72 Hour Challenge & Freedom Accelerator (Affiliate Program$)

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Looking for game-changing commissions via Jonathan Montoya’s 72 Hour Freedom Challenge and Freedom Accelerator affiliate program? 🚀

Well, guess what? You’ve just hit the motherlode with THIS exclusive review! 🎉

Prepare yourself, because I’m about to unveil the secrets of HOW you can tap into the affiliate marketing world that’s expected to jump to $39.8 Billion by 2031, and potentially start raking in a cool $100,000 annually…

And I’m not talking solely as an affiliate of the freshly-launched 72 Hr Challenge and Freedom Accelerator (which, by the way, is a high-ticket offer)…

No, no, my friend! I’m talking about becoming an honest-to-goodness 72 Hr Challenge student…

Where you’ll tap into a mind-boggling 15 passive monthly income streams all neatly bundled into ONE brilliantly designed system! 💰💡

But, hold your horses, because before we dive deep into the nitty-gritty details… 🏇

Hi, I’m Neil! (founder of ‘Affiliate Ivy’) 👋

neil affiliate ivy founder

Despite knowing a thing or two about blogging, I was completely clueless about building an affiliate funnel (not to mention a lead magnet) from scratch.

Furthermore, it was a struggle to find a cost-efficient solution to ClickFunnels that combined a funnel builder and email autoresponder. 😢

So, I thank my lucky stars for stumbling across the 72 Hour Challenge and affiliate program when I did.

Because if it wasn’t for Jonathan Montoya, I wouldn’t have earned commissions like these:

72 hour challenge affiliate commissions
*Disclaimer: Your own results will vary based on your effort, education & market factors beyond our control.

💪 Are you prepared to unleash your inner champion, advance past GO, and rake in the MEGA bucks in 2024 and beyond?…

Affiliate Program Overview

  • Commission rate: 40% (or 50% promoting THIS webinar!)
  • Cookie duration: Unknown
  • Earning Potential: Upto $998.50 per customer!
  • Payout details: PayPal/ $100 minimum/ Monthly/ Net-30
  • Signup URL: Join below…
👉 Join Program Here!

🔥 How to Promote: If you’re a bit of a noob, your initial step is to embark on the thrilling 72 Hour Challenge and set up your very own money-making machine!

But launching your system is just the beginning of the adventure…

You see, to construct a lucrative online empire that crushes the traditional 9-to-5 job, you’ll require something special – “targeted traffic.”

And that’s precisely where my course recommendations come into play (take your pick):

#1: Your most obvious choice is to dive into Freedom Accelerator, where you’ll master the art of harnessing platforms like TikTok (among other ingenious strategies) to supercharge your Biz like never before! 🚀📈

#2: Consider THIS free training to kickstart a BOOMING niche site (a.k.a. a blog) from the ground up, step-by-step. 🆓📝

#3: Venture into the world of video (see THIS course), where you’ll uncover the top-secret “evergreen views” formula for crafting a $20K/month YouTube channel from scratch! 🎥🤫

Who Is Jonathan Montoya (& What’s His Net Worth?)

Introducing the extraordinary Jonathan Montoya, a true champion with not only a ‘Two Comma Club Award’ from ClickFunnels but a story brimming with resilience and victory!

Jonathan Montoya Two Comma Club Award Winner

Born on July 18, 1991, and a proud graduate of Cibola High School in the USA, Jonathan initially embarked on a path as an electrical engineer.

Yet, life had its own twists and turns in store.

As of May 10, 2019, he found himself swimming in debt, with a daunting -$1,200 in his bank account, despite earning an annual income of $80,000 from his day job.

Driven by a burning desire to transform his family’s future and his own, Jonathan Montoya took a bold leap into the realm of affiliate marketing.

He launched his very own YouTube channel, “Passive Income Lifestyles,” and poured his heart and soul into making a positive impact.

In a mere nine months, by March 2, 2020 (even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic), Montoya bid farewell to his 9-to-5 job, now boasting an impressive monthly income of $10,000!

Today, he stands tall as a Legendary Marketer, Lurn, and ClickFunnels Super Affiliate, generously sharing his wisdom and expertise as a mentor and coach.

Although Jonathan Montoya hasn’t formally revealed his net worth in 2023, when you tally up all his income sources, he’s pocketing north of $100,000 per month on autopilot!

So, it’s pretty reasonable to assume that his net worth comfortably surpasses the $1 million mark.

But, hold onto your hats because here’s the exciting part:

Montoya is now generously sharing with you the EXACT system he employed to craft his path to FREEDOM! 🚀🗝️👇

What Is The 72 Hour Freedom Challenge About?

72 Hour Challenge

The 72 Hour Freedom Challenge isn’t just your regular program; it’s like a turbocharged version of the original 3 Day Business Challenge, but with extra zest!

In this 72-hour whirlwind, Jonathan Montoya serves you the keys to quickly kickstart your own automated affiliate marketing business in as little as 3 days.

