3 Day Biz Challenge (Jonathan Montoya’s Affiliate Program$)

In the ever-evolving world of high-ticket affiliate marketing programs, one name continues to dominate conversations: Jonathan Montoya. 🌟

But what’s all the fuss about, you might ask?

Is Jonathan truly the mastermind behind a game-changing fusion of high-quality courses and an affiliate program, a powerful recipe for achieving time, location and financial “freedom”?

Or is it merely a smoke and mirrors show, promising big but delivering little, potentially leading to a massive online setback?

Well, you’re about to get the inside scoop and my candid take on Montoya’s affiliate program and training products. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

So, buckle up, because THIS review is about to reveal whether Jonathan Montoya’s offering is a golden opportunity or just another flash in the digital pan! πŸ”₯πŸš€πŸ’‘

But first…

Hey, I’m Neil – founder of this cool site ‘Affiliate Ivy 😎

neil affiliate ivy founder

I may be clued up on building lucrative niche sites, but I knew absolutely nothing about creating a profitable affiliate funnel (not to mention a lead magnet) from scratch.

In addition, finding a cost-effective solution to ClickFunnels that combined a funnel builder and email autoresponder was a real pain in the butt, I tell ya!

So, I’m thankful for THIS golden challenge (+ affiliate program). πŸš€

Because Jonathan Montoya has helped me to generate commissions like these:

72 hour challenge affiliate commissions
*Disclaimer: Your own results will vary based on your effort, education & market factors beyond our control.

Jonathan Montoya’s Affiliate Program Overview

2023 Update: Jonathan sunsetted his 3 Day Business Challenge and Freedom Breakthrough courses.

But the good news is he resurrected and rebranded both products (including his affiliate program) – making everything MEATIER than before:

  • Signup URL: Learn More About Affiliate Program Here
  • Commission rate:Β 35% to 50% (depending what you promote)
  • Cookie duration: Unknown
  • Earning Potential: Upto $748.50 per customer!
  • Payout details:Β PayPal/ $100 minimum/ Monthly/ Net-30

Firstly, Who IS Jonathan Montoya?

Meet the remarkable Jonathan Montoya, who boasts not just a ‘Two Comma Club Award’ from ClickFunnels but a journey filled with determination and triumph! πŸ†

Jonathan Montoya Two Comma Club Award Winner

Born on July 18, 1991, and a proud graduate of Cibola High School in the USA, Jonathan initially pursued a career as an electrical engineer. πŸŽ“βš‘

However, life took an unexpected turn. As of May 10, 2019, he found himself in the red, with a staggering -$1,200 in the bank, despite his $80,000 per year day job income. πŸ˜±πŸ’Έ

Desperate for a change for his family and himself, Jonathan Montoya dived headfirst into the world of affiliate marketing.

He launched his YouTube channel, “Passive Income Lifestyles,” and worked tirelessly to make a difference.

In just nine months, by March 2, 2020 (even before the COVID-19 pandemic), Montoya waved goodbye to his 9-to-5 job. He was now earning an impressive $10,000 per month.

Today, he stands as a Legendary Marketer, Lurn, and ClickFunnels Super Affiliate, sharing his expertise as a coach. πŸ“ˆπŸŽ‰

How Does Jonathan Montoya’s Affiliate Program Work?

When you join forces with Jonathan, you’ll gain access to a dynamic dashboard designed to elevate your affiliate game.

This dashboard is packed with customizable affiliate links, sophisticated tracking capabilities, and a wealth of done-for-you marketing assets to supercharge your campaigns. πŸ“ˆπŸ”—βœ¨

But here’s the real gem:

Every time someone enrols in Jonathan’s 72HC (plus snags any upsells) or takes the leap into his high-ticket FA course using your exclusive referral link, you’re in for a “commission” treat. πŸŽ‰πŸ’Ό

How To Join The Affiliate Program

Partnering up with Jonathan Montoya is as effortless as sipping your favourite brew and firing up your laptop:

First, dive into the affiliate program by visiting the FA JV page. Once there, simply click on the ‘Sign up to promote the 72HC’ tab.

Next, it’s a breeze. Enter your email, first name, and create a password. Don’t forget to check the affiliate info/commission notifications box…

Then, hit ‘Sign up,’ and just like that, you’re instantly approved!

The final step is a piece of cake. Inside your affiliate dashboard, provide your PayPal email and complete a W-9 or W-8BEN tax form.

These simple actions will make you eligible for earnings in no time. πŸ“ˆβœ…πŸ€

What’s The Commission Rate?

