12 Basketball Affiliate Programs (Slam Dunk Your Earnings!)

Are you on the lookout for some truly epic basketball affiliate programs to really dribble your way to the bank?

Then look no further, my finger-ball-spinning-hoop-shooting warrior!

Because here are 12 programs that will enable you to tap into the multi-billion-dollar industry and really bring out your game:

12 Basketball Affiliate Programs

  1. Sleefs
  2. JumpUSA
  3. Rally House
  4. NBA Store
  5. Swish International
  6. Pro Skills Basketball
  7. Team Express
  8. Vert Shock
  9. Foot Locker
  10. DonJoy Performance
  11. CoachTube
  12. POINT 3

#1: Sleefs

sleefs affiliate program

The Sleefs guys design custom compression gear for not just basketball lovers, but also football, baseball, running and golf enthusiasts too.

They have more than 200 professionally designed leg sleeves, headbands, bandanas, t-shirts and jerseys in both kids and adults sizes to choose from.

Customers get free shipping on orders of $50 or more and there’s also a 100% money-back guarantee in place.

3 good reasons to promote Sleefs stuff:

  1. Sleefs has a high converting website
  2. Promotional resources (text links & banners)
  3. Their affiliate team goes above & beyond to help make you a huge success

#2: JumpUSA

jumpusa affiliate program

JumpUSA offers a massive selection of products across various categories that cover basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, and swimming, to name some sports.

When it comes to the basketball section, they sell stuff like training aids, books and DVDs, basketballs, accessories, and hoops.

Customers get free ground shipping on orders over $75 on selected products and there’s also a 30-day refund policy.

3 good reasons to promote JumpUSA stuff:

  1. A big product range
  2. Images & banners to help you promote
  3. Some big ticket sales items to earn you decent-sized commissions
  • URL: JumpUSA Affiliate Program
  • Network: Independent
  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie: N/A

#3: Rally House

rally house affiliate program

Rally House is a speciality type of sports store that has an expansive selection of professional sports gear, apparel, gifts, home décor and other merchandise.

They offer a huge range of 85,000 unique products across NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NFL and MLS teams.

Customers receive free basic shipping on orders over $75 and there’s also a 120-day refund policy.

3 good reasons to promote Rally House stuff:

  1. A monster collection of products (+ new ones added weekly)
  2. An average customer order size of $50
  3. Banner & text link creatives for your promotions

#4: NBA Store

nba store affiliate program

Welcome to the official NBA Store – a must-have affiliate partner for any basketball enthusiast!

Where you’ll find a massive product collection covering various teams, jerseys, t-shirts, headwear, footwear and even retro items in men’s, women’s and kids sizes.

So anything that’s wearable, they’ve got it!

There are sometimes sales and discounts, and also a 90 days returns policy.

2 good reasons to promote NBA Store stuff:

  1. An official store with a big product range
  2. Resources to help you promote

#5: Swish International

swish international affiliate program

The Swish International guys are on a mission to help basketball coaches of all experience levels, as well as players to improve their shooting skills…

Through novice to expert training videos that cover various jump shots and free-throw techniques.

Basically, the Swish videos are like lesson plans in motion.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many videos to promote as an affiliate. Boo Hoo.

But having said that, the videos are high-quaility and you can earn some chunky commission percentages.

2 good reasons to promote the Swish videos:

  1. What team or or player wouldn’t want to learn how to “up their game”?
  2. Earn an average commission of $29.05

#6: Pro Skills Basketball

pro skills basketball affiliate program

When it comes to developing youths of all experience levels in the sport, Pro Skills Basketball is the national leader.

Because they offer a variation of events/programs like clinics, training, club teams and camps to really help develop youngsters into epic players.

2 good reasons to promote Pro Skills Basketball stuff:

  1. Banner ads, text links & sales reporting tools provided
  2. Plenty of great content & services available to promote

#7: Team Express

team express website

Team Express has distributed sporting goods, athletic equipment, footwear and apparel to teams, coaches and athletes since 1990.

With its easy-to-shop website, you’ll discover thousands of products across its baseball, softball, football, basketball, volleyball, track & field, and pickleball categories.

4 good reasons to promote Team Express stuff:

  1. Has a huge product selection
  2. An average customer order value of $100+
  3. Prides itself on having the most knowledgeable customer service team
  4. Frequent discount codes + exclusive affiliate offers to help increase your conversions
  • URL: Team Express Affiliate Program
  • Network: AvantLink
  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie: 30 days

#8: Vert Shock

vert shock sales page

Put simply, Vert Shock is a digital training system that’s designed to help improve your vertical leap using various techniques.

The creator claims it’s “the #1 jump program in the world”.

However, some ClickBank products tend to be all sizzle without the steak, in my experience.

So it’s best to look up unbiased reviews and/or buy the actual product itself before you “jump” in at the deep end.

4 good reasons to promote this product:

  1. High conversions with low refund rates
  2. Huge commission % + recurring commissions
  3. Tons of promotional resources (banners, email swipes & text links)
  4. Great affiliate support team

#9: Foot Locker

foot locker affiliate program

With over 2,500 stores globally, Foot Locker is the world’s top supplier of sports shoes and clothing.