Picture this: You’ll receive top-notch training, a high-converting ready-made funnel, a lead magnet, and a pre-written email series, all designed to help you build a substantial email list of eager buyers from scratch…

So, you can hit the ground running as one of Montoya’s affiliates, positioning his Challenge as your “core offer” on the front end if you wish.

But wait, there’s more!

Let’s not forget the 14 or so other passive income streams waiting on the back end, like:

Among them, Montoya’s high-ticket Freedom Accelerator flagship course (we’ll talk about that in a moment) has the potential to supercharge your commissions.

While he’s already taken care of 95% of the heavy lifting, the remaining 5% falls on your shoulders – it’s all about funnel customization and traffic generation to cultivate a wildly prosperous business.

How Does The 72 Hour Freedom Challenge Work?

Once you step behind the curtains of the 72 Hour Challenge for just a jaw-dropping $9 (YES, you read that right, 9 bucks!), a whole new world of possibilities unfolds before you…

72 hour freedom challenge training dashboard
Members Training Dashboard

… Over the span of 3 action-packed days (or maybe even sooner if you’re really driven), you’ll be on a journey to ignite your online business:

  • Day #1 (The Freedom Roadmap) – Jonathan Montoya takes you on an exhilarating ride, offering a bird’s-eye view of the entire process. He delves into the realms of email & affiliate marketing, guides you in selecting a core offer to build your business around, & unveils the secrets of generating free & paid traffic.
  • Day #2 (The Automated Sales System) – Montoya presents you with his 7-figure ready-made funnel, a free white-label course lead magnet (which, by the way, is a goldmine of multiple affiliate income streams), promotional emails, & demonstrates exactly how to set up your complete online business using either ClickFunnels or Systeme.io (with the latter being the preferred choice as it’s FREE!)
  • Day #3 (3 Secret Traffic Methods For Fast Results) – The first method is TikTok, but as for the other two, well, you’ll just have to discover those gems for yourself.

Not to mention, you’ll receive a meticulously crafted workbook, a handy checklist, thought-provoking homework, and access to a private members-only Facebook group.

This ensures you kickstart your new Biz on the right foot and stay connected with a supportive community.

So, it’s crystal clear that the Challenge is a treasure chest of real-world value – no more need to throw your hard-earned money at *GASP* WarriorPlus fluff. 🚫

Launch your automated passive income empire within a mere 72 hours (or even faster) below if you’re ready to bid adieu to that soul-sucking 9-to-5 grind:

Do The Challenge!

What Is Freedom Accelerator & How Does It Work?

Welcome to the realm of Freedom Accelerator (Freedom Breakthrough replacement), the mothership of opportunities!

This all-encompassing course becomes available for your investment of $1,497, but here’s the kicker – you can access it once you’ve conquered the 72 Hour Challenge and established your business.

Or, if you prefer, you can dive straight into the flagship course, which already includes the Challenge within its arsenal.

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks…

Freedom Accelerator is meticulously crafted to skyrocket your income to celestial heights, all thanks to Jonathan Montoya’s ingenious “affiliate stacking ecosystem” strategy.

Within this course, you’ll explore Montoya’s ‘4 Phases to FREEDOM Roadmap,’ a blueprint designed to supercharge your business like a high-speed dragster.

  • Phase 1: Getting Results AS Fast As Humanly Possible – (How Montoya went from $0 to $10/month).
  • Phase 2: Traffic Ecosystem (Leads on Autopilot) – (From $10K to $30K/month).
  • Phase 3: Increasing Conversions – (From $30K to $50K/month).
  • Phase 4: Automations & Scaling – (From $50K to $100K/month).

Allow me to introduce you to Daniel Chou and Nathan Bokkers, the dynamic duo behind Wealth Warriors, who will spill the beans on what Freedom Accelerator is all about. 👀

So, what are you waiting for?…

If you’re eager to open the doors to the possibility of earning a 5-6 figure MONTHLY passive income & making a profound transformation in your life through the world of affiliate marketing, it’s high time you dive into the free training below:

Join FREE Masterclass!

How The 72 Hour Challenge & Freedom Accelerator Affiliate Program Works

Here’s the deal: Whenever someone makes a purchase through your exclusive referral link, you’ll be raking in those sweet commissions.

What’s even more exciting is that by promoting the 72 Hour Freedom Challenge, you have the potential to earn hundreds of dollars per referral.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s all thanks to the robust sales funnel stacked with enticing upsells.

But wait, there’s more goodness on the horizon!

When you take the plunge and promote Freedom Accelerator, you’ll be in for some delightful surprises.

And here’s the kicker: If you choose to embark on the Challenge itself, Jonathan Montoya generously grants you access to a free white-label course that you can offer as your very own lead magnet.

Now, this is where the REAL magic happens!

You see, this course is packed with a wealth of tool recommendations, including Montoya’s own products, that your email leads need to kickstart and nurture their businesses.

Here’s the game-changer: You get to insert your own affiliate links within the course.

