Academy Sports Affiliate Program (Earn In & Outdoor$)

Did you know it’s estimated that the global sports industry is worth over $600 billion?

This is where the Academy Sports affiliate program comes into play…

Because you have a BIG opportunity to really get your skates on and go for gold in the internet and affiliate marketing arena.

But, of course, not all affiliate programs are born equal in this or any other industry for that matter.

So, the ball’s in your court when it comes to choosing whether or not to partner up with Academy Sports after reading my review…

Academy Sports Affiliate Program Overview

  • Signup URL: Apply via FlexOffers or Impact
  • Commission rate: 1 – 2%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payout details: Monthly via bank transfer, check or PayPal.

Firstly, What Is Academy Sports About?

Put simply, Academy Sports + Outdoors is an American-based sporting and outdoor goods company that boasts 263 stores and counting.

From its humble beginnings of sales of $1 billion in 2003, the company’s grown to over $6 billion in sales to date.

And I’m sure that figure’s bound to increase by the end of 2023, with thanks to your help as an affiliate too 😉

How The Academy Sports Affiliate Program Works

From an Academy Sports affiliate angle, you can earn commissions on stacks of sports and outdoor stuff sold across a wide range of categories to promote:

academy sports featured product categories
Some of the featured product categories to earn with.

For example, you can promote basketball products to boxing shoes to hunting gear to home and backyard items to tailgating gear, etc – for men, women and children.

So, there’s pretty much something you can recommend to your tribe – making every sports, recreational, and fitness fanatic’s day.

How To Join The Affiliate Program

Having done my research, there seems to be a handful of affiliate networks to pick from when it comes to forming a bond with Academy Sports:

  • CJ (formerly Commission Junction
  • Sovrn Commerce (formerly Viglink)

But the bad news is that I couldn’t find any concrete evidence of said networks housing Academy Sports as an advertiser anymore.

With that said, there is some good news though…

I discovered that you can join the Academy Sports affiliate program through FlexOffers, which is a top class affiliate network not to be sniffed at:

flexoffers academy sports affiliate program page

Also, you can apply to become an Academy Sports affiliate through the Impact affiliate network.

But as with any affiliate network, you’ll need to describe your traffic sources during the application.

In other words, share the methods (blog, YouTube channel, social media, etc) you’ll be using to send traffic to any affiliate offers.

Because having a brand/Biz in place demonstrates that you’re deadly serious about affiliate marketing and you really know your stuff from the offset.

Which in turn, can improve and speed up the chances of your application being approved.

What Are The Commission Rates?

As an affiliate, Academy Sports pays a 2% commission on every sale, according to my resources.

Which is pretty poor (in my opinion) to say the least.

Because I know for a fact some affiliate programs in the sports industry are more generous – paying upwards of 5% commissions.

But in a more positive light…

If you pick products to promote with bigger price tags and work yours socks off at driving a ton of traffic to your website…

These metrics can compensate for the low $% in my view.

Affiliate Cookie & Payout Info

The great news is that Academy Sports offers a 30-day cookie life.

Which minimizing your chances of money being left on the table due to “fence-sitters”.

As for the actual payout info, it will be specified when you partner up with the sporting goods store, since FlexOffers is vague in that department, unfortunately.

Academy Sports Affiliate Program Alternatives

The real beauty of affiliate marketing is that its playing field is full to the brim of golden money-making opportunities.

So, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to the sports arena.

If you seek alternatives to Academy Sports, here’s a handful of some fab opportunities to strike out with:

These companies pay anywhere from 5% to 12% sale commissions, so they’re definitely worth considering.

You could even mix in hydration products with the Liquid IV affiliate program (for example) as an “add on” to boost your earnings.

But if you’re not keen on being spoon-fed, then see my 5 ways to find niche-related affiliate programs that tick your boxes.

What I especially love about being an affiliate is that you get to pick and choose which program(s) to earn with.

In fact, some folks go as far as joining multiple affiliate programs and do product comparison blog reviews for epic scalable results.

How To Make Money Promoting Academy Sports As An Affiliate

Now that you’re slightly more clued-up on the Academy Sports affiliate program – let’s dive into the best bit…

YUP, the actual “moola-making” process, baby!

It’s one thing to join the affiliate program, but if you don’t have the correct vehicle for building an actual lucrative Biz…

Then you’re buggered from the get-go.

So, from my experience, I highly recommend you build a niche website (better known as a WordPress blog) from scratch.

Because not only is it one of the least expensive methods to start and grow a sustainable affiliate Biz…

But you’re the captain of your own ship – it’s an asset that nobody can steal from you.

How a niche website works is a piece of cake (but obviously, it’s the action-taking part that gets you results)…

You basically build a niche-focused blog, find the right low-hanging fruit keywords, and write quality blog posts around those terms.

Which can lead to Google search engine rankings, targeted organic traffic, affiliate sales and commissions.

The more posts you publish, the bigger your Biz and overall income will grow over time.

Conclusion: Is The Academy Sports Affiliate Program Worth a Shot?

I think despite the fact there’s a mixed bag of customer reviews online and the commission percentage is nothing to write home about either…

I genuinely believe forming a partnership with Academy Sports and promoting its stuff is worth your while.

Because not only does its web store sell LOTS of sporting goods under various categories…

But there’s also a generous 30-day affiliate cookie at play – giving you plenty of opportunity to build a thriving empire.

But if you’re a total newbie without your own blog, then I recommend you start a niche website and apply elbow grease.

Because having your own site can be a real (full-time passive income) game-changer when it comes to promoting Academy Sports stuff.

Looking for more fab affiliate programs in the sporting industry?

Then also consider the Rei affiliate and/or Lululemon affiliate program to rack up your commissions.

Or how about a different angle altogether with the Revzilla affiliate program, where you can promote an array of products to motorcycle enthusiasts in the ‘sports’ category.

Your buddy, Neil 🙂

Got any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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