When it comes to promoting the 72HC, you’re in for some seriously exciting earnings (50% one-time commission on every product sale).

Here’s the lowdown:

  • 72HC ($9 cost) – You’ll pocket a $3.15 commission.
  • Order Bump: 6 & 7-Figure Super Affiliate Frameworks ($29 cost) – Score an impressive $10.15 commission.
  • Upsell #1: 1,000 TikTok Followers in 24 Hours Hack ($77 cost) – Enjoy a whopping $26.95 commission.
  • Upsell #2: 100+ Viral 5-Second Short Form Silent Videos to Copy ($147 cost) – You’re looking at a generous $51.45 commission.
  • Upsell #3: Full Business Setup & Build Out By Montoya’s Team ($397 cost) – A massive $138.95 commission awaits.

Now, let’s talk about the FA ($1,497 cost). Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping 50% one-time commission per sale…

That’s an astonishing $748.50 with every successful sign-up! πŸ’₯

What About Affiliate Payouts?

Wondering HOW and WHEN you’ll see those hard-earned commissions in your pocket?

  • To cash in on your earnings, you’ll need to reach a minimum payout threshold of $100. πŸ’°
  • Payments are made like clockwork every month, precisely 30 days after your successful referrals. So, you can count on a steady stream of income via PayPal. πŸ—“οΈ

Now, let’s talk cookies! In the original Freedom Breakthrough affiliate program, there was a generous 180-day cookie window.

This meant you could still earn commissions if your referral made a purchase within 180 days after clicking your affiliate link. πŸͺπŸ•’

But when it comes to Jonathan Montoya’s 72HC and FA affiliate program, the cookie situation is a bit of a mystery.

Whether Montoya has kept or altered the cookie duration remains unknown. πŸ€”

How To Earn BIG Promoting Jonathan’s Affiliate Offers

When it comes to promoting Jonathan Montoya’s courses, the possibilities are as diverse as your preferences and skill level.

But let’s imagine you’re a total newbie, beginning your affiliate marketing journey from the ground up. 🌱

First, I recommend you grab the 72HC. This course not only introduces you to the fundamentals of affiliate marketing but also guides you in setting up your very own “money-making hub.” πŸ—οΈπŸ’°

Specifically, it helps you create an affiliate funnel – a place where you’ll cultivate your email list and harness multiple streams of passive income, all within one seamless system.

Now, let’s talk traffic. Building a “buyers list” requires a consistent flow of targeted visitors through your system. 🎯

Depending on your budget, consider Jonathan’s FA to discover how to supercharge your business with TikTok and other potent strategies, taking your venture to the next level. πŸ’₯πŸ“ˆ

Or explore the wonders of Commission Academy (+ affiliate program) (completely free!) where you’ll learn how to craft a THRIVING niche website, step by step, from scratch…

Think WordPress blog combined with AI (Artificial Intelligence), the efficient gateway to your online success. πŸ“šπŸŒ

Feeling the YouTube vibe?

Check out Jet Video Academy (+ affiliate program), a treasure chest of wisdom on raking in $20,000 a month passively, all thanks to the “evergreen views” formula. πŸ“ΉπŸ’Έ

The choice is yours – select the strategy that resonates with you, and get ready to roll up your sleeves for those buckaroonies to start pouring in.

Conclusion: Is Jonathan Montoya’s Affiliate Program Worth it?

Absolutely, You’re in for a real Treat! πŸŽ‰

First and foremost, when it comes to promoting the 72HC and and FA, you’ve got the perfect blend of low to high-ticket commissions right at your fingertips.

Secondly, participating in the 72HC itself is a game-changer.

Not only can you earn those commissions, but you’ll also unlock multiple streams of income…

All thanks to the training, Done-For-You affiliate funnel, and the free white-label course lead magnet you receive, your earnings potential knows no bounds.

Thirdly, let’s talk reputation. Jonathan Montoya isn’t just anyone; he’s a reputable Super Affiliate.

His high-converting products are like treasure chests, brimming with life-changing value for both YOU and your audience.

Last but certainly not least, Jonathan Montoya’s affiliate program is fresh on the scene, presenting a monumental money-making opportunity to assist EVERYONE.

The time to dive into the affiliate program and make the most of this incredible opportunity is NOW! πŸŒπŸš€πŸ’‘

Before you go, also take a peek at the My Online Startup affiliate program and learn about the ‘Founding Member’ benefits for 2024! $$ πŸ˜‰

Your buddy, Neil.

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