When it comes to sneakers, these guys eat, drink, sleep and breath the footwear – keeping their fans up-to-speed with the latest and greatest trends.

And with top brands like Jordan, Nike and Adidas stocked on their shelves – makes it an epic income opportunity from a basketball standpoint.

3 good reasons to promote Foot Locker stuff:

  1. Attractive base commissions + increases
  2. Dedicated affiliate support team
  3. Exclusive promotional materials available

#10: DonJoy Performance

donjoy performance website

Since basketball’s a physically-demanding sport that puts tremendous pressure on players joints…

DonJoy Performance is a world-leader when it comes to keeping players safe with specialised sports knee brace technology.

4 good reasons to promote DonJoy Performance stuff:

  1. High-in-demand products (they had a 10% average conversion rate in 2015)
  2. $100+ average order value
  3. Free US shipping on orders over $50
  4. Dedicated affiliate management by in-house affiliate manager
  • URL: DonJoy Performance Affiliate Program
  • Network: AvantLink
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie: 30 days

#11: CoachTube

coachtube website

As the name suggests, CoachTube is a digital training platform that offers a big selection of videos for a variety of sports, including basketball.

All videos are high-quaility and are designed to help players improve their skillsets in various areas of the game.

4 good reasons to promote CoachTube videos:

  1. Sizable video selection to promote
  2. High-demand products (players can never have enough coaching, right?)
  3. $15 average payout per sale
  4. 18% conversion rate on paid search ads

#12: POINT 3

point 3 basketball home page

POINT 3 pretty much equips basketball players with the apparel they require to perform their absolute best in the game.

From accessories to tops to compression tights to shorts to backpacks and even Call Of Duty gaming apparel.

5 good reasons to promote POINT 3 stuff:

  1. High quality one-of-a-kind garments that are made to last
  2. Customers get 15% off their first order, free shipping on orders over $100 & free returns on domestic US orders
  3. Affiliates receive monthly newsletters containing updates & promotions
  4. A big selection of links, banners & a categorized data feed
  5. Plus a dedicated affiliate management team

Another great money-making opportunity to check out in the basketball arena is the Academy Sports affiliate program.

Because Academy Sports offers a sweet product selection to earn commissions off…

From basketball socks to shoes to jerseys to basketballs to portable hoops, you name it.

How To Make Money Promoting Basketball Products

First of all, you must choose a niche (a group of people that you’d love to help) because it will lay the foundations of your Biz.

With THIS micro niche finder tool, I found a few niche ideas to start the ball rolling:

  • Basketball shoes & apparel (micro niche: Kids lightweight basketball shoes)
  • Basketball strategies & tactics (micro niche: Developing defensive strategies)
  • Basketball memorabilia & collectibles (micro niche: Vintage rookie basketball cards)
  • And the list goes on & on…

As for the actual money-making part…

There are numerous ways to earn a full-time passive income promoting basketball merchandise.

For example, there’s blogging, social media, short form video platforms like TikTok, YouTube shorts, Facebook and Instagram reels, etc.

Let’s say you want to start with higher paid “digital” products…

You could build a sales funnel that promotes the Vert Shock system as your “core” affiliate offer…

Invest time and effort in ONE traffic source (i.e. a blog, YouTube channel, TikTok) to generate email leads and potential buyers…

And then promote CoachTube and/or Swish International products to your email subscribers on the backend to scale your income quicker.

OR (for example) if you prefer to promote “physical” products with other programs…

You could start a blog and/or YouTube channel and create quality content that drives traffic to your affiliate links + build an email list down the road.

Find Your Own Affiliate Programs, Fast!

What I’ve shared is just the tip of the iceberg because there are literally gazillions of affiliate opportunities to net a full-time income in the basketball niche.

So, you’re not limited to promoting only the programs and products highlighted in my review.

If you’d like to find your own affiliate programs, the sluggish way, you can do so by:

  • Browsing the first page of Google
  • Hanging out in the Reddit & Quora forums
  • Looking through affiliate directories
  • And manually joining affiliate networks…

Which are all amazing ways of locating some fab opportunities, don’t get me wrong.

But for a super quick and easy way of finding affiliate programs in all sorts of niches besides the basketball one without hardly lifting a finger…

Check out these 2 affiliate program finder tools that will save you heaps of time, effort and frustration when it comes to building a lucrative online Biz.

Blowing The Final Whistle…

Well, that wraps it up…

12 basketball affiliate programs that you can pick and choose from for dribbling, jumping and slam dunking your way to generating a full-time income online.

Of course, there are literally gazillions of programs you can promote in the basketball space.

So, feel free to do some digging around online by following my 5 affiliate program finding tips.

But for the scope of this review, I just wanted to offer you a handful of ideas to put into practice.

Because in my affiliate marketing experience, it’s never a smart move to plug into too many programs at once.

You just end up stretching yourself too thin – earning a few bucks here n’ there, if ya lucky!

So, pick no more than 3 affiliate programs from the list to get the ball rolling for your niche blog or whatever internet marketing strategy you’ve chosen…

And get ready to pull your socks up for the spondoolies to roll in.

Before you go, also check out these best pickleball affiliate programs that you might also like to “cash in” on if you’re really into your sports.

Your buddy, Neil.

Any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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