Affiliate Program Finder Tools (2 Must-Have Search Engines!)

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In this review, I’m about to reveal 2 VERY special CPA and affiliate program finder tools to make your life online much easier.

Let’s face it, doing manual Google searches to find suitable affiliate programs in your niche can be a real ball ache.

Because it can take hours, if not days and sometimes even weeks of surfing the web for those “golden-goose-egg” opportunities.

It feels like looking for a needle in a haystack, right?


But today’s your lucky day, grasshopper!

Because the affiliate program-finding search engines I’m about to shine a spotlight on are designed to save you bags of timeeffort and also frustrations.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the tools…

Affiliate Program Finder Tool #1 (OfferVault)

Used by a mixture of newbies and successful affiliate marketers globally, and considered as the #1 free tool for finding CPA and affiliate programs…

OfferVault is your knight in shining armour.

Because not only is the tool super powerful and easy-peasy to get to grips with…

But the search engine lists literally 1,000s of promotable offers across numerous affiliate networks to choose from.

How Does OfferVault Work, You Ask?

The cool thing about OfferVault is that it categorizes affiliate offers perfectly, which allows you to quickly pinpoint and compare stuff to promote in your field.

For example; you can filter searches by Affiliate Networks (i.e. MaxBounty, MaxWeb, GuruMedia…), Categories and Countries:

offervault search filters

Alternatively, enter your niche search term (i.e. INSURANCE – boring topic, I know LOL) with no filters selected and take it from there:

offervault insurance affiliate offers

This gives you the option of sifting through all the various relevant affiliate offers yourself.

Whether they’re sweepstake, contest, gift card, email submit, survey, Pay Per Call, Mobile offers (depending on your niche), you name it.

And as you can see, some offers pay out pretty generously in selected niches!

Once you choose an offer that tickles your fancy, simply click on it for the deets and apply to the affiliate network to promote it:

affiliate offer details page

And then it’s a case of being patient for approval/disapproval, since the network may review your application.

Finder Tool #2 (Affiliate Programs Platform)

With 1,000s of man-hours poured into it over a 2-year period, THIS long-awaited Affiliate Programs Platform was developed in 2019.

Which, easilyquickly, and automatically finds you 10,000 top-notch affiliate programs spanning various niche categories and networks.

Networks, like Awin, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, you name it.

In the developers’ own words:

“Conventionally it has been difficult to find affiliate programs.

They are spread out everywhere on the Internet and to find affiliate programs you typically had to do a Google search, or rely on searching through multiple affiliate networks to find a program that works for you.

We wanted to change that. So we set out to create an environment that would allow affiliates to search and find relevant affiliate programs.

This has been a brainchild of ours for many years. We have never seen an affiliate search tool that was useful, or one that actually had decent quality affiliate programs within them.

Our focus with this platform is going to be to reward high quality and actively managed programs, and to limit exposure to programs that are lower quality or that don’t have active support behind them.”

So there you have it, right from the horse’s mouth.

In my experience, the tool really is worth its weight in gold.

Because it truly does everything that’s promised on the tin – it’s certainly made my affiliate life a heck of a lot easier.

How Does The Affiliate Programs Platform Work?

The awesome thing is that the tool comprises numerous puzzle pieces that can really benefit your online business in so many ways.

First up, the meat and potatoes of the platform:

#1: Affiliate Program Search Element

When it comes to the search aspect, you can really narrow down your results by searching for affiliate programs based on the following filters:

  • Country Availability
  • Payout Options
  • Auto Approval (of commissions)
  • Rating (rated by other affiliates)
  • Commission %/$
  • Network Fee

You simply select any of these options by clicking the filter tab:

affiliate programs filter tab

And then it’s off to the races by entering whatever niche topic or product of your choosing into the search bar:

surfing affiliate program search

Or there’s option B.

Where you can browse the ‘Popular Categories‘, ‘Popular Keywords‘ and ‘Trending Opportunities‘ sections for affiliate programs:

affiliate program search tool

Plus, to filter and organise your results even further, there’s the option to conduct your searches based on a variety of categories:

filter by categories

The great news is that as more affiliate programs hit the web, the categories inside the platform will also gradually grow.

#2: Follow & Manage Your Affiliate Programs

The second cool aspect of the platform is that you can easily manage your affiliate program selections under one roof.

This, in itself, is a godsend, in my book.

Because rather than the need to manually create and update spreadsheets with programs you’ll join throughout your affiliate lifetime…

You just follow programs you’re affiliated with and/or ones that tickle your fancy:

program follow buttons

For the icing on the cake, you can even categorise your affiliate programs by creating new categories:

create new program category

And then to access your saved affiliate programs, you just hit the star icon in the search bar:

see my organised affiliate programs

Yup, the management side of things really is as simple as Simon.

#3: The Communication Element

Did I say the platform also forms part of a special affiliate community comprising 2 million members (and counting)!? 😉

More on the actual “community” aspect in a jiffy though.

I digress.

In a true pay-it-forward spirit, there are 2 sides of the coin when it comes to the communication part.

On the heads side, you can look through other community affiliate program reviews, ratings and discussions.

Which, can certainly play a part in helping you choose programs to apply for more wisely.

And as for the tails side, you can also drop your own reviews, feedback and ratings of any programs/products you’ve already promoted:

write an affiliate program review

Which, in turn helps other community members/affiliates with their own program selections.

These are the 3 main elements (at the time of writing).

But as the platform develops over time, there will be more elements added to further strengthen the success of your affiliate Biz.

What’s The Affiliate Programs Platform Cost?

As I said, the affiliate programs platform isn’t just some “tool” – it’s a small piece of a MUCH bigger picture.

Because to FULLY access this platform, means you’ll need to hop on board the mother ship as a Premium member:

  • Premium – $49/month or $459/year
  • Premium Plus+ – $99/month or $995/year…

Which is an all-in-one community comprising a whole toolkit, step-by-step training, and 24/7 community/niche website tech support…

Put simply, you’ll receive the whole shebang for finding a niche and building a lucrative affiliate Biz from scratch around it as a blogger.

Wrapping it up…

In my experience, there are some underwhelming search engine tools out there – I’ve tried them.

But when it comes to the affiliate program finding tools in this review, they’re definitely not to be sniffed at.

Because both OfferVault and the Affiliate Programs Platform just make your life so much easier when it comes to building your Biz.

Since I’ve been using the tools myself, there’s no way on Earth I’d revert to the long-winded manual approach (aka Google).

Your buddy, Neil.

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