This means you’re poised to unlock multiple streams of passive income as your subscribers make purchases throughout their training journey.

It’s like having a golden goose that keeps laying those affiliate income eggs!

How To Join The Affiliate Program

To become an affiliate, your very first move is to dive headfirst into the 72 Hour Challenge (anywhere in this review), and guess what?

It’ll only set you back a mere $9, a drop-in-the-ocean cost for what’s in store!

This is your chance to fully immerse yourself in the Challenge and become a hands-on practitioner of the entire process.

After all, in the world of ethical affiliate marketing (especially in the ‘affiliate marketing’ realm), it’s only fair you take the product for a test drive before you start recommending it to others, right?

Now, here’s where the “GO-GETTER” in you comes into play!

Your next move (whilst inside the 72 Hour Challenge) is to join forces with the one and only Jonathan Montoya as an affiliate via the checklist he provides you with.

Once you’ve stepped into the arena, you’ll get your hands on those precious affiliate links to copy and promote, along with other nifty resources, all tucked away inside the dashboard.

72 hour freedom challenge affiliate links

Here’s the tiny hiccup though:

To sweeten the deal even further and maximize your Freedom Accelerator conversions, you’ll need to take a quick detour and become a Digistore24 affiliate.

It’s a minor step that opens the door to promoting the ‘5-second silent video’ masterclass, which happens to be the secret sauce for the BEST Freedom Accelerator commissions! 💸

What Are The Commission Rates?

As you embark on the journey of promoting the Challenge, your earnings will come in the form of a generous 40% commission for each sale of the following enticing offers:

  • 72 Hr Challenge: ($9 cost) – $3.60 commission.
  • Order Bump: 6 & 7-Figure Super Affiliate Frameworks ($29 cost) – $11.60 commission.
  • Upsell #1: 1,000 TikTok Followers in 24 Hours Hack ($77 cost) – $30.80 commission.
  • Upsell #2: 100+ Viral 5-Second Short Form Silent Videos to Copy ($147 cost) – $58.80 commission.
  • Upsell #3: Full Business Setup & Build Out By Montoya’s Team ($397 cost) – $158.90 commission.

Affiliate Payout & Cookie Life

Now, let’s talk about the financial nitty-gritty.

To get those hard-earned earnings into your hands, there’s a reasonable $100 minimum payout requirement.

Payments are processed via PayPal every month, with a 30-day waiting period.

Now, here’s the cookie crumb trail: In the original Freedom Breakthrough affiliate program, there was a generous 180-day cookie window.

But as for whether Montoya has kept the same cookie policy for his 72 Hour Challenge/Freedom Accelerator affiliate program, well, I’m as clueless as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs!

So, you and I are in the same boat on this one – stay tuned, and we’ll unveil the mystery together!

How To Promote 72 Hour Challenge/Freedom Accelerator & Make Money

If you’re eager to stack those earnings by promoting Jonathan Montoya’s affiliate offers, the obvious route to take is the 72 Hour Challenge (via this review).

In my humble opinion, it’s not just easy but also the fastest way to hit the ground running, especially if you’re new to the game.

And here’s the exciting part: If you decide to dive into Freedom Accelerator on the backend, you’ll be equipped with the resources and knowledge needed to scale your business to a jaw-dropping six figures per month!

However, if you’re more of a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of person, then you might want to explore Commission Academy.

This platform offers free comprehensive training on launching a niche website (aka WordPress blog), making your journey as smooth as butter.

The beauty of a blog lies in the fact that it’s your very own “asset,” unlike social media platforms that hold ALL the cards when it comes to your business growth.

Moreover, with consistent effort and dedication to your blogging endeavours, you’ll create a sustainable business by tapping into an abundance of organic Google search traffic (which just happens to be the BEST kind).

But hey, enough chit-chat (LOL)…

Or how about you jump into Jet Video Academy, where you’ll uncover the “secret sauce” for nurturing a $20K/month YouTube channel from the ground up!

Is The 72 Hour Challenge/ Freedom Accelerator Affiliate Program Worth It?

You can bet your sweet bippy it is!

First and foremost, promoting both the 72 Hour Challenge and Freedom Accelerator is like having the perfect blend of low to high-ticket commissions right in your pocket.

Secondly, diving headfirst into the 72 Hour Challenge itself opens the door to multiple streams of income, thanks to the ready-made funnel and the enticing free white label course.

Thirdly, it’s worth noting that Jonathan Montoya is no ordinary affiliate.

He’s a reputable Super Affiliate who has crafted high-converting products brimming with life-changing value for both YOU and your audience.

And here’s the grand finale: Jonathan Montoya’s affiliate program and offers are still fresh and new (as we speak).

Which translates to a HUUUGE opportunity to make a positive impact on others and start raking in the dough.

Before you dash off, you might also like these relevant affiliate opportunities as “addons” to increase your revenue:

Your buddy, Neil.

Any questions or thoughts to share? Please post them in the comments below…

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