistently grow their audiences in an easier, quicker and reliable fashion…

Whether they’re business owners, executives or influencers in need of waay more content visibility on LinkedIn.

The whole Beep Together concept revolves around something called ‘Post Parties’ (aka pods).

Or in other words, high-profile content creator communities.

Where community members “pay-it-forward” by liking and commenting on one another’s posts in a natural way that doesn’t trigger LinkedIn’s alarm bells.

Which in turn, gets posts seen by LinkedIn creators entire networks (and beyond) = potential clients and profits (kA-CHING!)

How The Beep Together Affiliate Program Works

Once you fill in the affiliate application (which is easy-peasy to do, BTW) and get approved, you’ll gain access to a dashboard.

Which is where you’ll find resources and your unique affiliate link to promote to your tribe.

The best part is when folks subscribe (and remain subscribed) to Beep Together via your link, you’ll earn recurring monthly commissions.

But wait, the program gets even sweeter…

Because you can refer sub-affiliates and *GASP* earn commissions from their referrals too!

How To Join The Beep Together Affiliate Program

To become a Beep Together partner, simply visit the affiliate page and hit the ‘Get Your Affiliate Link’ tab:

beep together affiliate page

Through that link you’ll end up on the Beep2B affiliate application page.

Which only requires your email, name, surname, country, password and also LinkedIn profile URL to get signed up.

And then it’s a case of having to wait up to 24 hours for your application to be reviewed and approved (fingers crossed) by the affiliate team.

How Much You’ll Make In Commissions

As an affiliate, you’ll earn a 25% recurring monthly commission for the lifetime of each Beep Together referral.

And when you take the pricing plans into consideration:

  • Basic ($29/month cost)
  • Premium ($49/month cost)
  • Pro ($99/month cost)…

That’s a fair whack of recurring commissions to potentially bank, I tell ya!

Especially if you refer at least 10 customers a month (which is totally doable by working your butt off) – can you image your earnings after 12 months?

In fact, you’ll earn another 5% (2nd tier) commissions on customers brought in by any sub-affiliates referred by you.

Making the affiliate program even more enticing, right?

Affiliate Cookie Life & Payout

Unfortunately, the affiliate join page fails to specify the all-important deets of any cookie window in place and payout times/options, etc.

That info isn’t disclosed until you’re approved.

Which is my only beef with the affiliate program.

So, if I’m approved (at the time of writing), I’ll update this section with the essential cookie and payment info.

How To Make Money Promoting Beep Together

Assuming that you’re a total affiliate newbie starting from scratch, I recommend you do the following three steps.

(Which, BTW, are the same ones I followed to earn an income online 😀 ) …

For starters, it’s essential that you choose a direction (aka niche) in the ‘make money online’ industry to help folks in.

For example; you could target a niche revolving around helping affiliate marketers in the social networking space to grow their businesses.

Secondly, start a niche website (aka blog) – it will be your digital “asset”/home for promoting your Beep Together affiliate link and building a brand.

Furthermore, blogging taps into ‘Google Almighty’ and attracts free targeted search engine traffic (aka potential buyers) to your site.

But the key is to consistently post valuable SEO-optimized blog content for big success as an affiliate.

Thirdly, find the right mentor or training program that will teach you the ropes of building a lucrative blog.

Unfortunately though, the web’s like the Wild West – there are waaay too many course creators for my liking.

So, pick a course wisely.

Final Hooter: Is Being An Affiliate Partner Right For You?

I think regardless of whether or not you’re a hardcore LinkedIn fan…

If you’re passionate about helping Biz owners, influencers, corporate-world executives (etc) to scale their businesses via social networking/media…

Then I say go for the Beep Together affiliate program.

Especially when there are 25% (not to mention 5% tier 2) recurring commissions for the taking, that can result in you banking a life-changing income 😉

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Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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